Botched cross examination key issue in Aga Khan’s copyright lawsuit

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NEW: Lawyer in assault case gets court date. Release conditions include staying away from Markham mosque.


TORONTO – Federal Court of Canada Justice Sean J. Harrington made some piercing probes into the statements of two defendants in a copyright lawsuit filed by the Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the world’s 15 million Ismaili community.

The two-day hearing was punctuated with quiet laughter as Justice Harrington asked searching questions during statements by self-represented defendants Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin who were sued by the Aga Khan for publishing and selling an unauthorized book containing messages of the Aga Khan to his community.

The Aga Khan is seeking punitive and exemplary damages from the two who claim they obtained divine permission to publish the books.

The court-room was filled with Ismaili supporters of the Aga Khan. Also present at the hearing were Mohamed Manji, president of the Ismaili Council for Canada and top Ontario Ismaili leader Karim Sunderji along with a lawyer from the Aga Khan’s Paris headquarters who was here to monitor the proceedings and was introduced to the court.

Justice Harrington was hearing pleas during a two-day session for summary judgment filed by both sides.

The Aga Khan was represented by his Toronto lawyer Brian Gray who was assisted by Allyson Whyte Nowak of the Ogilvy Renault law firm.

Gray spoke for approximately 90 minutes and summarized the efforts made by the Aga Khan to stop the defendants from copying his works.

Among the points made by Gray were the following:

* He recounted meetings between the Aga Khan’s emissary Dr. Shafik Sachedina, along with two letters written by the Aga Khan to the defendants as well as correspondence from the Aga Khan’s brother to defendant Tajdin.

* Gray recounted the fact that the Aga Khan’s efforts to stop the infringement were greeted with allegations by the defendants that the Ismaili leader’s signature had been forged as well as allegations made against the Aga Khan’s secretary that she had participated in a conspiracy with a usurper.

* The defendants rejection of the letters as forgeries prompted the Aga Khan to sign an affirmation stating that he was the plaintiff in the action against Jiwa and Tajdin. The affidavit was signed by the Aga Khan in front of a notary public and a top American lawyer.

* Gray stated that despite having obtained a court order to compel the Aga Khan to appear for a sworn cross examination, Tajdin failed to ask questions and also failed to submit into the court records the transcript of the cross examination.

When Jiwa got up to speak, Justice Harrington said that while he did not know much about the Ismaili faith, he would know as a Catholic that he’d have no authority to seek to speak to the Pope if he received instructions from the head of the Catholic Church in Canada.

“Who am I to demand that I will accept such instruction only if it comes directly from the Pope?,” asked Justice Harrington who graduated with a law degree from McGill University in 1968.

Mr. Justice Harrington received a Bachelor of Laws from McGill University in 1968. He was admitted to the Barreau du Québec in 1969, and to the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1978.

At the time of his appointment, he was a partner with Borden Ladner Gervais, formerly known as McMaster Meighen, in Montréal. He practised mainly in maritime law, but also did work in insurance law and alternate dispute resolutions.

Mr. Justice Harrington was President of the Canadian Maritime Law Association, as well as Vice-president and Director of the Association of Maritime Arbitrators of Canada. He has also been Treasurer of the Barreau de Montréal and Chair of the Association of Average Adjusters of Canada.

Jiwa relied on his claim that the defendants had consent to publish the book and sell it because of a religious event during 1992.

The two defendants say that they got permission by placing the book on top of a plate of food offerings presented to the Aga Khan during a ceremony known as mehmani. The ceremony is a symbolic presentation of offerings to the Ismaili Imam.

The offering was presented by a third party and the Aga Khan placed his hand on the plate of offerings and blessed the presenter.

While there was no conversation about the publication of any book, the two claim that the fact the Aga Khan put his hand on top of the book, meant that they had obtained permission to print and sell the Aga Khan’s works.

The judge at one time during Jiwa’s submission responded that to conclude that the Imam by placing his hand on the book had given a clear consent to publish his Farmans was “far fetched”.

Among several points made by Justice Harrington was the question of the botched cross examination of the Aga Khan during which Tajdin said he was confused and did not know what to say. However, the record of the conversation is not part of the evidence because Tajdin has declined to file it.

Justice Harrington stated that during the discovery process, the defendants could have asked questions to resolve their outstanding issues such as whether the Aga Khan was the plaintiff, whether he had signed the Boston Affidavit and whether he had signed the letters that had been questioned as forgeries by the pair of defendants.

He explained several times to Jiwa that the purpose of discovery was to get admissions that could be used in court, but they failed to ask those questions and he couldn’t comprehend why.

Justice Harrington also asked Jiwa if he was sure that it was the Aga Khan who had attended the Oct. 15 discovery and Jiwa answered in the affirmative.

Tajdin spent much of his time discussing the question of obedience to the spiritual leader and argued the book was presented as a gift to the spiritual leader by a friend of his during the religious ceremony in 1992.

The judge asked Tajdin the same question he had asked Jiwa – about the absence of a transcript of the discovery in court evidence.

Tajdin responded that he did not file the transcript because most of the discussion occurred off the record.

He also told the Judge that his farman book projects had cost him a lot and he had even borrowed against his life insurance policy to fund the project. The judge remarked the cost of production was not relevant to the issue of copyright.

Justice Harrington reserved judgment in the case.

The court hearing was covered by a citizen reporter and was edited by Salim Jiwa.

UPDATE: Lawyer barred from being in Markham mosque. Court date set.


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  2. Mubaraki to you all! Justice Harrington has ruled that NJ
    and NT have infringed on the Imam’s copyright. He has issued a
    permanent injunction against all who were involved that they are
    not permitted to print, publish or circulate any Farmans or
    Talika’s of the Imam. The motions for summary Judgment brought by
    AJ and NT have been dismiised. I am right now getting drunk on the
    (non-alcohol champaign that I have opened. Details to follow from
    our beloved News Editor.

  3. Editor, Court Decision is in T-514-10 Federal court website
    Decision section


    A recent post on NAGIB TAJDIN’s incites the Jamat of John Does to REVOLT against leadership. To legitimize their REVOLT, NT’s website goes on to allude to a so-called Farman of Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah. This author John Doe recalls of perhaps having it read on Alnaz Jiwa’s S-net! This assertion is outrageous, deceitful and fabricated.

    • IMAM’s Take on HERITAGE – NAGIB TAJDIN’S Website

      The Imam-of-the-Time wrote: “I am aware that you perceive your efforts, including the website that you have established and operate, as a service to the Imam and the Jamat, but I also wish you to understand that wisdom lies in abiding by the procedures and processes that the Imam establishes, and in respecting the Ismaili Constitution in both its letter and spirit.”

      In light of the Imam’s displeasure, many murids have stopped visiting NT’s website where JOHN DOES incite a riot against Institutional leaders – leaders who are appointed by the Imam Himself.


    The Imam-of-the-Time’s desire to end the Nagib Tajdin’s Saga of Defiance-Rebellion within Imam-Murid relationship was greeted with NT’s fanatical behaviour and brute arrogance. Subsequently, His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan as Plaintiff was compelled to commence the legal proceedings in the Federal Court of Canada against Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa, John Doe & Doe CO. The lawsuit is also against all those unnamed individuals who have reproduced, published, promoted and/or authorized the reproduction and promotion of unauthorized Farmans of His Highness. The debate should therefore be primarily focussed on the lawsuit. His Highness is represented by Brian Gray and other solicitors of Ogilvy Renault LLP and not Vazir nor the President of Council for Canada. It stands to reason that the debate be carried within this legal framework. If Bloglaw-Alnaz Jiwa and their likes are so enthusiastic to debate, than they should debate the issues rather than hunt for matters which are not germane to the lawsuit.

    1. The John Does want millions to believe that His Highness’ Letters and Affirmation are “forged” simply based on NT’s “instinctual infallibility”. From the legal standpoint, Ospreay’s Report is severely flawed, according to Gray, and Gray has questioned the credibility of this report. So what does NT-Bloglaw have to offer besides NT’s absurd “infallibility” argument?

