Surrey murder accused is only 14

VANCOUVER – A 14-year-old boy has been charged with second degree murder in the stabbing death of Surrey dad Sam McGowan.

McGowan ended up being stabbed through his heart on Wednesday evening while chasing two people who he thought had robbed his young son.

McGowan, 42, was seen chasing after two youngsters in the area of 90th Avenue and 148th Street. He was rushed to hospital but succumbed to his injury.

Police have not commented about the events that led to his death.

The accused juvenile was to appear in Surrey Provincial Court on Friday morning.

 “The investigation is still ongoing. Once the investigation has been fully completed, investigators will review the evidence with Crown Counsel, and more charges may be forthcoming,” police said.

Police are asking anyone living in the area where the stabbing took place to come forward if they saw anything.

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6 Comments for “Surrey murder accused is only 14”

  1. miqueilla Proulx (daughter of Sam)

    Sam’s murderer WILL get the punishment he deserves for killing such a beloved family member. We have to live with the fact of knowing that SAm is gone and he is never soming back for the rest of our lives ! and for all of yu people who have a negetive comment to say…keep it to yu’rself yu low lifes !

  2. this is what the government condones
    this is due to parents not B-slappin there kids around for being a pain in the @ss as they grow up … so insteada dealing with there delinquent out of control kid they allow them to reign there horror on the public ..
    there lack of respect for everything is astonishing
    cant shape up the kids till the parewnts are shaped up not only should the kids be charged but the parents should be as well for not making sure there F-ed up kids arent inside not acting up with there attitudes and i would say is this sam guy caught these punks and beat the hell outta them he would be in the right tho the government would have charged him for doing the kids parents jobs to begin with .. our system in surrey needs to step up to the plate … capital punishment .. you murder someone u should get the chair u rape someone u should get the chair … if ur a child molesting perv you should get the chair .. in other words im saying you destroy ones life physically psychologically and there surrounding families life you should have to forfiet your own life

  3. …. i feel horrrible HORRIBLE for the family… my family was friends with the man stabbed..and theres no way that will make what was done right …but in the accused
    defence… he was scared ..when he robbed the son ( who he probably had past problems with ) . and he has a 42 year old man chaseing him … in frantic defence and reaction he stabbed him , yes it was VERY VERY STUPID! … but , at 14 , lots of kids would of done the same thing … he deserves punishment by all means .. but the poor kid who’s probably already TRAMATIZED has to deal with the fact that he killed someone for the rest of his life , i hope that the courts dont blow this out of preportion, and take to their knowledge he was just a scared kid . i HOPE and wish all the best for the poor family who had to lose sam mcgowan , its truely sick and devestateing .


    I am a friend of the family and we sincerely thank those who have wrote lovely supporting comments. If you would like to support Sam in another way we have set up a facebook group in his honor. We did not just make this group to honor him but to raise awareness so this little 14 year old menace will get the jail time he deserves.

    to join this group type “sam mcgowan” into facebook in the search bar, there are two groups. HELP THE FAMILY GET JUSTICE!!!

  5. This individual should be thrown in jail for the rest of his pathetic life. However as we all know,the poor baby will just get a little slap on his “misunderstood” wrist.
    I hope the poor baby isn’t denied internet access,t.v. and all the comforts of home while he’s in jail though…that would be cruel.

  6. See… it doesn’t just happen in the States. And you don’t need a gun, either.

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