H1N1 vaccine for pregnant women next week

VANCOUVER – Women in their first half of pregnancy can expect to get vaccinated against the Swine Flu virus next week, says B.C. health chief Dr. Perry Kendall.

25,000 shots of unadjuvanted vaccines have been delivered to the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, according to the Canadian government.

The first batch that arrived contained an adjuvanted vaccine – additives that increased the immunity building ability of the body, but these were recommended only for women in their second half of pregnancy and for the general population.

The unadjuvanted vaccines are specifically designed for women who are in their first half of pregnancy.

In an emailed response, Kendall said the vaccine will be distributed¬† over the weekend and on Monday and women in B.C. can expect to receive the vaccine at a clinic or at their doctor’s office by Thursday or Friday.

Kendall said it is likely that women living in Greater Vancouver would get the vaccine earlier because of the shorter shipping time.

Pregnant women have a higher risk of suffering complications from the h1N1 virus as well as a higher rate of mortality and are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

224,000 doses of unadjuvanted vaccine have been delivered to provinces, with Ontario and Quebec each getting over 80,000 doses. Distribution was scheduled according to data on number of pregnant women in each province.

Women living in other jurisdictions should contact their physician or health authority to find out when they can get the new vaccine.

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