Toronto Police Chief: Enough guns to start a small war

Enought guns to start a small war: Toronto Police Chief.

Enought guns to start a small war: Toronto Police Chief.

By Salim Jiwa

TORONTO – A Toronto Rambo had 58 guns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition plus gunpowder in his small apartment in a crime infested area.

Surprised cops found an armory in the home of the Toronto man during a raid carried out by the guns and gangs team.

Most of the weapons he had were poorly secured and some of them are illegal to possess privately with or without a permit.

“There were enough weapons to start a war in that part of the city,” said Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair about the weapons that could equip a small army.

Members of the Gun and Gang Task Force team found 58 illegally owned firearms, including a machine gun and submachine gun, 17 handguns, 35 rifles and four shotguns following a search of a residence in a high crime area of the city.

Police seized 36 high-capacity magazines, over 6,000 rounds of ammunition, 10 pounds of gunpowder, two starter pistols and one pellet rifle.

“The guns were found in a two-bedroom apartment, some on display, in an area of the city with a history of violent crime and drug activity,” said Const. Tony Vella, spokesman for Toronto police..

“One unregistered weapon is one too many,” said Vella in an interview. “This may not be the largest seizure, but it certainly is a significant seizure.”

Of the seized weapons, 25 had once been registered, but never re-registered under the current Canadian Firearms Information System (CFIS), in place since 1998. The man had not been properly licensed to possess firearms since 2002.

No charges have been laid, as the investigation is ongoing. Police are trying to find out where the guns came and if they were ever used in a crime.

Blair said it was fortunate cops got to the apartment before criminals did.

“We’re fortunate the criminals did not find out before we did,” he said, of the concern the guns could be stolen and used in violent crimes.

The Chief said that the information in the gun registry led to the seizure of the weapons. As president of the Canadian Chiefs of Police, Chief Blair said the registry is a vital tool.

At present, a new bill is currently before Parliament to scrap the gun registry.

Project Safe City has, so far, muzzled hundreds of illegally possessed guns, in an effort to prevent violence in the city, he said.

The Gun and Gang Task Force project, which began early this year, has resulted in the seizure of over 400 guns that had been illegally licensed or registered.

Of the 500-plus crime guns seized by police this year, 30% had a domestic origin while the other two-thirds were smuggled into the country.

Police have seized an AK-47, shotguns and handguns including Colt .45s and Smith & Wesson .38 Specials.

Blair said licensed gun owners who register their weapons are safer because they are well educated on the laws around how to properly store their weapons.

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19 Comments for “Toronto Police Chief: Enough guns to start a small war”

  1. […] is almost nothing he does that isn’t in the interest of either his career or his political masters. Secondly, he goes to untold lengths to cuddle criminals and harass law-abiding citizens. He is […]

  2. Yes, the registry was an expensive and self-deluding boondoggle that makes it much harder for law abiding citizens to possess and transport guns. Yes, the man in question didn’t do anything wrong besides ‘paperwork’ screwups. But leaving dozens of unsecured guns lying around an apartment is a bloody stupid thing to do.

    Unlike most women commenting about guns I’ve actually qualified for the FAC. I think the jackass who didn’t secure his guns was an idiot. If he wasn’t going to obey the law, the guns shouldn’t have been in his apartment, but someplace else secure and unlikely to be discovered by the cops. It’s not him being outside the law that annoys me nearly so much as that he was a moron about it.

    In short, the cops were self-aggrandizing and magisterial twits in this case, but they at least were smarter than their victim. Let us hope, brothers and sisters, that the weapons actually get destroyed and don’t find their way into a cop’s private collection… not that THAT ever happens.

  3. It’s abundantly clear why the police want the registry.
    Once you register your weapons, don’t dare let your yearly payments lapse. Once that happens, you can expect the SWAT team to swarm your home and take your property. Nice police work. Tracking down armed criminals instead of lapsed licenses would impress me a lot more. Everyone who registered their firearms also had to sign away their right to force police to obtain a search warrant to enter their home.

  4. As stated several times previously this reeks of a corrupt photo-op. Chief Blair is expounding how dangerous this collection could be yet not once was any crime committed short of conscientious objection to a vile, discriminatory law that took what appears to be previously legal collection of inanimate objects and outlawed them even though no crime was committed. Try that with automobiles and see what happens even though they will be used illegally and kill far more people that any number of firearms over any given time period. Another thing that these raids point out is the fact that Canadian gun owners are exempt from our own Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Canadian Firearms Act permits government to raid a citizen’s home without warrant to investigate even the weakest of accusations. Drug dealers and gang members have more protection – today’s culture has mutated into an apathetic entity that has difficulty differentiating good from bad.

