3,400 Oxycontin pills seized in Winnipeg drug haul

WINNIPEG – Cops have hit a jackpot in a drug investigation seizing 3,400 tablets of Oxycontin, crack cocaine, Ecstasy and drug paraphernalia.

“As a result of the investigation, officers initiated a traffic stop in the area of Donald Street and Osborne Street where one male was taken into custody,” said a police statement.

“The male suspect was found to be in possession of a large quantity of Canadian currency at which time he was placed under arrest,” they said.

“The investigation continued at which time members executed a Controlled Drug and Substance Act Search Warrant at a residence in the first 100-block of Foyle Street,” police announced on Monday.

The search resulted in the discovery of the following:

•3400 tablets of Oxycontin – estimated street value of $136,000.00
•90 tablets of Ecstasy – estimated street value of $1800.00
•152 grams of Cannabis Marijuana – estimated street value of $1520.00
•1 kilogram of Cocaine – estimated street value of $36,000.00
•15 x approximately 1 ounce individually wrapped bags of Cocaine/Crack Cocaine – estimated street value $15,500.00
•Approximately $60,000.00 cash
•Miscellaneous drug paraphernalia

Two males, 20 and 21, have been charged.

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  1. Thanks to Police for preventing the distribution of these pills. However, this is the tip of the iceberg. I do not condone what these two young people have done. The police must investigate how these two were able to obtain so many pills…no doubt coming from our licenced doctors. The money trail should not stop with these two arrested individuals but should follow the path back to the beginning –a very lucrative opioid industry utilizing deceptive marketing practices which have facilitated the disease of addiction and led to overdoses and deaths. Medical research studies have shown that the majority of patients are not abusing these opioids but are taking them as prescribed by their doctor. I have no doubt that these two young men were addicted themselves. Please get to the root of the problem. Follow the money. We should do away with Health Canada and establish an independent health agency — one that protects its citizens, not the Drug companies.

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