Ontario’s deadly Swine Flu surge, 24 dead in 72 hours

VaccinatedBy Salim Jiwa

OTTAWA – In a shocking surge, 24 Ontario residents have died in less than 72 hours from Swine Flu, the Public Health Agency of Canada reported on its website.

Latest: Another startling surge, 18 dead in Ontario, 22 in Alberta.

Ontario’s fatalities reported between November 10 and 11 a.m. EST on November 12 catapults the death toll from 37 reported on Nov. 10 to a total of 61. That is twice the figure of dead in Quebec and the highest of any province in Canada.

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Hospitals from coast to coast are swamped with admissions and visits to emergency departments in the past week with other provinces reporting record admissions from Swine Flu since its outbreak was noticed in April.

Nova Scotia and Manitoba reported one death each between Nov. 10 and Nov. 12 to take Canada’s national fatality toll to 161 with much of the spike happening since the second wave of Swine Flu began in October.

On November 10 at 11 a.m. EST, Ontario’s death toll stood at 37 and the Canadian national total was at 135.

46 Canadians have died  between November 5 and November 12 with heavy rates of hospitalizations across the country.

Ontario government officials could not be reached last night to comment about the 24 deaths.

The latest federal figures show B.C. has 23 deaths with eight occurring in just one week, Alberta has 20, Saskatchewan 5, Manitoba 8, Ontario 61, Quebec 35, Nova Scotia 2, Newfoundland and Labrador 5 and one each in Yukon and Nunavut.

In B.C., more than 200 people have been admitted to hospital in just one week. But provincial health officials say they are keeping their fingers crossed that the sickness from Swine Flu has reached a plateau.

The latest death toll reported in Ontario is also likely to create a bigger demand for vaccine that is in short supply across Canada.

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  1. It is now January 2nd 2010, and The Public Health Agency of Canada’s OFFICIAL number of CONFIRMED deaths due directly to swine flu (H1N1) virus is a shocking 9. TOTAL.


    Good work on the misleading fear mongering article!

    Anyone who wants the official number, feel free to google it. A lot of the deaths are people with heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.

    The fact is, swine flu has a LOWER mortality rate than the regular flue virus. The regular flu is more deadly !

    Get informed before you pump yourself with 3 vaccines this season. You might be saving yourself a future of unwanted side-effects, and health problems, such as auto-immune disorders, and mercury build up in your system.

    • The number was valid for the weekly date range it was issued for. Nine people died during the week mentioned. Of course the number will not change until the next update.

  2. Loving the public response and mistrust of so-called experts. To be suspicious is to be alive. If there is one industry that uses fear mongering and misleading advertising, it is the pharmaceutical/vaccine producers. Government agencies that support and protect these producers, likewise promote those same products and get their livelihood from them. Like T. V. advertisements that trumpet the possible (not guaranteed) benefits of a product and whisper the lengthy list of serious side effects, this industry does not take responsibility for the damage it does. Google any BigPharma company along with “lawsuits” and you will see the perpetual litigation brought forth against them, plus the convictions and fines they pay. Don’t however, expect to see any charges or convictions for criminal negligence causing mass death, because our health officials have sign contracts giving away any legal course of action in this regard. Campaign contributions Which use to be called bribes and payolla is also an effective means to avoid prosecution for wrongful deaths. Remember, the only way to get these criminals is to not purchase their product. And keep up the fight all you amazing sceptics!!

