Cops: B.C. Bishop suffered severe head and face injuries

Bishop Monroe in serious condition. (Catholic Church Photo)


(Update) RCMP have provided the following update on the condition of Bishop David J Monroe who was viciously assaulted in the rectory of Catholic Church in Kamloops.

“Kamloops Catholic Church Diocese Bishop David Monroe, remains in hospital care at the Kamloops Royal Inlands Hospital and is listed today as in serious condition but stable. He has suffered severe trauma to the face and head. Bishop Monroe also sustained bruises and lacerations to other parts of his body as a result of the brutal attack.”

Earlier story:

Reverend David J. Monroe – the Bishop of the Catholic Church of Kamloops Diocese – has been moved out of the intensive care unit and appears to have improved slightly following a violent attack.

Bishop Monroe is 69. The B.C. Catholic newspaper reports today that he has now been moved out of intensive care.

Police said they arrested a 30-year-old man who had apparently earlier caused a disturbance at the hospital.

“The assault occurred in the rectory building of the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Kamloops shortly after 10:00 pm on Friday evening, October 22, 2010. The Bishop remains in hospital in serious condition with police proposing charges of Aggravated Assault against the 30-year-old suspect,” said Sgt Scott Wilson.

The Bishop was found bleeding on the floor of the rectory.

“At approximately 10:15 pm on October 22, 2010, an adult male forcibly entered the rectory at the Sacred Heart Cathedral located at 255 Nicola Avenue, Kamloops, B.C. After entering the building, the suspect allegedly assaulted the Most Reverend David J. MONROE the Bishop of the Catholic Church Kamloops Diocese,” said Wilson.

“During the assault, a priest inside the rectory was also injured after falling while trying to assist the bishop. The suspect male fled prior to the arrival of police and emergency health services with both church officials being transported to Royal Inland Hospital by BCAS.”

“The Kamloops RCMP Serious Crimes Unit responded along with the deployment of an RCMP Police Dog team and the RCMP Southeast District Kamloops helicopter, in efforts to locate and determine the identity of the suspect,” he said.

“As investigators responded to the assault, they learned of an earlier incident, which had unfolded at 8:50 pm at the Royal Inlands Hospital. Hospital staff had alerted police to a male who had become agitated and caused a disturbance, including the breaking of a window at the hospital,” Wilson said about the suspect.

“This male, had been taken to the Royal Inland Hospital, by family members earlier in the day, due to their concern over his mental well being. The male was being processed by the hospital for self-admission to care at the time of the disturbance and his flight from the hospital,” he added.

” The Royal Inlands Hospital contacted the Kamloops RCMP to report the incident, which led police becoming involved prior to the assault on the bishop. The Kamloops RCMP treated locating the individual as a priority, which subsequently led to police locating the male after the alleged assault had taken place.

“At around 1:00 am on the morning of October 23, 2010, RCMP officers located this male hiding inside a shed at the G & M trailer park located in Kamloops. The male was arrested and returned to the Kamloops Detachment where he remains in custody. The investigation into this very serious assault continues, with police proposing charges of Aggravated Assault. The Bishop remains in serious condition, with the priest having been treated and released.”

Any person with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Kamloops RCMP serious crime unit at 250-828-3000 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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4 Comments for “Cops: B.C. Bishop suffered severe head and face injuries”

  1. Pray a rosary for him and the one that did this to him. Important to discover the religion of the attacker and if he cut the Father’s throat….if so….it’s time to wake up and face the facts about all these attacks on Catholic clergy all over the world and call a spade a spade before more happens like this. Look up on google…The Battle of Lepanto”. Let’s do it again…..when the Pope called for this and Catholic’s obeyed….a miracle occured. The world could use one right now.

    • A nutcase has a religion? This appears to be a random attack and is totally deplorable? And what if the suspect is a Christian? Does that mean anything? Not really. But all good people will pray for the Bishop.

  2. I truly believe a man who come to do harm to the clergy or any body God is so merciful to forgive him if he truly repent from his heart. There must be a motivation for his actions. I truly believe things are solve in peace and love and show your love and care the reality of your right reasons and believe. Only by the power of God and you having faith you can deliver a message but never by force or attacking somebody like this way. I hope you read my comments and repent and in another manner give your reason but must be with love for humanity and the dignity of them. Faith. love. hope.

  3. “Modern” hospitals are helpless in cases of demonic possession.

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