    2. John Does want millions to believe that His Highness is not the Plaintiff; Gray, Gleason, Coleman and the entire legal system is bent upon committing a grand fraud just to disrupt NT’s divine earthly mission. NT and his John Does believe that NT is on a so-called “divine mission” and that Gray is administrating an “EVIL EMPIRE” ( Gray’s words). How can any civilized person debate with these type of John Does?


      Millions of wounded Ismailis including the entire Global Leadership uncompromisingly endorse His Highness’ legal position. Many of His Highness’ followers do not and will not hesitate to fiercely protect and defend His Highness’ arguments to the best of their ability. In stark contrast, the John Does defend Nagib Tajdin & AJ-Bloglaw’s Black Legend by publicizing tales of fraud and forgeries. Disguised as murids or as spiritual brothers and sisters NT, AJ-Bloglaw and their John Does have unleashed a full-fledged guerrilla warfare on NT’s condemned website. They seek to achieve a rebellion within the Community through hate, discord and blasphemy.

        15th October COURT DISCOVERY of HIS HIGHNESS
        Under Pressure of “Contempt of Court”

        To mislead the John Does, NT and AJ show off that they had a so-called meeting with His Highness. The truth is that they forced His Highness into the Court Discovery through repeated contempt of court threats. In spite of court documented facts, NT-Bloglaw-AJ engaged in an deceptive propaganda.

        The official Court Transcript compels us to infer that NT & AJ promised to agree to a judgement in the terms of His Highness’ Statement of Claim; that NT officially stated that he withdraws all allegations of fraud and forgery. When His Highness departed from Toronto, NT and AJ re-asserted all the tales of the fraud and forgeries. The John Does too joined their wagon. In fact, NT and AJ have manufactured one more allegation: His Highness was never the Plaintiff; He has , however, taken the role of the Plaintiff in order to cover-up the grand criminality! Now this is the mother of all blasphemies in Nagib Tajdin’s Black Legend.

          CURRENT STATUS – January 8, 2010

          The Federal Court of Canada Justice Sean J. Harrington probed into the Summary Judgment Hearing on Dec. 7th & 8th in Toronto. Justice Harrington asked NT and AJ to submit the transcript of His Highness the Aga Khan’s Discovery so that he could pass a judgment on this matter as rapidly as possible. With all their might, NT and AJ rejected Justice Harrington’s repeated pleas. Justice Harrington has reserved judgment. All are impatiently waiting for this Judgement.


          “I [NAGIB TAJDIN] am asking the Court to direct opposing Counsel to comply with the discovery. Otherwise I am asking the Court to declare Counsel [His Highness the Aga Khan] in Contempt of Court…I am requesting Case Managment Judge to order the real Plaintiff [His Highness the Aga Khan], whoever he is, to submit his affidavit of document by October 31st 2010 in order to discover him…”


            ALNAZ JIWA wrote: “By this litigation, we are portrayed as ‘SATANS’ in our community and many people are seeking to harm us, or are seeking to have us leave the faith…There are many people who continue to harass us, and continue to remind our fellow brothers how terrible we are by fighting our Imam…I [ALNAZ JIWA] am asking this court ORDER that discoveries of the named plaintiff [HIS HIGHNESS THE AGA KHAN] be produced within 21 days…” (emphasis added) – Federal Court, July 29, 2010
            NAGIB TAJDIN wrote: “…the MAJORITY of the Ismailis are considering them [Nagib Tajdin & Alnaz Jiwa] as ‘SATANS’ for fighting their Imam. …This defendant [Nagib Tajdin] asks for an order: …That the named plaintiff [HIS HIGHNESS THE AGA KHAN] be examined produced for examinations within 21 days…” (emphasis added) – Federal Court , July 29, 2010

      • And it goes without saying that this protection and loyalty will be exhibited through the legal means that Ismailis have through litigation and through their constitution.

    • Nightmare We have all been debating the issues and we have not been hunting for matters not highlighted by (or relating to the issues) in the Lawsuit ? :) Arguing an issue legally is not looking at it from only one side or one sentence or two. You need to consider all the facts and evidence

      • Nightmare seems to have a very good grasp of the facts that he has highlighted. Although all these docs have been boarded, he is picking out the nuggets that clarify the situation for people who have not read the documents thoroughly. You need to recommend solutions Bloglaw, not carry on and on about personalities. The conflict revolves around unauthorized publications and not around leaders – even though you have chosen to make leaders an issue. No one is ever going to be happy about all leaders. There is always going to be grumbling from the lower level to the top. Even in a democracy, 49 per cent would have some level of dissatisfaction. If you accept that there is more wisdom than yours – right at the very top and if you accept the dominant doctrine – then you’d have to accept the choices that are made. If you don’t, then your dispute is with the very top of the leadership triangle. You’re questioning the wisdom of the decision-maker and that is what most people disagree with – the essence of your fight is with the Imam.

        • Bloglaw-Alnaz Jiwa’s facts and evidence originate from NT’s instinctual infallibility and AJ’s colossal idiocy. Example: You passed judgement on the Imamat Communication primarily based on NT’s infallibility. To support NT’s infallibility you used AJ’s idiocy by ridiculing the Imamat Communication. To any Ismaili, it is deemed anathema to pass judgment on an Imamat Communication. Of course, the exceptions are the JOHN DOES.

        • Editor: I would like to thank Mr. Nightmare. He has devoted much time and effort to plough through all the court documents to provide us with a meaningful insight into the Plaintiff’s case. Thank you, sir.

          • Thank You , Nightmare , for highlighting “FACTS” with
            quotes from the various documents and court filings in this case.
            Bravo . Allahu Alim.

      • Bloglaw: You’re absolutely correct when you say “Arguing an issue legally is not looking at it from only one side or one sentence or two. You need to consider all the facts and evidence”. That would mean one should NOT consider manufactured facts and hearsay, as well as stick to the legal issue at hand – copyright infringement.
        Should we now take it take that you will:

        1. not use arguments based on Nagib’s ever changing stories, including those that are not in the official transcript of Oct 15th. If NT/AJ want others to seriously consider what they claims occurred, get them to produce a sworn affidavit (just like HH did). Remind them of perjury laws and associated criminal implications.

        2. immediately desist comments/arguments in public forums, and use the prescribed Institutional channel, to address any/all grievances you have against the leadership, since HH (not His appointees) is the legally recognised plaintiff of record.

        3. stop arguing that Alnaz was not contacted prior the lawsuit filing as being material. two points – (a) HH contacted NT prior to filing and those communications to NT were in the context of NT as the Principal, so onus was on NT as the leader of the infringing group to advise all (AJ and the Does). (b) Legal action is against those involved in production, promoting or distribution of HH’s works; AJ has admitted to distribution.

        I’ll stop at these three for now. Look forward to you keeping your word and do pls confirm that you will. This time, if you run away without confirming or a logical rebuttal, I’ll keep reminding you to respond to this on every future comment you make here. Deal !!

  6. Dear Editor,

    While I know you have provided a platform to Bloglaw here in the name of freedom of speech, I have noticed recently that he has increased spewing his venom against Dr. Sachedina and President Manji. He is now openly supporting NT & AJ. His recent post of telling us to read nagib’s post on Heritage and then ‘demanding’ that leaders inform the Jamat if he’s wrong as well as his constant accusations of the leaders not following Imam’s guidance are proof of this. He has now openly stated on Heritage that Imam could not have written the letters further supporting the 2 idiots! He has demanded all sorts of things from leadership, including Mukhi/Kamadias and has given long lectures on their responsibilities etc. Actually, there are too many things to list here but I hope you get my point. Basically, you have provided NT & AJ to spew their lies and innuendos through Bloglaw (if he’s not one of them already) which are nothing short of spreading lies.