  3. […] Ontario’s deadly Swine Flu surge, 24 dead in 72 hours […]

  4. Are people with symptom’s of flu/ H1N1 walking into hospital’s & doctor’s surgery’s in Canada nilly-willy. In Ireland, if you have symptom’s you ring the doctor from your home…& he then calls with Tamiflu or Relenza and gives instruction’s of dosage etc. Most people who have died here have underlying condition’s or are very young children with no immune backup in their systems. I had the vaccine myself two weeks ago & I have a respiratory illness & so far no problem. I also get the ordinary flu jab every year & I had the once in a lifetime jab against pneumonia. So, if anyone is an advert for flu vaccine’s it’s me. Lot’s of people are worrying, & I don’t know if it is worth the worry, you’re gonna’ go when your time is up, whether you like it or not. So I hope you there in Canada see a reduction soon in the number of cases, but remember hygiene like washing hands & sneezing into hankie’s/napkins& discarding same immediately will prevent it’s spread. So that’s all I can say…& remember the same number of people world wide die each year from the ordinary flu, so try not to let it frighten you out of life. Cheer’s Jaker.

  5. Look up D225g and also look into Norway’s outbreak. The 1918 pandemic was H1N1 that mutated with the bird flu virus to become D225G. It is no surprise that Baxter was caught in February of this year sending live H5N1 (bird Flu) to labs in 18 countries. It is also no surprise that American media is killing this story and not reporting on it. This mutation is man made and part of a bigger plan to enslave and control all people.

  6. Every year flu viruses sickens millions of people and kills tens of thousands (directly or indirectly) – that’s par for the course, and new strains are common as the various influenza strains have a tendency to mutate, which is also why flu vaccine has such a low efficacy rate.

    The issue here regarding the term pandemic is mulitfold: first, the public perception of grave danger that gets invoked by the term tends to inspire fear in the public, second, when the WHO declares a pandemic it invokes certain treaty obligations of participating nations, which includes most of the world, and can lead to very serious consequences to those nations and individuals who do not comply, such as quarantine, forced innoculations, heavy fines, loss of jobs, and imprisonment, and third, the WHO changed their definition of pandemic just prior to declaring level 6… by dropping the morbidity and mortality portion. This is discussed in an interview that the German magazine, Spiegel, did with the epidemiologist and vocal critic Tom Jefferson and published on July 21, 2009.

    source: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,637119,00.html

  7. Practically everything that is learned these days in terms of the truth comes not from the lame stream media, but from alternative sites and a handful of journalists and doctors who are active in voicing and writing what they know, through websites, podcasts, etc. But this information is not easy to find for many; it must be sought through digging for it. Even now many older people still aren’t familiar with Youtube, or the various alternative news sources.

    Every time I turn on CBC or CKNW or CFUN I hear the same old spin and slanted pseudo news propaganda. It frustrates me because I know very well that there is another side, which is very credible and tells a very different story. For example, no one reports about what Dr. Gary Null testified at the NYS hearings which helped force the NY govt to back off from mandatory vaccination of health workers there. No one talks about the contaminated flu vaccines put out by Baxter in Feb. No one talks about our govt regulators and health policy makers and their relationship with the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

  8. Well yes. When people hear the pronouncement from that grand overseer of the world’s health, the WHO, that there is a pandemic underway, naturally they are frightened. But is it really a pandemic, according to the classical definition, meaning thousands of dead, requiring emergency measures, forced innoculations, quarantines, etc.? No, far from it. So what I expect from real journalists is to uncover the truth, give us real perspective with facts and deep honest analysis of the reality, no matter how damning it might be in implicating the health authorities, the govts, and the pharmaceutical corporations involved. In fact, the more damning the more crucial it is to get to the bottom of the truth.

    • By definition, Pandemic refers to geographic spread rather than how sick people will get. But you have to agree that people have been sickened by this by the millions and this is being covered because it is new – something that we have not seen before. It is a novel virus. We don’t deal with conspiracy theories, just facts. And these figures you see are facts. Keep it simple.

  9. Well, OK. We thought this was about to end. But here is another surge. 18 more die in Ontario, 22 in Alberta, 2 more in B.C. It takes Canada’s total to 250 in reporting period between Nov. 17 to 11 a.m. Nov. 19.


