Second RCMP officer from Surrey 6 case in trouble

VANCOUVER – A second member of the RCMP’s Surrey 6 investigative team has been placed on administrative duties – this time over an allegation of fraud.

RCMP revealed yesterday one other team member who probed the gangland killing of six people in a Surrey apartment had an inappropriate relationship with a female who was a potential witness in the Surrey 6 investigation.

“A 5-year member with the RCMP, posted to IHIT as part of Project E-Peseta (Surrey 6 investigation) since late 2008, is currently facing criminal charges of Fraud and Attempted Fraud relating to two overtime claims he submitted in July and August 2009,” RCMP said in a statement.

“The allegation surfaced in late August 2009 and both internal and criminal investigations were commenced. The member was removed from any operational work and was placed on administrative duties,” said a statement issued by RCMP headquarters on Thursday.

Const. Steve Perrault has been charged with one count of fraud and one of attempted fraud.

“He was served a summons yesterday and will be appearing in court on March 18, 2010,” RCMP said.

RCMP placed another member of the team on desk duties after admitting he is under an internal investigation for having had an inappropriate relationship with a female witness.

The allegation is not yet a criminal matter but the determination will be made by an internal investigation, said RCMP spokesman Sgt. Peter Thiessen on Thursday.

Potentially the issue could cause a credibility hazard in the case if the cop is called to testify. It also creates a hurdle for the crown in their ability to call the female as a witness or if the defence calls her as a witness.

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2 Comments for “Second RCMP officer from Surrey 6 case in trouble”

  1. “Eatpork”, I suggest you educate yourself a little bit before posting such comments. You should familiarize yourself with the RCMP website. It is public and everyone has access to it. A link on the website displays all of the cases where RCMP officers faced internal / criminal investigations and their sentencing. The RCMP fire more officers than you members of the public might think. The problem is that it is never reported in the media, cause the RCMP would then be doing something right… and that would not sell. Educate yourself and you might bitch a little less.

  2. eatpork killapig

    surprise surprise, another member of the most criminal organization in canada has been caught, and what will happen? nothing, the usual for those who do not have to abide by the laws that ordinary citizens have to. Already its unbelievable, if any of us had committed fraud by claiming false overtime at our jobs where would we be? First we would be fired, then we would be ineligible for ei due to our misconduct. These losers get paid vacations and cushy desk jobs when they commit a crime. We are living in a police state here in canada and its becoming more and more obvious to anyone who cares enough to pay attention.

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