    My humble appeal: I think it is high time that this joker is cut-off from spewing his venom unless he actually has something constructive or actually has a valid argument/point. So far, he has not. I know you have said in the past that he provides a glimpse into the defendants’ thinking but actually we don’t need bloglaw for that. We all know now what their agenda is and what they are trying to accomplish, ie, keep challenging the authority of the Imam and remain in defiance mode. If we want a glimpse of their thinking, we simply need to read postings on Heritage. It’s one thing to request leaders to do something to help the situation but to constantly keep accusing them and slandering them for something they are not responsible for should not be acceptable in this forum. That’s all bloglaw has been doing and so, NT & AJ have had their ‘voice’ here.

    • News Editor: I am one hundred percent behind Follower. I believe he is absolutely right that bloglaw has been constantly using this forum to accuse and slander the leaders. NT, AJ and Bloglaw have the same mentality. They are irrational people who will never listen to the voice of reason. Hopefully, the Federal Court will render the decision within a few days and hopefully we will never hear from Bloglaw again. As far as I am concerned, he should crawl back and, for the rest of his life, remain at the Heritage site which in my opinion will continue being a breeding ground for dissent and defiance long after this lawsuit has ended.

      • OK. Soulmate. We have a situation here whereby hundreds of Ismailis go to the Heritage website where they read the unchallenged views of Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa and Bloglaw. That creates a potential danger – in that they are not challenged on that website. For example, an answer from you to what NT, AJ or Bloglaw say there would not be published since it takes a contrary view and pours cold water over their notions. We are not an Ismaili website but there is no other location where Ismailis can comment within the context of the media. In realizing that there was no other outlet, we assisted you in countering their lies here. What Bloglaw has said here is no different than what has been stated in the public court documents filed by the defendants. Sometimes we do not agree with people’s opinions. However, at least you get a chance to respond. My thinking is that it is better that you hear directly from the Devil’s mouth here and get a chance to respond. And the responses far outweigh what Bloglaw has to say. I can certainly filter out words and terms used in many posts that you people have made because those words are not necessary to express an opinion. I even had one from a person who wanted to use the four letter word. Clearly, if a post arrives that is pure slander and we construe it to be libellous and not a matter of public interest we’d not publish it since we do have a very good understanding of what constitutes libel. I have studied journalism laws at the masters level. Much of what has gone on here falls under the category of fair comment on a matter of great public importance. Do we shut down the forum? That is one option. Or in fairness do we allow comments that you may not like? Should they be allowed to comment? Do they have a viewpoint? Or do we say okay, we’ve come to a point where posts are circular and serve no purpose. I think we are getting close to that last point. But do remember that while Vancouverite will most certainly end this forum very soon, the Heritage site will continue.

        • My two cents – If Bloglaw wants to continue posting here,
          at the very least, he should not be allowed to escape, only to
          resurface a day or two later with another futile angle, which he
          has already used previously and been subdued. When he finds himself
          cornered during exchanges, he has exhibited his cowardice. Just
          recently he admitted (in his own way) the only hold up was
          copyright admission. A day or two later, when Nagib and Umed
          re-introduced previously dropped issues (forgeries, leaders etc),
          Bloglaw jumped on the bandwagon and tries to put us in a vise again
          with his baseless arguments and sermons. Perhaps, such a ruling
          would make sense. I am a nubie to this world and not aware of
          etiquette rules for participation on forums, but commonsense would
          dictate that there would some line in the sand somewhere; and in my
          view, Bloglaw crossed that a long time ago and he is using the
          forum as free publicity for NT/AJ/does support and slander Imam and
          his appointees.

          • There is really no clear path on this. It would go against my journalistic instinct to shut down a contrarian opinion. If enough of the regulars say let’s shut down this forum, then I will. A line has been drawn. There are four posts from Bloglaw that are in queue that have not been used. At the same time, terms used by some from the other end have not been used because I find them to be slanderous. So abuse goes both ways. One thing we can all follow is civility.

            • My request: Please don’t allow him to post his comments at the top of the comments section so that previous threads remain intact.

              • Software presents a problem in how comments are piled one on top of the other. If one follows a thread then we can run eight or nine or as many as we want in one thread. But if a person files a solo comment, then he/she gets on top. We can have the page display the older comments or the newer ones first, but we do have limitations in the ability to manipulate the stacking of comments.

            • I dont think you should shut down even if most regulars say you should. If you decide to shut it, you should do it because no one is commenting or you feel it is not of interest to any Ismailis. Evwen if a few hundred are following them. It seems from your ticker there are thousands of hits. Right ! Many may not realise but we are all learning quite a lot.

            • Even if enough of regulars say …shut down…. i say DONT.
              Stick to your professional journalistic instincts . For every “regular” commentator … there are at least a 100 “regular” readers who dont comment . There is only one truth , like a coin is either a loonie or a toonie .But each coin has two sides. Heads or tails , Heritage is one face , here at Vancouverite is another side . Sure ….use your editorial policy to “moderate” the comments … thats your responsibility Mr. Jiwa.

              Allahu Alim

        • News Editor: I also agree one hundred percent with what you are stating therefore, if you look at the comment I made, I did not at this time urge you to muzzle bloglaw. We need to debate the issues and challenge the propaganda that come out from the Heritage site. Bloglaw has provided us with that opportunity. However he has kept repeating and recycling the same arguments over and over again and that has forced us to respond to him, each time, for the benefit of new people who visit here who see bloglaw’s posts sitting on the top of the comment section and who may not have time to go through hundreds of responses that we have already given to bloglaw. By the way, I also believe there is a lot more to come after the lawsuit has ended. NT and Party will make sure that this continues to remain a public issue so again, if you are planning retirement, please keep those plans on hold for now. :)

          • Well I have accepted the job of Executive Editor of a community newspaper chain. However, Vancouverite will continue to operate as usual. You faced a problem the other day in what Nagib had posted – about his turnaround from the commitment he had given HH. It was on his website where you could not comment to counter him. Yet hundreds of Ismailis go to that site out of curiosity and even possibly because they feel alienated.

            • Congratilations on your new Job and best wishes.

              • I have a long track record in journalism Bloglaw. I’ve taken on the new job to see if I can bring the Indo-Canadian community media in line with standards of journalism. I am going to try it out and see if I can help them achieve their stated goals. I consider that a community service. I shall be working as executive editor of the Indo-Canadian Voice group and hopefully advocate for change within the culture of community media, bring responsibility to how we cover events and news. But you did mock me on the other site Bloglaw :) – however, that is par for the course. You know democracy and freedom live within my soul!

                • I think we both know we are not speaking for anyone and you can give as good as you get :) I really do wish you well.

          • @ soulmate . i AGREE
            Allahu Alim

        • I know I’m not asking to shut down the forum. I’m also not saying that opinions we don’t agree with should be suppressed. However, bloglaw has gone beyond and has ultimately defied the Imam. His pathetic disection of Imam’s letter of Jan 24th is enough proof of that. I know you didn’t allow that particular post here which is perfect. My only request was to suppress him or at least have him on a very short leash. If he has something constructive or worth anything then sure. But most of his posts have the same tune of leadership attacks which really have no bearing on this lawsuit or issue. Whether leaders are sharing guidance or not are totally irrelevant. And if they are not, then this is not what this forum is about. It is about the lawsuit that the Imam has filed against NT & AJ. As for not being able to respond on the other site, well, we’ll continue to respond to those over here…that’s why we need this forum. Hope I’m making sense.

          • Bloglaw has even sent in a post about my comment that the forces that are engaged in an assault on leadership and waging a guerrilla war on Ismailis should be treated as hostile. He has posted that on Heritage. It is interesting how he thinks. He assumes that I speak on behalf of leadership and that I am prompted by leadership. Let me assure you that no Ismaili leader has given me any direction as to how to act on this matter. And Vancouverite does not speak for the leadership of the Ismaili community. Nor will it speak for the rebel movement.

