Bombay terrorist Ajmal Kasab sentenced to die

By Ravi Matah

BOMBAY – The Pakistani gunman who was part of a terror team that killed 166 people during a 2008 death spree in Bombay has been sentenced to be executed.

Ajmal Kasab was the lone surviving gunman after the rest of the invading group was engaged and killed by special force during the Nov. 26, 2008 attack.

Evidence from eye witnesses, CCTV footage and forensic testimony were key in his conviction and sentence.

Justice M.L. Tahiliyani said: “The depravity of the 26/11 attacks is unspeakable….this man has lost the right to humanitarian benefits.”

He said the evidence of mass murder, waging war against India and terrorism was overwhelming.

“Kasab shall be hanged by neck till death,” the judge said.

Tahiliyani further added that, “Words cannot express the brutality of this crime.”

“There is no chance of reform or rehabilitation for this man,” he said rejecting the defence argument that the 22-year-old was brainwashed by Lashkar-e-Toiba Pakistani terror group.

The judge said Kasab had volunteered to work for the terror group.

Kasab’s lawyer, K.P. Pawar, had asked the judge to consider Kasab’s age and the fact that he is mentally disturbed. But the judge rejected the plea for leniency.

The High Court will mandatorily study the decision before Kasab can be executed.

Kasab can still appeal to the Supreme Court of India and the President for a mercy petition.

Two other defendants were found not guilty for lack of evidence.

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