Chilliwack high-tech bunker pot farm largest ever busted

Just one room in an underground bunker housing 11,000 pot plants.

Just one room in an underground bunker housing 11,000 pot plants.

By Salim Jiwa

CHILLIWACK, B.C. An underground high-tech bunker was a marijuana farm with 11,520 plants valued at $3 million and police say it is the largest plantation ever busted in this Fraser Valley city.

Police said the bunker on Nixon Road in a rural residential area was equipped with subterranean hydraulic elevators, booby traps and security apparatus.

“This Grow Operation held 11,520 plants, and is the largest grow op ever busted in Chilliwack. The Value of the crop seized is over 3 million dollars,” said Cpl. Lea-Anne Dunlop.

“This gGrow operation was highly sophisticated and police encountered two booby traps designed to spray bear spray when entering the property,” she said, describing an elaborate set-up with sub-floors and several rooms.

“A sub floor had been built concealing an elevator style hydraulic lift that provided access to the underground bunker where four separate grow rooms had been established,” she said.

“A Quonset hut had been built over top of the bunker giving the illusion of a legitimate out building on the property. Water was being irrigated from a nearby fish bearing creek and pumped into the grow op, and chemicals were being dumped back onto the property with an unknown environmental impact,”  Dunlop said.

“The grow op was also wired with security cameras that could be monitored from the house on the property where one male suspect was arrested,” she added.

A 61-year-old man, not known to police previously, is being held.

A conservative estimate of the amount of Hydro theft that has occurred at this property is over $400,000.

“We have impacted the criminals who have been operating this grow op on a financial level in seizing over 3 million dollars worth of crop, and a large quantity of equipment and supplies from the property” said Dunlop.

“While we cannot confirm any links to organized crime at this point the level of sophistication of this grow op suggest many people were involved in establishing and running this operation”.

The property is in the 7600 block of Nixon Road in a rural residential area.

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