            • Editor, isn’t it obvious for a while that bloglaw’s only intention is to influence the current leaders? He is probably one of the former leader and he’s probably holding grudges. Either case, there are many past and present leaders who are monitoring heritage for a while and bloglaw knows how to play his cards because you have entered into an opposing camp. Ultimately, all of these people are ego maniacs who are trying to run the community according to their own whims and fancies. The only difference is, they are now visibly talking on the internet otherwise they have always stayed in shadows. Sorry for generalizing, I know there are many good community leaders out there serving, but I am sure many average Ismailis are just frustrated throughout, I know I am.

          • Follower – . The entirety of our faith (spiritually and materially) is based on and around Imam’s guidance. This case is centered around sharing and following Farmans and guidance. So is this forum.

            I felt it was important for me to respond to Nightmares view on that letter by analysing the letter based on my experience, having done a considerable amount of reasearch. This was not done lightly because ther are many questions unanswered. Many will also have the same or other questions. ITREB, IIS and our institutions encourage critique, analysis and verification. Leaders in question I feel do not practice what they preach.(as the saying goes). Secularly enquiry and critique is also encouraged.

            • B L O G L A W: You cannot even decipher the simplest of facts. You have stated, “This case is centered around sharing and following Farmans and guidance. So is this forum.” If you read News Editor’s headlines and the Imam’s pleadings, this case is about “copyright infringement”; therefore, this forum is also about the Imam’s case of “copyright infringement.” Based on your comments, it is clear that you people have not come to terms with the fact that the Imam is the Plaintiff. On October 15, 2010, although NT aplologized and stated to the Imam on record that he does not maintain ANY allegtions of fraud, we now know that was just “lip service.” The truth is that you people do not believe this case is about copyright infringement; you do not believe that the Imam is the Plaintiff; you people still maintain the allegations of fraud and you people believe that there is a grand conspiracy against you. You also believe that the Imam is just pretending to be the Plaintiff, so as true believers, by fighting this case in the Federal Court of Canada you are actually protecting the Imam. Accordingly, you people have concluded that this case is centered around sharing and following Farmans and guidance which in turn gives you the Imam’s approval to print, publish and circulate His Farmans although the Imam’s pleadings state that He never gave you or anyone else such approval. According to the Imam, there has been an infringement of His copyrights. But you, by your senseless arguments are saying that the Imam is wrong! Right?

              • Soulmate. I think it is much more than that. It is not that they don’t understand or refuse to believe. This is a deliberate ploy – if they concede that Imam is the plaintiff, then they can’t keep blaming DR.SS and MM. The only salvation they have is that they keep up the pretext – because acknowledgement ends their ability to challenge leadership. I have called this a rebel movement – I think I am absolutely right on that. Do you know of anyone else in our modern history who has done what these people are doing? I also think that it is wishful thinking that they will end this warfare when a legal ruling comes down. They will continue to fight afterwards, pretending that this is actually what the Imam wants. At some point in time, the end will come when there is a direct address to Ismailis – because then, these people will have no cause left and no lies left to tell. Isn’t that the common sense question asked by the judge? Why not a direct, sweeping announcement in all JKs? It is the Imam’s domain on that territory is it not? It is time not to address these people individually – it is time to make a common directive to all. And that will be the end of the story. So Dr. SS and MM and whoever else is reading this – think about it, and pass it on.

                • News Editor: You are absolutely right in calling it a rebel movement. For your information, NT’s website has already started advocating a “revolt” against the leaders appointed by the Imam. They have also indicated to us that they will continue defying the Imam and will not end this warfare when the legal ruling comes down. However, I also believe that as the Imam initiated this legal action against them He will also bring this matter to a decisive end on His own terms and not on their terms of the Defendants.

            • Bloglaw: You say “This case is centered around sharing and following Farmans and guidance. So is this forum.”… Wrong.
              Legal suit is only about copyright infringement i.e. defendants stealing HH’s works – publishing/selling, which they continue despite HH’s request to cease/desist pronto prior to filing suit… remember letters and email. Followed by Boston affirmation. Then we had Oct 15 transcript,
              For Ismailis, on the matter of farmans/guidance, the Ismaili constitution and MHI directives (in person or through established institutions) have supremacy. Your two friends recognise that fact – remember their words – “we’ll give our life if He tells us.” Oct 15th transcript clearly shows what the two agreed to do, IN PRESENCE of MHI. Editor here exhibited superior wisdom in posting the replica image of the transcript document, so there were no authenticity questions.
              Your friends have obviously changed their position since then. Very unfortunate for them (and their supporters) to go back on their word and continue the fight against MHI.
              On your forum point – how many times has the Editor and most of us tried to steer you back to the central issue of the lawsuit? It is you who keeps bringing up unrelated issues.

            • Where do you get off questioning a letter of the Imam and then purporting to have faith?

        • Nizar Ali K. Shivji

          YAM, MR. NEWS EDITOR! I disagree with you! To have a defeatist view on this forum is playing in hands of those who wish to see its demise! It will not be in best interest of the Vancouverite to make a decision at his time. After having battled the opposing websites with its dynamism and truthful stories with first hand daily journalistic journal on this court case and other lingering issues so far, does not give confidence to those who have very dearly supported the Vancouverites!

          After the Court of Laws has rendered its verdict on this copyright infringement, this issue is not going to end! It is going to cost heavily to the Ismaili Muslims Institutions and the IMC. So far the Ismaili Muslims Institutions have maintained their utter silence on many arguable stances, whether it is deliberate or premeditated. Only Allah knows! But the damage control will become a daunting social task for them! The IMI will have to become very reasonable in all its dealing with this faction which has become very conflict-ridden!

          The Heritage website is read by many Ismaili Muslims because it has become the store house of knowledge on this modern method of communication. Whether it appears to be opinionated or offers only bias information, it is still appreciated by the Ismaili Muslims who read it. The Heritage website is an independent source of information which will only entertain its own views, which as a result will promote its own interest only! The popularity of Heritage has increased due to its resources and research it has conducted from the books that are written on Ismailism and the IMI. Its research is to enlighten those who are not familiar with the Ismaili Muslims Imamat, the Ismaili Muslims Institutions and the Ismaili Muslims Community. But this enlightenment is to further its own goal. Any other website which is trying to counter the Heritage is still in its formative years.

          The Ismaili Muslims officially permitted and officially authorized website is not on board with these kind of information but deals specifically with philanthropy and humanitarian aspects of the Ismaili Muslims Community. It has remained silent publicly on many issues which needed elaboration and the truthful answers. I do not understand why this officially permitted Ismaili Muslims website has remained closed on all these issues which have castigated happenings the Ismaili Muslims Community! I believe truly and honestly that the openness is only the answer to challenge those who are benefiting from this silence. The Ismaili Muslims website has crippled itself with the bureaucracy and with its belief that moderation and low profile should be the norm! I do not believe there is any danger in openness to acquire any additional information from the other sources. Journalism is about means of communication and producing the news even if it is making a mountain out of a molehill Smart website can always retract its story with apology, if it is proved wrong!

          The Ismaili Muslims Tariquah is an open book in many ways. The Ismailism is a hereditary religion of many cultures. Our religious practices in Jamatkhana across the world are no longer exercising ambiguity but are trying to establish a homogeneous system to bring in the transparency and the accountability! There are lots of similarities in Ismailism which are practiced by many prominent religions!

          Messer Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa, and Mr. Bloglaw have taken advantage of the Vancouverite of its professionalism to meet their end. Mr. Bloglaw has gainfully exploited the truth and converted it into make-believe stories. He has argued and debated these issues very brilliantly. Some of those who tried to counter argue and debate with Bloglaw gave in to their anger and frustration. They failed to realise that Mr. Bloglaw was borrowing their opinion; views, estimation, decision and conclusion advantageously to influence and peddle his own thoughts and comments. However, we all were responding because we wanted the truth to prevail. Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K. Shivji!