  10. What we have here is a “health scare system“… herding us like frightened sheep into getting shots of mercury which we don’t need, and lining the pockets of GSK. The deaths from this supposed pandemic are less than the regular seasonal flu. The media should be ashamed of itself for the shoddy one-sided reporting it’s doing, almost devoid of real journalistic integrity and fact-finding or truth telling. Disgusting really.

    • Wait a minute. So a lot more people die in car accidents and many other causes. That does not mean the media should not report deaths that happen from a new virus. You don’t seem to be hiding in a bunker – and if you are, at least you’re able to reach us. I imagine you’re one of those who says we should also point out seasonal flu deaths – that will come soon. We don’t have seasonal flu yet.

  11. You might consider adjusting your headline and opening paragraph…. heck.. your ENTIRE ARTICLE for that matter. Call PHAC and ask… and you will find that 24 deaths were added to the list in that 72 hour period. MOST OF THEM DID NOT DIE IN THAT 72 HOUR PERIOD. In fact, some of those people died many days (even weeks) earlier, and it took time for the report to be made. Maybe just a tiny bit of research, instead of spreading yet another untruth because you didn’t get your facts right? Just sayin…

  12. Yes, like others mentionned, I notice a surge of flu-like symptoms in our workplace people who got the shot this week. Isn’t it obvious that if there was not any disease at all, but now a big number of employees have it just after the vax. Could this all be a “Coincidence”?

    • It makes sense. The second wave of Swine Flu intensified in the past three weeks. Read the story on how many patient consultations doctors are billing government for. Just because people are starting to get sick in large numbers doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the vaccine. Stop listening to these conspiracy theorists and go get vaccinated.

  13. Totally agree with msg left by Robert above!

    The same thing is happening in France at the moment. Surprisingly, one week after they started vaccinating kids in schools, the media report that the number of sick people has been multiplied by 5 in the last 2 days!!! Strange coindence? I think not, I believe that vaccination is the vector of this new flu strains, which, as it’s been rightly pointed out by many brilliant scientists, looks very suspicious and most likely man-made… Easy to drop a few bad strains in a few vaccine batches….

    Isn’t it also strange that of all countries, it had to be Ukraine?? So close to Russia and the Middle East, with poor health care, and full of natural resources… How convenient….

  14. […] -A sudden spike in H1N1 deaths over the past week in Canada is raising concerns that something has changed.  Most notably, there has just been a massive surge of swine flu deaths in Ontario, Canada.  In fact, over the past few days 24 residents of Ontario died from the “flu” in just a 72 hour period. […]

  15. when you have uninformed people like “pastor” above spewing nonsense that is absoltuely unsupported by science, it just breeds more stupid responses (like his). And news editor says ‘tens of thousands” have had the vaccine in Canada??? Try 6.6 MILLION people! (There’ve been 200,000 in Ottawa alone, news hound!). a grand total of 34 people with significant reaction to the vaccine, and ZERO deaths from it.
    Drop your silly conspiracy theories, and stick to some actual science for a change. These comments (like jim saying his friend “got sick from the vaccine”) are silly. she may have gotten sick, alright. But you do NOT get sick from a protein string — which is what is in the vaccine. you do NOT get the flu virus in the vaccine. sigh……

  16. I wouldn’t recommend taking advil or any pharmaceutical drug… which is designed to suppress symptoms. What is needed is to strengthen the body’s natural systems, not weaken them. A Dr. Skarko has determined a very likely scenario that could account for the high death rate from the 1918 Spanish (swine) flu… she found that back then health practitioners were overprescribing the new drug Aspirin… which led to bleeding in the lungs, perhaps due to the fact that Aspirin depletes the body’s vitamin C… I recommend boosting your vitamin C levels instead as well as your vitamin D3 level. Silver water is also helpful as both an antiviral and antibacterial agent. Many flu-related deaths are actually due to subsequent bacterial infections in the lungs. Check out Dr. Mercola or Dr. Gary Null for more info.

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