Chilliwack RCMP officer accused of lying in court

Cpl. Annie Linteau says cop accused of lying in court.

VANCOUVER – A veteran RCMP officer has been charged with lying while under oath during court testimony relating to a motor vehicle accident.

RCMP charged Cpl. Michael Nelson with perjury – a criminal code offence – over court testimony he gave in February 2009, said Cpl. Annie Linteau.

The charge stems from a 2007 car accident case from Chilliwack.

Cpl. Nelson has been summoned to appear in court on April 13, said Linteau.

“Cpl. Nelson has 22 years service with the RCMP and is currently posted to the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment, but has been suspended from duty with pay since March 2009, relating to this allegation,” she added.

An internal code of conduct investigation has also begun and the cop will have to appear before an adjudication hearing.

The result can lead to sanctions including dismissal from the force.

Another person recently charged with perjury is convicted terrorist Inderjit Singh Reyat. Perjury charges are rarely laid but conviction can lead to jail time.

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3 Comments for “Chilliwack RCMP officer accused of lying in court”

  1. If you know ANYTHING about this case, you’ll know it’s a BS charge. I can’t talk about it, but just know that the officer is very much innocent, has an outstanding record with no blemishes. And crown is fishing.

    • Tina Black(Quicksilver)

      If you, the PersonInTheKnow are so sure of Cpl. Michael Nelson’s inocents, please tell me how Cpl. Nelson raised suspicion of his action? There is no fire without flames. The news and convictions of Police Officers are more and more frequent. Is it that the Courts are getting more and more smarter or that Police Officers are getting more and mor branzen? I concure with Cinderella’s remark about policing themselves but want to add; because they are policing themselves, they know they can get away with their actions. The real Police Officers are the ones that get hanged with the crooks. The procedures are in need to be changed and Police Officers should be investigated by an indipendant group of peers.

  2. RCMP crimes, are getting right out of hand. Officers, need to police themselves first, before they can police the public. Some of their crimes are, worse than the people they arrest. Some citizens, don’t want the RCMP an icon for Canada. People in BC, don’t want the RCMP’s contract renewed. The lying and covering up for each other, has to stop. Why is it, the officer who tells the truth, is shunned by fellow officers? If the wrong doer was shunned, perhaps that would teach the wrong doer a lesson. Officers have a choice, to do what is right or wrong. Why is it, officers can’t see, they are losing the faith with the citizens? The RCMP, has to get their pride back, for the good of the country, which they pledged , to take care of their citizens.

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