          • Thanks Nizar. I don’t know though at what level this is appreciated or not appreciated. However, I think I did my duty to counter falsehoods and I think nearly all of our friends here have done the same the best way they knew how.

    • 1 Editor should continue this forum even if he does not allow posts from me or others. If Editors stops some it means more censorship as we have now. What next, Leaders will tell Editor and you what to say and what not to say. Jena is already saying so ? Do you want to go back to that or move forward.

      2 We need such a forum unless and until the Leaders allow and encourage us to seek and share information including Farmans. And when we are concerned orcomplain about any leaders, these are looked into carefully and addressed by dialogue and discussion internally.

      3 I applaud Editor for allowing different views and also at least explaining why he does not post some comments. Leaders should do the same and use the institutional outreach communications teams.

      4 A debate is about different views and opinions. Pluralism is about them and understanding them and others. If you dont allow others, then you do not want debate but you want Yes people who agree with you blindly. Therefore you want to be judge Jury and executioner or autocracy.

      5 You say I should request leaders and not accuse them. Well we have been requesting. But we dont get answers or response even in this forum. Right ? It would be simple for Leaders to request Editor to isue responses to key issues.They did a few times earlier and then stopped. How does censorship, keeping quiet and instructing (indirectly) by leaders, through Jena or you, for example help. Another request for the leaders.

      6 You say NT and AJ have their own voice here. Why not ? You are reading posts on the other site and so are others on this site. That is healty and good for the community in seeking and sharing information
      7 Readers will decide whether a site only for Leaders and says what Leaders want, or if it expressing embraces and allows different opinions and views of the whole community.
      8 You say I am accusing SS and MM. I am seeking answers and information which are reasoned and can all be substantiated. Imam wishes us to do so. I have quoted and substantiated (for example Farmans, Directives and constitution). All Leaders seem to say through their proxies is to leave leaders out of any debate ? They dont explain dont answer but instruct and command.

      Are you a Leader or a proxy for leaders or they are telling you what to say I wonder ? The reason I wonder is you want to stop people expressing their views, and you say that all my comments are baseless(not valid arguements) You sound like a few of them 😉

      Best wishes and with Ya Ali Madad.

    • So if we need are seeking information from Leaders you are saying you do not want Leaders to share information. That is not right is it remembering Imams Farmans in London and Singapore about Leaders not shareing and reminding them to share.?

      When I am sharing what the constitution says, or directives from MHI, instead of saying thank you , you are calling them long lectures. Should you also not think why have the leaders not shared these with the Jamat ?

      You say I am posting here the views of Nagiband Alnaz. They are my views and in any event those who read here also read Hetitage too. Editor is right you need to respond with civility and reasoned comments, not mere generalisations or stopping freedom of speech and expression. This goes for Soulmates reply to your comment too.


    That you endorse and cherish Nagib Tajdin’s and Alnaz Jiwa’s allegations of fraud and forgery (naked lies – editor’s words) is unquestionable; that you champion the cause of NT’s and AJ’s guerrilla warfare within in the garb of being staunch murids is also too obvious. I fully understand that you Alnaz Jiwa and the rest of the John Does do not need proof for these sinister allegations.

    But Federal Court of Canada needed this evidence, so – according to Transcript – NT, AJ and Ali Dhalla went shopping and retained the services of Graham Ospreay who according to Gray “has not taken examinations to support his qualifications and is neither a member of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science (or any other forensic science organization in Canada for that matter).” Gray adds that “Ospreah belongs to an organization which sells its credentials on the internet for a fee.”

    Soon, the Court will address this flawed Report in favour of His Highness. After that, how will your masters NT and AJ convince the millions that your REBELLION within is justified?


      Nagib Tajdin, Alnaz Jiwa & John Does have re-asserted that His Highness’ letters & Affirmation are forged. To put it in other words, a grand criminality has occurred in which Gleason, Coleman, Gray and the rest have committed a so-called grand fraud with Federal Court of Canada. Looking into the eyes of Nagib Tajdin, Gray posed the following questions:

      GRAY: “You [NAGIB TAJDIN] were sued by a Statement of Claim in the Federal Court T-514-10, dated April 6, 2010?”

      “And if it is not from His Highness, I have essentially committed a fraud on the court, haven’t I?”

      NAGIB TAJDIN: “I don’t know. I am not a lawyer; I am sorry.”

      B-L-O-G-L-A-W: Your master NT and AJ believe that Gray is running an “EVIL EMPIRE” (words of Gray). Since you are their official Spokesperson on Heritage and Vancouverite, can you respond to Gray’s question?

      • Nightmare: Here is bloglaw’s answer: “I don’t know. I am not a lawyer; I am sorry.” Apparently, these clowns cannot even put two and two together; so what we have is a clash of ignorance within their camp highlighted by bloglaw (the parrot – Kasuku) who according to me just mimics their ignorant thoughts without actually understanding them.

  8. Editor and soulmate Nagib has replied to a post and readers should read that post and context.

    Dr SS and MM need to inform the Jamat of Imams directions of 15th October 2010 if they are different.

    The reason they dont is the same why leaders share selectively and for example will not publish Farmans or books of a scholar which Imam directed 10 years ago. Read my posts on why i think so on the other website which Editor does not wish post here.

    • Bloglaw. Debate is one thing but naked lies will not be posted here.

      • So why are you asking to post Nagib’s response ? I really dont understand ? Readers can and should be allowed to judge for themselves ? I responded to Nightmare and gave alternative views to think about.I see some of the comments in your opinion are not opinions but are naked lies or do you mean mere speculative opinions ? Which is it ? and which are they ? Editor Saheb :)

      • Well then if we can read and understand then we know the difference between truth and a lie. In fact, here, the lies have been exposed and challenged.

    • Bloglaw, (1) NT can say on his website what ever he wants to write, but once the legal decision is out, he will have to abide by that or face the consequences. (2) According to ismaili constitution, he will have to face a tribunal and wait for that decision, again what ever that may be. So please just be patient and wait for decisions to unfold and just stop barking as NT has said on his website, and I quote: “there is nothing stopping us re-printing all the previous 9 Farman books which we have published in the past”. With regard to others doing the same, once the judgment has been issued by the Canadian Courts, others who violate the publishing/distributing rights will have to be dealt as per the courts’ decision. I believe by now all the ismailies, world-wide are aware of your motives, and that is to destroy the Ismaili Faith under the pretence that you and your group care about the Imam and that they are protecting Ismailis from SSs and MMs of the Imamat Institutions.

      • Haji
        1 I agree Nagib will have to abide by the courts decision
        2 If there is a hearing under the constitution, it will not go against the law of the land.
        3 Nagib says he could legally, but does not say he will.
        4 This forum and lawsuit is about seeking and sharing information and guidance including farmans amongst ourselves. Dr SS and MM also need to do so in accordance with Imam’s guidance, wishes and Farmans. In doing so all of us care about our faith, and in doing so we have nothing to gain materially and Nagib and Alnaz have lost and a lot more to loose materially.

        • Bloglaw, what does Nagib mean by I quote: “Nagib says he
          could legally, but does not say he will, are you implying that he
          will use the law of the land to challenge the Ismaili Constitution.
          Why not leave the Ismaili Faith, majority of ismailies don’t like
          AJ and NT because they have challenged their Imam I mean not their
          Imam, but H.H. the Aga Khan.

    • Discovery of His Highness the Aga Khan

      As per the official court document, His Highness’ discovery commenced at 10:35 a.m. on October 15th and the legal proceedings were adjourned at 10:58 a.m., a total duration of 23 Minutes.


      EXAMINATION-IN-CHIEF by MR. [NAGIB] TAJDIN: Q. I beg forgiveness. We [NT & I] didn’t want to do it this way. May I present you this?

      MR. GRAY: Sorry, Mr. [Nagib] Tajdin. You indicated to the Court that you were going to ask five questions and not deal with any documents. So you’re now departing from that undertaking you gave to the Court.

