‘I just feel so shattered’ cries Surrey woman after husband’s funeral

Happier times, Mani Thind and his wife Joti Sidhu.

Happier times, Mani Thind and his wife Joti Sidhu.

By Salim Jiwa

Joti Sidhu, 24, askedĀ  her parents to let her die too.

The distraught Surrey woman said a tearful farewell to her 24-year-old husband Mani Thind on Sunday at a funeral held in Surrey.

Thind was shot dead at a party held at ‘A Canadian Auto Body Shop’ in Newton on July 13, shattering the dreams the young couple had of traveling together and having children. No one has told her who fired the fatal shot.

“As I stood over my pumpkin’s casket i realized that there is nothing more heartbreaking than knowing this was the last time i was going to see him or touch him,” she said in a memo to Vancouverite.

“I felt my heart breaking into little pieces… thinking about all the memories and the little fights but most of all how much i loved him,” she said.

Thind had just gained his Canadian citizenship one week before the mysterious shooting which occurred while a bunch of friends were having a barbecue to celebrate the birth of a child in one of the families of his buddies. He was rejoicing about the citizenship and had planned to visit the U.S. and Italy.

“I told my family to let me go with him…what am i gonna do here now? How do i start over? So many questions are running in my head…but no answers,” she said, spilling out her pain.

“I just feel so shattered. I sit in my room with posters and pictures of him all over my walls…his clothes surrounding me. Im afraid the to loose his smell…,” she added.

She wrote out a poem about her feelings.

The way i feel,
it’s hard to explain.
My world’s been shattered,
heart in pain.
All i have are these
And the stuff i write in my
Our unfulfilled dreams,
float down streams.
Now on my own,
all alone.
All i want is to hear you say,
how much you love me…
once more.
That’s all…
i’m asking for.
There’s nothing else,
nothing more.
Until we meet again…
May god bless your resting soul,
Rest in peace…

Thinking of you every moment !

Lots of love: Joti Sidhu.

Police have made no further statements about the progress of their investigation into who shot the young man at approximately 11:30 p.m. last Monday.

Sidhu said she last talked to her husband at 11 p.m. that night and he promised to be home in 20 minutes. At 11:30, she got a call he had been shot.

Sidhu suspects the shooting was accidental but says a code of silence has prevailed since the death and feels his friends have turned their back on him.

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