Three Vancouver children named as fatal cabin fire victims

Phoebe Conway, 10, was killed in fire.

Phoebe Conway, 10, was killed in fire.

Fergus Conway, 14, was killed in the fire.

Fergus Conway, 14, was killed in the fire.

Three Vancouver children who perished in a night time fire in a wooden cabin on Shuswap Lake north of Vernon have been named by their families.

Family members identified the three children as Fergus Conway, 14, his younger sister Phoebe Conway, 10, and their cousin Azra Young, 14.

The children died when fire engulfed the cabin at 1:30 a.m. on Thursday. The cabin is was detached from the main home where the adults were sleeping.

Fire department officials said it took them three hours to put out the blaze.

The families whose children died issued a short statement: “Fergus and Phoebe are brother and sister. Both are from Vancouver.Azra is their cousin and she is also from Vancouver.”

“The fire occurred at their family cabin which, together with their extended family, the Collier Family from Kamloops, has been their summer home for 4 generations,” said the statement. It did not state who the Collier family is but it is believed to be part of an extended family of cousins.

“This tragedy is being grieved by three families of cousins, parents and grandparents as well as by their wide community of friends in both Kamloops and Vancouver,” said the statement.

“The family is requesting that media respect their privacy during this very difficult time. The family will not be taking calls or granting interviews from the media but will be providing additional information as required in the days and weeks to come, via RCMP,” the statement added.

“RCMP E Division Major Crime Unit, BC Coroners Service and Fire Commissioners Office conducted a preliminary examination of the fire scene on July 23, 2009, and are proceeding with the forensic examination today,” police said.

“Based on the preliminary examination and investigation conducted to date, the investigators at this time, have found no indication of foul play. Each agency has dedicated a team of specialized investigators to ensure the utmost professionalism and sensitivity is extended to this matter. The examiners will continue their work with respect to the fire cause and origin,” police said.

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13 Comments for “Three Vancouver children named as fatal cabin fire victims”

  1. I also watched santuary and googled the names. I m very sorry for their loss.

  2. nepewisk gould

    I know how the fire started! my sister told me! she lit a candle on the porch for the ferries to see and it fell over… my sister was really good friends with her

  3. QUOTE ANDREW “I watched Sanctuary  where it said in memory of these children and I googled to find out what happened.” Same Here,  It is sad to hear Tragic new of any kind to kids, Smoke Alarms are Mandatory for all dwelling here in Australia, They do save lives… I hope the Family’s Cope this year at Christmas.

  4. I watched Sanctuary where it said in memory of these children and I googled to find out what happened. I have two children ages 4 and 6 and I can only imagine the grief that this family must feel. I’m sure they are wishing they had done something differently but you cannot think that way and go on. I’m am sure as loving parents they did everything they could, although i’m sure that must sound hollow to them. There is nothing I can say that would make them feel better because if it were me I would completely break down and as a fellow parent I wish I could do something to ease their pain. Keep these children’s memories alive through stories and pictures and remember and cherish them like they were your own.

  5. I baby sat Azra, Fergus and Phoebe a few times and I am still in shock that this could happen to such a kind family. I’ll remember the kids as being high-spirited, talented, creative and inspiring, and I hope the best for the parents family and close friends. Azra, Fergus and Phoebe have impacted so many people in their lives, and although I only really knew them for a brief period a few years ago, they have impacted my life and I will miss them.

  6. don’t worry everyone phoebe fergus and azra are just on a really long vacation to europe and they will come back when you die so don’t worry everyone they are all still a live they are just living there lives somewhere else

  7. RIP phoebe conway , im going to miss you .
    all those fun times we had at gymnastics . . are no more to come .
    i give my condolences to her family going through this tragedy

  8. I’m their neighbour. I live in the next house. Im really sorry and heart broken. R.I.P. I used to play with them and meet them outside or at thier cousin’s house.

  9. This is a tragedy. I didn’t even know Fergus, he was in 2 of my classes, but I can’t believe he’s dead.

  10. R.I.P Azra. I wish I got to know you more but you were an amazing science partner and I had fun with you in english class. Ill miss you!! =(

  11. I went to school with these children. I was in high school with fergus, also. I feel awful that I never gave fergus the time of day. He was a cool little dude. When I was younger Pheobe used to be my little buddy. She walked with me in the grad ceremony. She was adorable.
    I cant believe their gone.
    My condolences to the family.

  12. My condolences to the family after this horrific tragedy.

  13. I know these kids. They lived in my neighborhood and I went to their school. This is so terrible, I can’t even believe it. I can’t imagine the amount of grief the families of these children must be in, I feel so sorry for them. I used to see these kids everytime I walked to Famous Foods, a local grocery store. I still can’t believe they are gone..

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