Neo-Nazi group says Nanaimo man shot by cops was their leader in Canada

Stormfront - Neo-Nazi leader in Nanaimo.

Stormfront - Neo-Nazi leader in Nanaimo.

By Salim Jiwa

VANCOUVER – A Neo-Nazi group is claiming a man shot dead in Nanaimo was their comrade and that his death was an execution by police.

Jeff Hughes, 48,  was shot by RCMP while they were investigating a noise complaint at an apartment complex at 531 Selby Street in Nanaimo on Friday.

Police said Hughes had acted aggressively against a group of police officers and when he emerged from his unit there was a confrontation.

A man claiming to be long-time Aryan Nations supremacist posted a Facebook entry and sent a 3 minute audio message to Vancouverite claiming the man shot dead was a leader of the Northwest Imperative – a white racist and separatist group that denies the holocaust ever happened.

The Facebook posting was made on a page called the Northwest Imperative. It carries a logo with the inscription:  “The Northwest Front – Our Race is our Nation.”

A posting on that page by ‘Harold Covington’ said:

“I deeply regret to report that at approximately 6 A.M on October 23rd, 2009, Comrade Jeff Hughes, the owner and author of this page, was murdered, gunned down outside his home by the RCMP.

Thomas Paine once wrote that the tree of liberty must be water……red with the blood of patriots. Our Northwest nation now has another martyr to stand alongside Robert Mathews, Sam and Vicky Weaver, and Pastor Richard Butler.

“Und Ihr habt doch Gesiegt, Kamerad.”

In an audio message sent to Vancouverite, a man identifying himself as Covington said Hughes was executed by police.

“Yesterday morning, Comrade Jeff Hughes was murdered, he was shot down in front of his home on Vancouver Island,” said the audio message. “10 bullets were fired at his body. This was an execution.”

“The Zionist establishment in Canada found Jeff Hughes to be inconvenient,” said the audio message. “Jeff opposed his country’s infamous human rights tribunals.”

“He was the head of our sister party, the Northwest Front Canada and he ran a website encouraging white Canadians to migrate and to make their home in the two western province of British Columbia and Alberta,” said the message.

The man went on to say that those who “murdered Jeff” sent the supremacists the message that “white people in North America will never have their own country.”

RCMP spokesman Sgt. Peter Thiessen said the man’s death was “no execution and when all the fact are made public it will become apparent what happened.”

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22 Comments for “Neo-Nazi group says Nanaimo man shot by cops was their leader in Canada”

  1. black and proud is ok…native and proud is ok…white and proud means racist…look around…we are the minority…white hetro male…when did this happen…i am proud and if that means im a racist then so be it…

  2. Actually, for those who claim Jackie or Marcus are out-to-lunch, though I’m not for the “white’ race (despite being whiter than most, due to red hair, blue eyes and freckles) – sorry to say – this WAS a noise complaint! I knew Jeff, as well, a NATIVE woman (Cree – to be exact) – who Jeff took care of. Despite his connections with “white supremist” groups, he actually cared for my friend, who IS CREE….means: First Nations, and she’s very proud of her culture! Jeff would often bring her milk, food, cigarettes etc – and YES – this WAS a noise complaint! It started with a party upstairs, and Jeff was going to Van the next morning, so asked the kids to keep the noise down. They beat him up, and laughed after Jeff was killed. Don’t be so naive! Cops DO protect us, however, sometimes complaints go unheard, and then, fatality becomes the result. Many in Nanaimo were shocked to find out about Jeff’s connections to white supremist groups…as I was – because I know how much he cared for my First Nations friend, who often speaks about the astrocities of holocaust….including the Jewish holocaust…Many people need to get their head out of the mud….I’m an Anthropology student, who understands much about history and culture. Jeff Hughes was killed by police, for none-other than fear of the officer who shot him…Jeff should never have been murdered. Perhaps, by the time the police arrived, he should have been taken for assessment – but considering the kids who beat him up were laughing over his dead body? What does that say about them??? They weren’t arrested, incarcerated over-night, questioned, nor charged….that’s Justice for ya!

  3. Glad that putz is dead. Neo-Nazis are brain-dead losers and spend their lives fighting losing battles. Their simply jealous of others. Break open the champagne, this fool is dead! Woo hoo!

