Kelowna Mountie charged with assaulting pregnant woman

Sgt. Shields - charge approved by crown.

Sgt. Shields - charge approved by crown.

VANCOUVER – A Kelowna Mountie who suffered a pit bull bite and struck a woman who unleashed the beast has been charged with assault causing bodily harm.

The policeman was fresh from investigating a shooting and had gone to a home looking for a suspect.

“While inside the house, an altercation ensued between Cst. Steve Conlon and a 19-year-old woman who was holding a pit bull. During the altercation, Cst. Conlon was bitten by the dog and it is alleged he struck the woman once in the face resulting in facial bruising,” said RCMP spokesman Sgt. Tim Shields.

“Although Cst. Conlon was unaware at the time, the woman was pregnant. There is no indication that a weapon was involved in the alleged assault,” he said.

Apparently, the woman’s pregnancy was unaffected by the altercation.

The incident began on Feb. 13 when Kelowna plainclothes officers were involved in a violent struggle with a male they were trying to arrest.

The suspect was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant.

“During the struggle, the suspect was shot and wounded after he allegedly pepper sprayed the officer,” Shields said.

“In the aftermath of the shooting three officers attended a nearby house that was known to police with the belief that a woman involved in the previous incident was inside it,” he said.

It was there that the offence is alleged to have happened.

The RCMP’s “E” Division Professional Standards Unit investigated the incident involving the assault allegation and a report to Crown Counsel was submitted.

A single charge of assault causing bodily harm was laid on Friday against Cst. Steve Conlon – a three year member of the RCMP.

He is scheduled to make his first appearance in Kelowna Provincial Court on October 16th, 2009.

An RCMP Code of Conduct investigation remains open involving Cst. Conlon for the use of force and entry into the home.

In addition, two other Kelowna Detachment officers are being investigated under the Code of Conduct in relation to their entry into the home, said Shields.

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5 Comments for “Kelowna Mountie charged with assaulting pregnant woman”

  1. aggressive behavior is taught by the Instructors at the Institute all enforcement officers are required to graduate from…(sorry for poor English)….
    they are taught to “take up one level more” than what they are faced with……
    compliane equals force…resistance equals

  2. No matter what an officer has no right to hit a women in the face come on now. He is a man and she is a women no matter what a man should not punch a women in the face same as no matter what a women should not punch a man in the face. Reasonable force is not punching a women in the face like come on. I can say with certainty that he did not have to hit her did she walk up trying to fight him no did she do anything to make that mistake into an excuse? No she didn’t she was holding a pit bull and just because the pit bull bit him doesn’t mean he had any right to hit the women. I know a women who was home sleeping and the police kicked there door down and just cause she had two pit bulls they shot one of them for not even biting them so in this case he could of just done something to the dog for biting him not the women it’s not her fault. She didn’t tell the dog to bite the officer the dog obviously was trying to protect his owners. This officer should be ashamed of himself and he should think before he acts cause no matter what happened he should not have hit a pregnant women in the face. Therefore before you sit here and try and stick up for an officer just because he is an officer think about it for some stupid reason some officers think they can do whatever they want and get away with it and that’s not right everyone should be treated the same when it comes down to it. We are all people and we are equal. Thanks to all of the officers who try and help people and do there job right. To the officers that are doing whatever they want cause they’re officers should still follow rules and only use force on the actual people who need it like the violent ones who actually need A GOOD BEATING OR PUNCH IN THE FACE!!! Anyways I understand also that the officer must have been mad when he got bitten but it wasn’t the young womens fault.

  3. I am wondering how you can say with certainty that he “did not have to hit her” any more than one can say he did, because neither you nor I were at the incident. While there are guidelines regarding the proper use of force, our Mounties are given freedom to use their discretion when they are faced with a “perceived threat” either to themselves or to the public at large. I guess we will have to wait until the trial begins to hear the real details of the story, so we may make a more informed opinion, yes??

  4. How utterly ridiculous that we are prosecuting the people that we entrust to protect us!! To criminally charge an officer for doing his job arresting a non-compliant subject, regardless of sex, is an absolute outrage. Seriously, have we forgotten who the bad guys are, here?? And from the description given about this offence, have we not all seen officers “take down” subjects in a way more violent manner and it be alright? Why has this officer been chosen to be made an example of, I don’t understand. Let the officers do their jobs!

    • It is not that simple. The legal issue is: Did he have to hit her?
      The answer is no. Therefore, it cannot be said to be proper use of force.
      I can understand he was angry. But the question is, did he use unnecessary force when he struck her as alleged?

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