Eight B.C. women say they had sex with HIV positive men

Rollo: Five women had unprotected sex with him

VANCOUVER – A total of seven B.C. women have come forward telling cops in North Vancouver and New Westminster they had sex with HIV positive men without knowing that the guys were infected with the virus that causes AIDS.

North Vancouver RCMP are seeking four additional charges against a suspect for not telling women he was HIV positive.

Separately, New Westminster Police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for the arrest of a different man who has been charged with aggravated sexual assault for having sex with three women without telling them he was infected with the virus.

On May 19, Mounties had charged Adam Rollo with one count of aggravated assault on a woman. He failed to tell her he was HIV positive despite the fact he had known since 2003 that he was infected.

“Since the North Vancouver RCMP last notified the public, four additional women have come forward and provided enough evidence for investigators to recommend four more charges of aggravated assault against Mr. Rollo,” said Cpl. Peter DeVries.

“Police are awaiting crown counsel’s response to the recommendations. Mr. Rollo is currently under court imposed conditions that require him to disclose to any potential partners the fact that he carries the HIV virus,” he said.

“Investigators want talk to all potential victims and witnesses in this case,” DeVries stated.

Police have released a photo of Rollo and are asking other women to come forward.

New Westminster Police issued a warrant for the arrest of Bongani Nyoni. Police said he had intercourse with three women while knowing he was HIV positive.
“New Westminster Crown Counsel has issued a Canada wide warrant for Nyoni’s arrest as it is believed he may have travelled to eastern Canada.  The offences date back to May of 2006 and investigators are concerned that Nyoni may continue to engage in intimate relations with females without disclosing his medical condition,” cops said.
Nyoni is 38-years-old and police said they need help tracking him down.
It is not known if the eight women involved in the two separate cases have been tested for HIV.
At the same time, women who had intimate relations with Rollo are asked to contact Cpl. Doug Trousdell of the North Vancouver RCMP who  is handling the file. You can call him at 604-990-7491. Refer to file 2010-13171.

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