    • How the hel can you be glad that someone is dead, not to mention killed in the fashion this man was killed in?!?! Just because you don’t agree with his politics and/or beliefs?!?! Wake up punk. I bet anything YOU wouldn’t kill anybody, sissy m-fer. It’s punks like you get on this internet and run your mouth about shit you know nothing about.

  4. Wow … A lot of racist trolls out today. And yet on one thing, and one thing alone, they’re correct. Why did an apparently unarmed man have to be shot ten times?

    (On the rest, the whole “Zionist” thing, the “anti-white” thing, etc., those folks are as f__ked up as a football bat.)

    Part of me is saying “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.” But that’s just me being an @$$4013. Really, I hope there’ll be an investigation into this. And I hope the cops will be vindicated.

  5. Something is VERY WRONG HERE! 10 bullets to stop an unarmed man from a noise complaint? Some thing is VERY VERY WRONG!

  6. This was cold. 10 shots into an unarmed man…? For a noise complaint… ?

  7. Canada, oh Canada. Why wasn’t your land mass attached to Russia instead of the United States?

  8. The Canadian Government continues its evil anti-white gruesome policies. The day this nasty government dissolves will be the greatest day true Canadians will ever encounter. What was done to this man was pure evil. One more reason for Canadians to hate “Canada” There is nothing “Canadian” about a anti-white racist deathtrap of a country. Let it all burn!!!!

  9. Jackie, if you would care to prove me wrong, please cite the laws that protect Whites from being discriminated against. Then cite the cases of non-whites being charged with discrimination or hate crimes against whites. If you look around, you will find NONE. Then look at the numerous laws that protect “minorities” against whites and the numerous cases of Whites charged with “hate” crimes (usually when defending themselves against non-whites). In fact hate is an emotion, how can that be criminalized?

    Now, did you actually KNOW Jeff Hughes? No. You listen to hearsay from a liberal rag like this rather than to facts from the people that know him. On our side of the fence we actually have a witness who was there. Jeff was not armed. Jeff was White. His neighbors who he and an ongoing battle with were not. Even though his neighbors were the instigators and the biggest noise and drug problem in the building, RCMP chose to pick on Jeff because he was White and proud of it. They did not respond when HE called for help against the drug dealers but when another non-white neighbor called, they showed up and murdered the white guy.

  10. A dead Nazi. Gee, that’s tough. May we have another?

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  12. Salim Jiwa needs to go to an accredited journalism school and learn at least the rudiments of news reportage. This article is fraught with grammatical and spelling errors, contains not even one verified fact, and is filled out with Judeo-supremist dogma and catch phrases. Yes, Salim, “supremist”, there is no such word as “supremacist.”

  13. Do Sarah and Marcus really believe what they write. Maybe a little more education on their behalf would educate them about the real western world. This is Canada……get real and Sarah do you really believe the police would be called for a simple noise complaint, maybe get off the couch, get a job and stop watching Jerry Springer or whatever trash fills your mind.

  14. I think this is a situation that needs to be looked into, and not soon forgotten. The issue here is not if the man was or was not a racist because that alone does not change the fact than an innocent man was tried and convicted on his doorstep. The police were there for a noise complaint- since when does the investigation of a noise complaint involve bringing in the swat team? He was murdered….worse, he was killed by those that have taken an oath to protect. I think the most important and frightening detail is that this could happen to anyone. The police will get away with it, and the public will accept it as removing “those racists” from the community. Sadly, as in the case of the Weaver’s, they may also get medals for their deed. Every member of this country needs to demand an investigation into the actions of these, for justice regardless of your personal feelings of racism.

  15. Jeff Hughes was NOT a member of Aryan Nations, nor the Skinheads, nor the Neo-Nazis. The Northwest Front is also NOT associated with those three organizations. It would be nice if the media would actually recount the TRUTH instead of spreading misinformation and lies on the behalf of the racist and communist governments. The Northwest Front is a political organization that supports and promotes the core ideas and values based in the traditions of White Europeans. Not the Europeans of today who are influenced by Communism but of the Whites who created the United States of America and their kind. We are working to free White people from the enslavement of the Communist and campaign to have a nation unto ourselves. We believe in true free speech whereas the Jew influenced and Communist controlled government believe the only free speech is that which supports their goals or degrades and ruins Whites. The White race is the only race NOT protected by some law in either Canada or the USA.

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  17. Don’t believe everything you read in the headlines.

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