Forcible confinement, sexual assault charges in Kimberly’s murder

Parents of Kim Proctor speak out about anguish.

“Words cannot describe what we’ve gone through” – DAD.

By Salim Jiwa

VICTORIA, B.C. – (Update 4) A 16-year-old and an 18-year-old have now been charged with first degree murder, sexual assault, and indignity to a human body in connection with the brutal planned slaying of teenager Kimberly Proctor.

Police have alleged the two carried out a dark plot that specifically targeted Kimberly.

Police initially charged the 16-year-old boy and later on in the evening similar charges were laid against the 18-year-old.

Police arrested the two teenagers on Friday. Kimberly’s torched body was found near the Galloping Goose Trail in Colwood on March 19.

It is not yet known if the older boy will be raised to adult court. For the moment, both are shielded from being named because of their age.

Cpl. Darren Lagan said the two boys knew Kim and police will allege they planned the killing. He would not disclose the exact relationship between the victim and the two accused.

“Late yesterday afternoon, (Friday, June 18th), Investigators arrested two Langford teens, age 16 and 18, for the premeditated murder of Kimberly Proctor,” RCMP announced at a press conference.

“Both arrests occurred without incident. At the time of Kimberly’s death, both males were under the age of 18. Under protections provided by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, their identities or information which may lead to their identification, cannot be released publicly at this time,” said Lagan.

Kim: Victim of a murder plot.

“Since the beginning, key members of our team have been dedicated to supporting and informing the Proctor family of developments, and advancements in this investigation,” investigators said.

“Throughout, Kimberly’s family has remained fully cooperative and supportive of our team. Kimberly’s mother and father, Lucia and Fred Proctor, continue to ask for privacy, and respectfully ask the media to refrain from contacting them.”

“Since the March 19th discovery of Kimberly’s body near the Galloping Goose Trail in Colwood, an investigational team of over 40 officers has worked tirelessly towards identifying, and arresting those believed responsible for Kimberly’s murder,” said a team of officers present at the press conference Saturday morning.

“This weekend, the investigative team arrested two individuals for Kimberly Proctor’s murder,” said Lagan.

“In the three months since the discovery of Kimberly’s burned body near the Galloping Goose Trail, a team of committed and focused officers have put in over twenty thousand investigational hours, been assigned over six thousand tasks for follow up, and conducted over two hundred and fifty formal interviews. Those efforts guided investigators to discover evidence leading to the identification and arrest of these two suspects, both of whom remain in our custody.”

“While some officers continue to gather and analyze evidence related to Kimberly’s murder, others from our team will now focus on the disclosure of the substantial amount of evidence amassed over the course of this investigation. Every member of our team remains committed to completing this investigation,” he said.

“Our investigators are heartened by the overall respectful approach taken by the media on this matter, and can advise that their professional reporting assisted our efforts,” he added.

Police did not describe a motive in the arrest. Kimberly was last seen at a bus stop.

A Facebook page set up to remember her has been filled with controversial comments about who was responsible, with teen speculating endlessly about motives and suspects.

Police encourage anyone with information on Kimberly’s murder, who has not yet spoken to police, to contact the Westshore RCMP at 250-474-2264.

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  1. To the family of Kimberely , one cannot fathom what you must be going through now especially as these scum go to trial. My heart is full of sorrow for your loss. Sadly I do not have faith with our Canadian justice system that these scum will pay appropriately for what they have done. It is this persons opinion that these scum suffer a similar torture resulting with the riddance of their presence in this world. They have no contrition nor will they ever..

  2. My heart and prayers goes out to Kimberly’s family and all of her loved ones. I think this is a loss and tradegy for everyone. For Kimberly’s family, her friends, her community. I also think its very tragic for the 2 YOUNG men accused of Kimberly’s murder. Just like Kimberly these 2 young men had their whole lives ahead of them. What in the world were they thinking ? I hope these 2 young men are held accountable to the fullest extent, charged as ADULTS, aswell as seeking lifelong professional mental health treatment. Didnt ANY the familes members or friends of the 2 young men, EVER notice any disturbing behaviour/s before Kimberly’s murder. What the hell made them snap. I JUST dont get it

    • Ever heard of the philosopher Nietzsche who claimed that exceptional people should follow their own inner law and leave morality to the masses? Disciples may be?

  3. God Bless to the family. Such a waste … such a beautiful girl.

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