      MR. [NAGIB] TAJDIN: That is not a document. It’s just that this is the only question I have. I don’t have any question. I’m here just to take the direction, instruction and orders from His Highness.

      MR. GRAY: Let’s go off the record.


      MR. GRAY: Mr. Tajdin, you have indicated to me now that you don’t want to ask the five questions. You’ve told the court yesterday, you told the court numerous times you were going to ask these five questions. I sent them to you yesterday as a recording of what you had told the Court yesterday afternoon.

      You told me as recently as this morning you were going to ask these five questions. You added the fifth question. Now His Highness has come prepared to answer the five questions. Are you telling me now you’re not going to ask those five questions?

      MR. [NAGIB] TAJDIN: I’m not sure what to do. I beg forgiveness.

      MR. GRAY: Why don’t you ask the five questions you said you were going to ask. His Highness has come prepared to answer the five questions. I believe the answers to those five questions will, well those are the questions you wanted answered. And I believe there are full and complete answers to those questions. So why don’t you ask those five questions”

      THE WITNESS [His Highness]: Could I make a suggestion?

      MR. GRAY: Let’s go off the record for a minute.


      MR. GRAY: So, Mr. Nagib [Tajdin], you’ve indicated you do not want to ask questions, but I think you have indicated to me off the record that you will consent to the Judgment asked for and the relief sought in the Statement of Claim in Federal Court action number T-514-10, is that correct?

      MR. [NAGIB] TAJDIN: That’s correct. Mr. [ALNAZ] Jiwa, you confirm that too?

      MR. [ALNAZ] JIWA: Yes.

      MR. GRAY: So both of you have agreed to consent to Judgment to the relief requested in the Statement of Claim. I understand you have no questions and are satisfied with the, that the Discovery is over. You do not need to ask any more questions. This satisfies the Court’s Order for the Discovery, and you do not have any further information that you are seeking from His Highness.

      MR. [NAGIB] TAJDIN: Nothing.

      MR. GRAY: Okay. Off the record for a second.


      MR. GRAY: Mr. Nagib, I think His Highness off the record has indicated that he would like you to make a statement about the fraud and the allegations of fraud. So if you would please do so.

      MR. [NAGIB] TAJDIN: Yes, I do not maintain any allegation of fraud on anyone in the staff of His Highness.

      MR. GRAY: And against, and you withdraw all of your allegations?

      MR. [NAGIB] TAJDIN: I withdraw all my allegations. Sorry.

      THE WITNESS [His Highness]: All right.

      MR. GRAY: Off the record.


      MR. GRAY: So given this, I will draw up the consent to Judgment and an Order and the two of you will agree to that in accordance with the relief claimed in the Statement of Claim, is that correct Mr. Tajdin?

      MR. [NAGIB] TAJDIN: I agree to.

      MR. GRAY: Mr. Jiwa?

      MR. [ALNAZ] JIWA: Yes.

      MR. GRAY: Thank you. Let’s go off the record.


      MR. GRAY: Okay. We’re done.

      —Whereupon proceedings adjourned at 10:58 a.m.

    • Bloglaw: NT, AJ and you have serious issues and I do not believe anyone posting on Vancouverite can help you with your health problems. As you have your own support system comprising of like-minded clowns at Nagib’s website, why do you even bother to post your comments here where you face nothing but ridicule.

  9. The following post by NT appeared on his Heritage website. Please read the lines and read between the lines to comprehend the statement that Nagib has made. It is obvious to me that the Judgment of the Federal Court will not bring this matter to an end. I feel totally overwhelmed and unqualified to comment on NT’S post but I believe that his post sends a clear signal to all Ismailis, including the Ismaili leadership, that under no circumstances will Nagib stop challenging the the authority of our Imam. Please pay particular attention to his statement. “…there is nothing stopping us re-printing all the previous 9 Farman books which we have published in the past…”

    “On January 6th, 2011 Nagib (not verified) says:
    From the meeting on 15 October, I know that Hazar Imam never wrote this letter nor signed the Boston fake. I also believe Mrs Parkes did not do the forgery, she just emailed me the forged letter not knowing that it was forged.
    I also know that according to the Imam, there was no infringement as far as the Golden Edition is concerned as I just followed His 1992 instruction to continue publishing. He confirmed that He remembered well the Mehmani of 1992 and the presentation of the Red book as he referred specifically to that book’s presentation.
    But since the IIS mention comes up, I can also say that Mowlana Hazar Imam never ever mentioned IIS during our meeting.
    At some point during a case conference, Prothonotary (editor – prothonotary) Tabib did an interesting remark, she said the Motions and the trial will not resolve anything. She is right. There is nothing from this case stopping others who are publishing, there is nothing stopping us re-printing all the previous 9 Farman books which we have published in the past and there is nothing stopping the other people who still publish in various languages such as French, Gujrati, English, Urdu, Farsi etc…
    During the Motions hearing on December 8th 2010, the judge said that if the Imam wanted his Farmans not to be published or people not to buy the Golden Edition, it would have been easy for him to make a Farman or Talika to this effect. He also said the Imam could have signed an affidavit which he did not do.
    And of course any intelligent person will understand that Alnaz who did not even know the Golden Edition was published up to after it was published was falsely accused without any warning, without even a courtesy call from anyone, be it SS, MM or Gray. And unless one believes that Imam would falsely accuse one of His Murid or that the Imam will strip Himself of his infallibility, nothing from the case is credible. It is time that this mockery of our Imam stops immediately.”

    • I have received a similar post from Bloglaw which dissects the Imam’s letter and describes in detail why he considers it to be a fake. I have refused to run it since it questions the letter in similar style but in a detailed way and I know the fact is that the letter is from the Imam according to a sworn statement by him.

      This all adds up to what our appeal is to our leadership. Our message to our leadership is that you believe that goodwill overrides all resistance and acts of gentleness will bring these people on-side. We all know how far previous leaders went to try to appease these people including feeding them and letting them lead functions. We also know that leaders tried and tried to talk to these people. We know that the Imam went out of his way on several occasions in the belief that there was simply a misunderstanding. Finally, the frustration is evident in what Mr. Gray told the court about what he was told by the Imam – to proceed without further wrangling. In a similar tone, we are saying to Ismaili leadership – you have the tools at your disposal to end this. There is no shame in ending a matter that is causing unrest and pain and prolonging public exposure. Just as you talked and talked for 20 years and it did not work and you finally decided to seek justice from a public court, seek relief in our constitution or the executive authority vested in the Imam. We are suggesting to you that people who are from our faith who indirectly or directly are suggesting that our leadership at the highest level is concealing a forgery and that a forgery did happen need to be treated as hostile. Deal with them expeditiously and decisively. Good people act with good intentions. But sometimes these good intentions do not work. Check out what is being said contrary to the earlier statement by Nagib that he withdraws all his allegations of forgery. He is obviously not withdrawing them – he is simply rephrasing them and accusing our leadership of forgery – again.

      This will not end regardless of how the court rules. This is guerrilla warfare against our leadership from within our faith. Use the tools you have and know that the community will stand behind you 100 per cent if you take unprecedented action to counter an unprecedented challenge to our leadership. Recognize that you are facing a rebellion in the guise of faith. Deal with it accordingly. We are a religious organization and are within our rights to act according to our rules notwithstanding the parallel legal process in the federal court.

      – Salim Jiwa.


        Two camps emerged when His Highness the Aga Khan commenced the lawsuit T-514-10 in the Federal Court of Canada on April 6, 2010. The First Camp comprises of the entire Ismaili Community consisting of millions. This Camp endorses the position of His Highness. The Second Camp is led by NT & AJ who are assisted by the JOHN DOES wearing masks on NT’s website. These JOHN DOES unabatedly woof on NT and AJ’s Legend which seeks to create a rebellion within the Community. In the long run, they will achieve nothing. Many instigators have come and gone.

