Massive Neapolitan Mastiff bites three-year-old boy’s face

Neapolitan puppy - Photo by Philip Thompson

Neapolitan puppy - Photo by Philip Thompson

A massive Neapolitan Mastiff dog sank his teeth into a three-year-old boy’s face in Chilliwack, BC, as the boy’s mom grappled with the beast to free her child.

The dog eventually let go but the frightened boy suffered face bites including a  deep gash to the right side of his face, just above his right eye brow and at least three bites to his right cheek.

The boy will require plastic surgery to repair the damage from the bite marks on his face and was put on antibiotics at Abbotsford Hospital, police said.

Police said they were called to the Chilliwack home at around 8 p.m. on Monday. When they arrived ambulance paramedics were attending to the child.

Police said the parents and the child were at a home owned by relatives.

“They all were inside the home when an adult made a “playful” move at one of the children. The Neapolitan Mastiff then bit the three year old in the head. The mother instinctively tried to pry the dog of her child. The Neapolitan Mastiff eventually let go allowing time for the parents to assess the injuries and care for their son,” said Const. Angelina Bowen.

“The three year old had been transported to Abbotsford Hospital where it was confirmed that he received a deep gash to the right side of his face, namely one above his right eye brow and at least three to his right cheek, requiring plastic surgery and anti-biotics. The Neapolitan Mastiff had current vaccinations for rabies” she said.

The family permanently removed the Neopolitan Mastiff from the home, and has fully co-operated with the investigation. It was confirmed that because it occurred inside the dog owners house and not off property that there was not a by-law to enforce.

This is still under investigation by the Chilliwack RCMP, and they are following up with the child’s family.

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7 Comments for “Massive Neapolitan Mastiff bites three-year-old boy’s face”

  1. The bread of a dof explains its self the are a large dog with very big tempers they were originally made for fighting I kno this I had 2 neopoltan bullmastiffs 1 of them had attacked me took 1 bite I thought it was nothing thought he dident mean to because we played but then he attacked my sister ripping her arm apart this bread of dog is ment to be in a open arae where no one can be botherd by it and it cant be botherd by anyone else

  2. That is garbage that people blame the dog it was probably a bratty kid messing around with a dog that is very nice. I have a mastiff she would never attack without being provoked. Owners need to research dogs before purchase. Small dogs are the most dangerous. I have been bitten by two small dogs and needed stitches. Small dogs are more apt to attacking.

  3. in Australia the most dog attacks are caused by the kelpie, ( google the breed ) and jack russels 2nd. but they dont have the bite strength that the mollasser breeds do therefore causing less damage. but it goes without saying the poeple who own dogs like Neo’s etc, need to study the breed carefully before buying a dog. anyone who knows about neo’s knows that they wont tolerate a fully grown man they dont know ” playing ” with them let alone a small child. the owners of the dog should have put their dog outside when they knew a three year old child would be in their house.

  4. no that is very incorrect! pit bulls and mastiff’s are beautiful animals! just because there is a few instances that have occurred doesn’t mean that ALL of those types of dogs are aggressive. because a few of them have harmed a few people doesn’t mean anything about those types of dogs just the people that raised them! maybe you should do some research on the type of animals, instead of being so ignorant!

  5. Wouldn’t it be sweet to live without these dangerous animals among us? Why the heck do we need mastiffs, pitbulls, etc.? They exist purely for their owners ego.

  6. We need to put things into perspective when an animal attacks a child WHATEVER the “reason”.

    Dog owners have an innate responsibility to keep people from harm by their pets. Things must be kept in perspective-it is not appropriate to treat dogs as having the same “rights” and value as people. They are DOGS! and should be treated with all the care, love and respect of any PET. I’d put my dog down in a second if this happened to anyone. Protecting the dog was not the priority here-protecting the child was.

  7. It is a terrible tragedy. One should not under estimate the damage done to this child, physically and emotionally.
    HOWEVER it is my humble opinion, that there are too many unanswered questions here, What REALLY happened PRIOR to the attack? A child is a child, a child might have been pulling the ears, tail you name it..the dog was fed up and there you have it..
    These dogs are gorgeous dogs, but also very powerful, I am very sorry for what happened to the little boy, but I am also worried about the well being of this dog. What is going to happen to him now? He might end up in the wrong hands..I just hope that the family has learned to ALWAYS be close to a child, regardless of the breed. It could have been a poodle, or whatever breed..Now the dog is also a victim, it might have just defended it self..www.mothersagainstdogchaining.org

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