  5. It’s wonderful to ‘finally’ see the most of the urban majority has finally had the wool pulled from their eyes, and see this Canadian Liberal Gun Farce for the useless abomination it really is. Up until this time, nothing has divided Rural and Urban citizens more than Canada’s stupid idiotic gun laws. The urban masses, most who have been hoodwinked into believing the nonsense spouted by the likes of Wendy Cukier, CACP, and the CPA lobby groups, have followed along behind a parade of socially engineered ignorance like the good Sheeple the Liberals always wanted them to be. If the Liberals and NDP have enough numbers to vote this down, it will only highlight the partisan politics rampant in this country and prove once and for all they don’t give a rats A** what their constituents really want.

  6. Two thoughts:
    1) If the registry is so vital , odd that it took so long to find these firearms.
    2) It is unlikely that criminals would find these guns too readily, as they were not on the registry which has been breached over 300 times. Ironically, having unregistered guns is a greater benefit to society than registered ones.

  7. So….. here is the head of the CAPC lording over the virtues of the Long Gun Registry just before it comes up for debate in the House of Commons….. the CAPC which is supposed to be a non-political group, but is in fact an anti-gun lobby, a for profit, private club that takes money from the likes of Tazer International and CGI…….. the company that designed and maintains the Registry……. look, here’s the deal the citizens of this country are being duped by these lobbyists in the worst way! The Registry is not used to solve crimes and keep the public safe, but instead creates criminals out of law abiding citizens by violating their right to own private property. Let’s all put on sunglasses so we aren’t blinded by the shining light of these righteous warriors who would take the guns out of the homes of old collectors who don’t keep up on their paperwork, while squandering public resources in their quest for political office. Look into it people! The facts are there to be had!

  8. Ok lets do a little review here with regard to the owner of the firearms siezed by Blair and his gang. Did the individual in question kill anyone? no. Did he rob anyone? no. Did he sell drugs? no Did he rape someone? no. Did he threaten anyone at any time? no. So what has he done? Simple. Not fill out government paperwork that is it. A paper crime. Now what is interesting is that NOTHING he did was illegal before 1991. So here we have the police spending time and resources to chase down someone who is a threat to nobody. Meanwhile they indicate that he lived in a “high crime area”. Well here is an idea…………….spend our tax dollars on the CRIMINALS who are threats and create your as described HIGH CRIME AREA!

  9. So what really have here is a person who peacefully owned a number of firearms for decades (they were registered under the old system) who is being harassed for not having a piece of paper. Well I for one can see why the Toronto police would be harassing old men for paper crimes, it is a lot safer than doing something about their gang problem. Easier than trying to solve a murder or rape. No career breaking potential like investigating corruption in the city or provincial governments. Bottom line, none of this guys guns have killed as many people as Bryant’s car and there is no reason what-so-ever to think that was going to change.

  10. gentleman has gun registered and collects fire arms ……c-68 come through, he say “screw it”

    he buys more as time goes on illegally albeit, but he has no “mens ria” or “criminal intent”
    so during the last “sweep” of owners who have not registered, he is discovered, and they serve a hard -knock warrent and brag to the press on what an awesome job they are doing.

    when in fact this guy although illegal and no criminal intent , had some of these firearms for at least over 12 years and nothing happened.

    better yet it took that long for the police to “find them”?

    hey Mr Blair- get a life and go after the dough heads who actually cause crap in our streets

  11. Chief Blair is either delusional. The long gun registry had nothing to do with this raid and seizure. Basically, some fellow let his paperwork expire and never bothered to renew. SEVEN YEARS after the old restricted weapon system was scrapped in favour of a new restricted weapon system, Toronto police noticed this guy’s old and new files didn’t match. So, what to do? Send him a notice asking for clarification and a request to become compliant? No, of course not, Blair decides to kick in the door and have a PR field day. The long gun registry was shown to be the legal farce it is because it didn’t show most of the guns found in the gentleman’s home: it made no difference whatsoever. However, it did provide Blair with the politically expedient sideshow he so desperately needed to show how he can deal with the hardened criminals who let their paperwork lapse. Now if he could only deal with the real problem of gangs and drugs and their truly problematic guns in so decisive a manner. Way to deal with those paper crimes Bill!

  12. Rambo? Now, that’s not very objective is it?

    Something is rotten in Denmark. This man has not had a properly registered firearm in the system since 1998 and has not had a license since 2002 yet only now, when bill C391 appears to be gaining momentum, does the TPS show up at his home? Does it seem suspicious at all that Chief Blair is the head of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (a lobby group) who took donations from CGI, a company working on the registry and now he is using this seizure to lobby to keep the registry?

