Mousavi campaign office searched, workers arrested

Mousavi HQ raided.

Mousavi HQ raided.

In a startling new development, Tehran intelligence officials have raided the campaign headquarters of Mir Hossein Mousavi and say a number of plotters have been arrested. The police said foreign government involvement was found during the search.

Press TV said the intelligence and Security Department of Tehran police described the office as the HQ for creating trouble within the country.

Press TV said reports indicate police obtained a warrant to search the Mousavi campaign office.

“The plotters have been arrested and are currently under investigation,” it said.

“Documents found in the building indicate an ongoing plot against Iran’s security was being implemented, the police said in a statement.”

“After scrutinizing the building, which was the campaign office of a presidential candidate, it was discovered that the organization of illegal gatherings, the promotion of unrest, and efforts to undermine the country’s security were carried out from the building,” the statement added.

Evidence has been found in the building that reveals the role of foreign elements in planning post-election unrest, according to Press TV.

The building has in fact been a “headquarters for a psychological war against the country’s security,” the police said.

The building, sources told Press TV, was used by a Mir-Hossein Mousavi election campai

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