    • @bloglaw… Imam DID send a Personal Talika/letter to NT(2 letters) NT/AJ faiiled to obey this talika..
      @ soulmate, you are right , they( NT/AJ) will continue to disobey Imams talika’s/letters/ instructions. They( NT/AJ) live in a world beyond our imagination.

  10. DO YOU KNOW BLOGLAW? # 8 – Jan 6, 2011 NAGIB TAJDIN’S
    propaganda of fraud and forgeries Acting on His Highness
    the Aga Khan’s instruction, Gray addressed Nagib Tajdin in these
    words: “I think His Highness [Prince Karim Aga Khan] off the record
    has indicated that he would like you to make a statement about the
    fraud and the allegations of fraud.” As per the explicit request of
    His Highness, Nagib Tajdin affirmed that he does “not maintain any
    allegation of fraud on anyone in the staff of His Highness” and
    that he withdraws “all” allegations. When Nagib Tajdin confirmed
    and promised to withdraw all his allegations of fraus and forgery,
    His Highness acknowledged saying: “All Right”. As soon as His
    Highness departed from Toronto, NT and AJ declined to accept the
    agreed settlement and begun slandering His Highness’ senior
    solicitor as well as the court reporter. Both, AJ and NT
    re-maintained all their allegations of fraud and forgery and
    introduced a new allegation. His Highness, according to NT and AJ,
    is not the Plaintiff but he had to become one to cover up the grand
    criminality that has taken place from April to October 15, 2010.
    QUESTION # 8: B-L-O-G-L-A-W: Do you believe that Gray was running
    an “EVIL EMPIRE” by representing an IMPOSTOR from April to October?
    Yes or No. And please spare us from giving Alnaz Jiwa type of
    sermons on Heritage. Justice Harrington asked Alnaz Jiwa if he was
    sure that they saw His Highness on October 15th or an IMPOSTOR. Are
    you sure that His Highness had appeared in front of AJ and NT under
    the Court Order?

    • You will be shocked if you see what Nagib is saying now. Once again, it leads me to think that the lawsuit and the end result will not be sufficient to end this matter. I am sure the leadership has looked at the latest response which I hope someone will post here so that the leadership understands why I have said that certain steps are necessary. We are destined to continue to face disruption unless constitutional authority is invoked or an executive decision is made by the Ismaili Imam which will forever shut this down. Perhaps soulmate can submit this to us and I will comment on that. I have, among other suggestions, stated a direct video message to Ismailis would end this episode once and for all.

  11. AZ I agree with Editor in that the leaders should have
    immediately taken steps to discuss and consider the issue incident
    and the root causes and then taken action and steps necessary to
    not only protect worshippers as a priority and generally, but also
    to set into motion remedies and solutions to create, maintain
    decorum harmony tespect and peace. Editor I agree also it is time
    to have such a forum and hopefully after the case is concluded
    there will be a forum internally to share and seek information and
    knowledge in which scholars and leaders can also participate with

    • BLOGLAW: You have stated, “Editor I agree also it is time to have such a forum and hopefully after the case is concluded there will be a forum internally to share and seek information and knowledge in which scholars and leaders can also participate with comfort.” How can you agree with the editor on something that the editor has not stated? Did the editor appear in your dreams or are you haunted by his voices in your head?

  12. Answer to Conundrum from Heritage: I was reading your post
    and wanted to answer your questions and the issues your raise,
    until I read the following which actually proved that you really
    are not in a conundrum but actually one of them or a supporter in
    disguise: “IF SS is the fraudulent guy, why has the Imam not
    publicly supported AJ and NT (he did in private off the record) and
    not taken public steps to support the two?” How do you know that he
    supported these 2 in private off the record? Do you have any proof
    of that? Were you present in the room? Or are you trusting NT
    & AJ’s version of events as gospel? I think the fact that
    Dr. Sachedina is still working directly under the Imam in various
    capacity and roles as well as still handling responsibility that
    you can’t even dream of speaks for itself. Imam’s trust in him upto
    now is full support for Dr. Sachedina. Not to mention that the Imam
    has said in his reply to the defense that he takes exception to the
    forgery accusations against HIS AIDES!

    • Dr. Sachedina is a man respected within the community and is a first class aide to HH.

    • VAZIR DR SHAFIK SACHEDINA Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the Head
      of the Department of Jamati Institutions (since 1996) &
      Head of the Department of Diplomatic Affairs at the Aiglemont
      Secretariat of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan (since 2004).
      Shafik is also a Member of a huge Aga Khan Development Network
      Committee (since 1997) and a Member of the Board of Governors of
      the Institute of Ismaili Studies (since 1991). From 1991 to 1996,
      Shafik served as President of the Ismaili Council for U.K. In 2010,
      His Highness the Aga Khan decorated Shafik with a highly honoured
      title of Vazir, Minister. I should emphasize that Vazir Shafik
      Sachedina’s work from 1991 onwards has been undertaken purely on a
      voluntary basis, free of any remuneration. In a sense, this Vazir
      serves as an exemplary hero in the recent Ismail history. Ismailis
      around the world love their hero and other Institutional leaders
      including President Mohamed Manji who serves our most beloved IMAM
      with exceptional devotion and loyalty. In stark contrast, Alnaz
      Jiwa and his impostor Bloglaw, Nagib Tajdin and their John Does
      have served as arch-villains. Once again, as the saying goes: “The
      leak of a dog does not pollute the ocean”.

      • VAZIR DR SHAFIK SACHEDINA On June 25, 2010, Vazir Shafik
        Sachedina made his affidavit in support of His Highness the Aga
        Khan’s motion for summary judgement which requests the Federal
        Court of Canada to grant an Order to the Plaintiff (Imam) covering
        several matters which include: i. copyright subsists in Mawlana
        Hazar Imam’s Literary Works (Farmans); ii. Imam is the owner of His
        Works; iii. Defendants Alnaz Jiwa, Nagib Tajdin, John Doe and Doe
        Co. have infringed the Imam’s copyright; iv. a permanent injunction
        restraining the Defendants from infringing the Imam’s copyright
        material, etc.

        • VAZIR DR SHAFIK SACHEDINA Vazir Shafik Sachedina’s
          Affidavit introduces His Highness the Aga Khan and his very special
          and daunting role in assisting the Imam. It sheds light on the
          mechanics of authorized process for dissemination of Farman in the
          Ismaili Community. Flexing its muscles, the affidavit goes on to
          assert with absolute clarity and in very explicit terms that the
          Defendant Nagib Tajdin does not and never had consent to publish
          His Highness’s Farmans. The affidavit discloses all the efforts of
          leadership, including direct intervention of Mawlana Hazar Imam, to
          restrain Nagib Tajdin from committing a serious and unacceptable
          breach of the Imam’s right and responsibility. To bolster the
          affidavit, Shafik provides some 15 exhibits which include copies
          of: 1) Imamat Communication: Two letters of Mawlana Hazar Imam
          directly addressed to Nagib Tajdin; 2) Letter of Prince Amyn to
          Nagib Tajdin; 3) Two Announcements from the Leaders’ International
          Forum and National Council authorised by Mawlana Hazar

          • VAZIR DR SHAFIK SACHEDINA Excerpts from Vazir Dr. Shafik
            Sachedina’s Affidavit “As a person who has regular contact with His
            Highness, I affirm, to my knowledge, His Highness has never
            consented to the publication of his Farmans other than by way of
            the process he has established and, to the contrary, that he has
            frequently instructed me to ensure that the Ismaili community is
            given access to his Farmans only through the appropriate Ismaili
            institutions…” (para. 10) “At no point during the course of my
            work for His Highness, have I ever given, or been authorized to
            give, consent to Mr. Tajdin, or anyone else, to publish the works
            of His Highness.” (para. 17)

            • VAZIR DR SHAFIK SACHEDINA “Letters of Mawlana Hazar to
              Nagib Tajdin January 24, 2010 “Over some time now, I have viewed
              with concern the inappropriate and unauthorised private initiative
              of some spiritual children who print, publish and circulate in
              various forms the texts of Farmans attributed to me and also to my
              late grandfather, as well as Talikas and voice recordings. This is
              a serious and absolutely unacceptable breach of the Imam’s right
              and responsibility…” FEB 18, 2010 “If it cannot be solved in the
              relationship of a Murid to his Imam, I will have no other choice
              than to use all the measures available to me to enforce my rights,
              and to exercise effective control on my communication with my

        • Nightmare: It is obvious that NT and Party does not wish to admit “infringement” because they want to continue opposing the Imam. They have already made a declaration that there is nothing stopping them from “reprinting” their 9 books. Little do they know that if the court issues a permanent injunction restraining the Defendants from infringing on the Imam’s literary works, any attempt to circumvent the court order could end up bankrupting them and their publishers.

