Cop who shot Vancouver Island motorist gets assigned to desk duties

DUNCAN – B.C.  A policeman who fired a shot critically injuring a 40-year-old motorist after a traffic stop has been assigned desk duties.

The Mountie will have to park his gun and push papers until an investigation is completed by Victoria police about what led him to pull the trigger on a motorist.

RCMP have kept silent for four days about why the cop pulled the trigger on the victim.  A new press release issued on Wednesday made no reference to the reason for the shooting.

Police said they made a traffic stop in the 3000-block of Henry Road, in Chemainus on Vancouver Island, near Duncan. The man was shot at 9:30 p.m. on Friday.

“The officer who discharged his firearm, has been assigned to Administrative Duties, while the investigation into this matter, and an examination of his actions, progresses,” said Cpl. Darren Lagan in his statement released on Wednesday.

“During interactions between the vehicle occupants and police, one of the two officers present discharged his sidearm, striking the driver, who was outside the vehicle,” said the first press release issued by Duncan RCMP on Saturday.

” The only passenger in the vehicle, a 40-year-old man, was not injured, and taken into police custody,” they said, without explaining why the man was taken into custody.

On Wednesday, a press statement issued by Cpl. Darren Lagan  said police stopped the car because they recognized the driver and knew he was prohibited from driving.

“The officers observed a vehicle being operated by a man known to be Prohibited from Driving, under the Criminal Code of Canada,” he said.

” The vehicle and driver were known to the officers, from previous investigations.  The officers initiated a stop of the vehicle, occupied by two adult males,” he said.

“Investigators have obtained witness statements from the officers involved in the incident, and other individuals identified through their investigation. These statements are currently being evaluated,” Lagan said.

” Investigators have made attempts to obtain a statement from the driver, however, he has refused to speak to investigators at this time. The driver remains hospitalized in ‘serious/stable condition’. Investigators will release further information after it has been confirmed,”

Still, Lagan, approached by several reporters to explain why the man was shot, made no comment on the issue in his latest release.

Family members of the victim have said the trajectory of the bullet – into the neck, through the lungs and the spine would indicate the motorist was in a seated position on the roadside and the officer fired from above. An alternative explanation is that the shot was fired as the motorist was starting to sit on the ground as ordered by the cop.

The examination of the Officer’s decision to utilize his firearm, will not be conducted by the Integrated Major Crime Unit Investigators.  That issue will be examined by a ‘Use of Force Expert’, also from outside of the RCMP.

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3 Comments for “Cop who shot Vancouver Island motorist gets assigned to desk duties”

  1. The cop was doing his job. The criminal is off the roads and it’s a safer place for me. What do I care if crooks get shot.
    That’s what we (the public) want from our police – stop all crooks and don’t hesitate to use deadly force.

  2. Okay, let’s parse this for stink.

    Go RCMP! for actually getting the guy off the street while they investigate. They seem to have woken up enough about their reputation in BC to figure that one out.

    As for why they haven’t said why the officer shot the guy, why don’t we start with incompetence? Unless the vic was armed or the cop had good reason to believe he or his partner were in jeopardy, he shouldn’t have had his weapon out, let alone discharged it. Cops in the US have to requalify frequently to keep their guns; the RCMP get a leisurely day at the range, outdoors in the sunshine. If I’m wrong on the RCMP weapons requalifying please correct me.

    What is the AGE of the cop? This sounds like a classic case of rookie panic, worsened by darkness and the likelihood the vic had been drinking.

    What is the HISTORY of the cop with the vic? Duncan is not a big town, and it doesn’t have a big detachment of RCMP. For all the public knows the two people most closely involved, the cop and the vic, have been trading pleasantries about their moms for a while now.

    What is the (o go ahead and flame me…) physical appearance of the parties involved insofar as their might conceivably be a racial component to this ‘discharge’? I looked the address up on Google maps and it’s blocks from a reserve. This is speculation on my part, but the history of the Mounties with First Nations in this country sucks a Greyhound bus station men’s room mop.

    If the cop deliberately shot a minority member when the bullet trajectory indicates the vic was cooperating, I can understand why the RCMP are being tightlipped. If the cop accidentally shot the vic while he was cooperating, I can understand why the RCMP are being tightlipped. Any way you look at it on the basis of the facts presented and the inferences a reasonable person can draw, it was heaping helpings of incompetence on the part of the officer, but if it was malicious the guy should get fired right out into the Georgia Strait. If I lived in Duncan I’d be in front of the detachment protesting, with a webcam trained on me to prevent allegations of police harassment.

    What happened? Keep on this, it surely do stink.

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