North Van cops say driver was heartless

NORTH VANCOUVER – Cops have blasted a heartless driver who failed to stop at a marked crossing, then struck a woman leaving her with broken bones.

“Witnesses say that the white, newer-model Volkswagen swerved to pass a car that was already stopped at the crosswalk waiting for the victim and her friend to cross the road,” said Const. Michael McLaughlin.

“The driver of the Volkswagen did not apply the brakes before the pedestrian went over the hood. Even worse, the driver didn’t think it was worth slowing down afterward, either,” said the disappointed cop.

“A 32-year-old North Vancouver woman is spending her long weekend in a lot of pain because a careless driver slammed into her at a marked crosswalk- and then kept right on driving,” McLaughlin added.

The accident occurred at West 3rd Street at Mahon Avenue at 10:22 p.m. on April 1.

“While eyewitness testimony is always important, police are also working with several pieces of physical evidence,” he said.

“The Volkswagen, which may have been a Golf, lost a mirror and most of its front grille in the collision. They are in the process of being tracked and identified,” McLaughlin said.

“The night was dark and blustery at the time of the crash, and while that almost certainly played a role in the collision, there is no excuse either legally or morally for not stopping to help,” said the cop in an unusually blunt statement.

“While the heartless driver is a reminder of how low humans can go, the RCMP would like to extend its appreciation to the many bystanders who did their best to comfort the screaming, injured woman and to assist the RCMP by collecting any evidence they could find,” he added.

If you saw something or you know something about the car and driver that hit her, call the North Vancouver RCMP at 640-985-1311. Cst. Lauren KILDAW is the lead investigator and his file is 2010-8783.

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  1. Not heartless – just scared shitless.

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