Indian man attacked and torched in Melbourne

Jaspreet Singh - torched.

MELBOURNE – In a horrific attack bound to affect relations between India and Australia, an Indian man was doused with gasoline and set on fire Saturday.

The attack comes in the wake of the stabbing death of an Indian student in a Melbourne Park. The attack prompted India to issue a travel advisory to students.

Jaspreet Singh was set on fire early Saturday morning as he went to park his car on the street after dropping off his wife. He suffered serious burns to his body but is in stable condition.

Police investigating the incident do not believe at this stage that this incident is racially motivated, police said.

 Crime Department Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Neil Smyth said: “We are investigating all possibilities but early indication show it was not racially motivated.”

The victim has been moved from the Royal Melbourne Hospital to the Alfred Hospital  and is in a stable condition, said police.

 Police said Singh suffered burns to his arms, chest and face after the attack.

“It’s alleged the man and his wife had left a dinner party in Essendon and driven home between 1.30am and 2am this morning.

“Police have been told he dropped his wife off and drove the car around the corner to park in Grice Crescent,” cops said.

“It’s alleged as he was getting out of the car four males have pushed him back against the car and poured an unknown fluid on him,” said a police statement. “It’s alleged one male has then ignited the victim and all four men then fled the scene.”

The victim then ran from the scene peeling off his clothes.

What is baffling for police is why they could not find the man’s clothes.

The missing clothes could suggest a different version of what happened.

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2 Comments for “Indian man attacked and torched in Melbourne”

  1. I had Australia permanent residency but I gave it up. One of main reason I left Australia is that there are too many racists there. I met racist in university, hospital, on the bus, almost everywhere. The racists are professor, doctor, government employee. Secondly, I didn’t feel proud to be Australian. Most of white Australian are the descendant of British prisoners. They killed aboriginals and now living on the rich resource. What kind of high tech Australia have? They only can make Uggs

  2. very strange! just after one week of stabbing incident of Indian student, another mishap took place in melbourne. i am afraid, if such crime does not stop and keep happening; i have no doubt in predicting the scenario of racial harmony in melbourne and australia as a whole. i believe, provocation of such crimes upon Indian community in australia only aggravate the situation. What if Indians start doing such criminal activities against australian…then it might be out of control of Australian government. i have very strange feelings something really bad is going to happen in australia.

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