    Never mind that Chief Blair does not appear to understand the difference between licensing and the registry (or does he?) or that the firearms owner appears to be only guilty of paperwork offenses (I see there have been no charges laid) but if this is the best example of how the registry is keeping us safe – 10 years to find a lapsed license and 33 unregistered firearms- I’m afraid Chief Blair is not helping his own pro registry agenda.

    I’m also curious if Chief Blair and the media who are so quick to give him a platform now will be back in a year or two to report on the dropped charges/exoneration as is all to often the case once all the damage is done?

  13. As President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, of course Chief Blair has to tout the “party line”. But this does not change the fact that the CACP is nothing more than a partisan political organization and registered lobby group. They received large donations from TASER, and they support the use of “conducted energy devices” – a generic term for TASERs. They received large donations from CGI, the company that designed and built the gun registry system – lo and behold, they support the gun registry! As a lobby group, they received hundred of thousands of taxpayer’s dollars in grants from the very government departments they lobby to – in essence, they are being paid to give their opinion. Even their own ethics counselor quit in disgust.

    The CACP is not impartial – it is partisan, bought and paid for. They are a bunch of appointed politicians, long removed from being actual police. They have lost all credibility, and should not be listened to any further.

  14. So the guy’s restricted firearms were registered under the old handgun registration system, and he didn’t re-register them in 2002, which means that the police could have raided him at any time over the past seven years. I wonder why they waited so long? Could it possibly be because Blair is head of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police? The CACP last year received an $800,000 donation from CGI Group, who are the prime contractor for the long gun registry, which is on the verge of being dismantled by Bill C-391, which comes up for second reading in the House of Commons next week? Sounds to me like this photo-op’s timing is deliberate.

    Even if you ignore the reek of desperation and corruption coming off this event, I can’t follow Chief Blair’s reasoning here; to my mind, the fact that none of the long guns seized were registered only proves that the registry is inaccurate and useless to police.

  15. fyi… this fluff piece is sponsored by Captain Chris’ “Close Combat Training” course, LOL

  16. The government goes to vote on Bill C-391 Nov 4. In my opinion, it’s a timely political grand stand event for the President of the CACP (which accepted a $115,000 donation from a software company contracted to build the registry, and whose Ethics Advisor resigned!). In the audio of the presentation, Blair said C-391 removed the licensing requirement for long guns: it does NOT! Police of all stripes disagree with the CACP on the Registry.

    The former ‘collector’, with no criminal record, obviously wasn’t hurting anyone and bought the firearms legally. But now he’s up on criminal charges for paper crimes because REAL CRIMINALS might have targeted him in future, and because of where he lives. Innocent (at worst, inactive) people are targeted instead of, and because of, other people who might do violent things. How backward and Orwellian is that?

    Links for proof of argument:

  17. Would this be a good time to ask Chief of Polcie Blair just how much money is the CACP (Canadian Association of Chief of Police) is receiving in ‘sponsorship’ from CGI? (the main computer firm doing work on the long gun registry). From what I understand, the CACP received over $100,000 in ‘gift’ for their latest convention…

  18. Perhaps, Chief Blair can explain how the long gun registry is helping to keep Toronto safe, other than some vague ideology about seizing duck guns from lapsed licenses?

    Could he also explain the reason that the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police receive substantial donations from CGI the software firm which has been responsible for the massive cost over-runs on the registry? Why their ‘Ethics Commissioner’ resigned due to the Associations Conflict of Interest?

    Why he’s sending his Tactical Team out to the burbs, to take down duck hunters when gangs are shooting up Jane & Finch, but apparently he hasn’t noticed.

    The long gun registry is a Liberal social engineering program which failed, and has failed in every country that has tried it.

    Why doesn’t Chief Blair explain to the parents of Taylor Mitchell, how safe she was in Cape Breton, when a handgun could have saved her life?

    The truth is, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is a lobby group plain and simple. No other professional association would ever be allowed to or even attempt to influence our legislators in such a manner. Particularly in view of its dismal failure to accomplish it’s stated objective.

    It’s well past time for the truth of this boondoggle to become public and the propaganda of a lobby group should be considered as background noise, not as fact, because the facts disprove Chief Blair.

    Regardless of how many staged photo-ops the Chief provides, to this date the registry has accomplished nothing, but criminalize law abiding citizens.

  19. A Toronto “Rambo”? Won’t your paper look stupid when the wizened little 70 year old collector is paraded before the public?
    When will chief Blair pose with a room full of 58 criminals they have taken off the streets?

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