U.S. embassy in Sudan warns of Air Uganda terror plot

KHARTOUM – The U.S. embassy in Sudan has issued a warning of a potentially deadly terrorist attack involving Air Uganda.

The warning issued on the embassy’s website said it has received information that regional extremists are planning to conduct the attack on board Air Uganda.

The embassy did not name the regional extremists but could be referring to several groups in the areas including Somali militant groups aligned with Al Qaeda. The area is also a key theatre of operations for the Christian terrorist group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army which has waged a war of terror for 20 years.

“This Warden Message alerts American citizens in Sudan to a potential threat against commercial aviation transiting between Juba, Sudan and Kampala, Uganda,” said the warning.

“The U.S. Embassy has received information indicating a desire by regional extremists to conduct a deadly attack¬† ¬†on board Air Uganda aircraft on this route,” said the announcement.

“While the capacity of these extremists to carry out such an attack is unknown, the threat is of sufficient seriousness that all American air travelers should be made aware,” said the U.S. embassy warning.

“Air travelers on any airline and route should maintain vigilance at all times, and should report any suspicious behavior to the proper authorities,” it said.

A travel advisory to Sudan is already in place.

Air Uganda flies regular scheduled commercial flights between Juba and Entebbe Airport in Kampala.

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