      • I wholeheartedly applaud your comment and have no reservation in saying that your sentiments are shared by 15 million of your brothers and sisters. Well done!

  13. Update: Court date set for lawyer on assault with weapon charge. Suspect barred from being in Markham mosque.


  14. DO YOU KNOW BLOGLAW? # 3 – Jan 5, 2011 Excerpts from HIS
    HIGHNESS the AGA KHAN’s Letter to Nagib Tajdin (Jan 24, 2010);
    source: Federal Court of Canada. “Over some time now, I have viewed
    with concern the inappropriate and unauthorised private initiative
    of some spiritual children who print, publish and circulate in
    various forms the texts of Farmans attributed to me and also to my
    late grandfather, as well as Talikas and voice recordings. This is
    a serious and absolutely unacceptable breach of the Imam’s right
    and responsibility, established over many centuries, to safeguard
    the integrity of his communications to the Jamat, and which are
    conveyed in the context of the privileged relationship of the Imam
    with his murids.” “I, therefore, expect you, and the other murids
    who are working with you, immediately to take all the necessary
    measures to recall and to withdraw from circulation your recent
    publication and the accompanying mp3 device, and cease their
    printing and distribution. Also, I would like you to deliver all
    remaining stocks of these materials to the Institute of Ismaili
    Studies at 210, Euston Road, London NWI 2DA.” “This is a matter
    that I, like my predecessors as the Imams-of-Their-Time, have and
    continue to view with the greatest seriousness, and I hope that
    within 72 hours of your receiving this message, you will confirm to
    me directly, exceptionally, that you understand both the gravity of
    this matter, which already had an unfortunate precedent about which
    you were cautioned, and that it can be closed immediately and
    definitively.” QUESTION # 3: B-L-O-G-L-A-W: Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz
    Jiwa have steadfastly held that the above IMAMAT Communication is
    forged. Bloglaw, do you too believe what NT and AJ have been
    drumming since April 2010? “Yes” or “No”.

    • DO YOU KNOW BLOGLAW? # 4 – Jan 5, 2011 AGA KHAN Letter –
      Feb 18, 2010; source: Federal Court of Canada In response to Nagib
      Tajdin’s forgery allegations and vicious attack on Mrs. Parkes, His
      Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan wrote his second and last letter to
      Nagib Tajdin. This letter was dispatched through another secretary
      named Ms Anne-Valerie Moreaux. Some excerpts read: “On 24th of
      January, I wrote to you in response to your letter of 4th of
      January 2010, in which I confirmed to you that for reasons which I
      explained and which I hoped you would have shared and agreed with,
      I have to maintain absolute and effective control over my
      communications to the Jamat”. “I had invited you to confirm that
      you would respect my wishes but sadly that does not seem to be the
      case. In my letter I had indicated that I wished you to respond to
      me directly and within 72 hours.” “I indicated that I wanted you to
      respond to me directly, as in normal circumstances, Murids
      communicate with the Imam through their national councils.” “You,
      on the other hand, sought a meeting with me, which was neither
      necessary nor possible. It would have been sufficient that you
      write to me promptly, confirming that you would abide by the
      guidance I had sent you.” “I understand that you spoke a number of
      times with Vazir Shafik Sachedina, subsequently you accused Mrs
      Michelle Parkes of having forged my signature on the letter which I
      sent to you dated the 24th of January.” Let me be precise: “The
      letter that you received dated 24th of January and signed by me was
      both written by me and signed by me. Mrs Parkes has been in my
      service for 28 years and to make an accusation such as the one you
      have made about an employee of the Imam who has served loyally for
      so many years is completely unacceptable to me, as well as being
      highly offensive to Mrs Parkes, and is no doubt a matter on which
      she could seek legal redress, and on which she would have my full
      support.” “I had hoped that my letter of 24th of January would have
      convinced you not to prolong further the unacceptable situation you
      have created. I wrote to you personally, as I am doing today in the
      hope that this matter could be resolved quickly and effectively as
      between a loyal Murid and the Imam. I confirm in all respects the
      text of that letter. This is the reason I am sending you this
      second letter and I want you to know that it is the last one I will
      send you on this matter. If it cannot be solved in the relationship
      of a Murid to his Imam, I will have no other choice than to use all
      the measures available to me to enforce my rights, and to exercise
      effective control on my communication with my Jamat.” QUESTION # 4:
      B-L-O-G-L-A-W: Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa have steadfastly held
      that the above IMAMAT Communication too is forged. Come out in the
      open and tell us if you too believe like the John Does.

      • DO YOU KNOW BLOGLAW? # 5 – Jan 6, 2011 Source: Transcript
        of Cross-examination of Nagib Tajdin p. 38 to 42 NT acknowledged
        that he had received the second Imamat Communication through
        another secretary named Anne-Valerie Moreaux. While referring to
        this Communication dated Feb. 18, 2010″, Gray questioned Nagib
        Tajdin: GRAY: “…Aiglemont sent you this one? NAGIB TAJDIN: “Yes.
        Isn’t that interesting?” GRAY: “Isn’t that interesting?” She must
        be in the conspiracy, too, right?” “Along with Michelle Parkes.”
        NAGIB TAJDIN: “No, I think Michelle Parkes did not want to go and
        send another forged letter, and she probably refused.” GRAY: “I
        see. So, therefore, they got another person to send a forged
        letter?” NAGIB TAJDIN: “Yes.” …. GRAY: “So, now we have another
        person participating in the cover-up?” NAGIB TAJDIN: “It is not for
        me to judge how much a person will or will not.” GRAY: “…Can you
        produce the original of this letter [18th February]?” …”Can you
        produce that letter?” NAGIB TAJDIN: “It is the same answer as for
        the other letter [24 January].” GRAY: “So, a matter of this
        importance, when you are asserting forgery, you are not going to
        produce for me to review, or for my expert to review, the original
        of either this letter, Exhibit 5, or the original of Exhibit 3?”
        NAGIB TAJDIN: “No. I will not, …Why do you need to see the
        original of the forged letter? You ask the Aga Khan. He is your
        client.” GRAY: “I have asked the Aga Khan.” “He has told you in
        writing, the letter is not forged” “And you [Nagib Tajdin] don’t
        accept that. You might expect that he might be a little annoyed
        that you have accused all of the various…” NAGIB TAJDIN: “Mr.
        Brian, by saying that this letter is forged, I am protecting the
        Aga Khan. Come on, he cannot be angry at me. He should be happy at
        me that at least, I am trying to protect his interests. In this
        whole file [of Lawsuit T-514-10], I AM THE ONLY ONE TRYING TO
        PROTECT HIS INTERESTS. Come on.” [emphasis added) GRAY: “You think
        that by questioning the whole of the administration of the Aga
        Khan, you are protecting his interests [Nagib Tajdin].” … NAGIB
        TAJDIN: “There is only one lawsuit against a Murid of the Imam in
        1400 years. Surely, he can meet five minutes [with] that person and
        say, ‘I have signed’, but he is not doing it because he has not
        signed those letters.” GRAY: “But he cannot meet all 15 million
        Ismailis. He has to operate by sending things by writing?” “He
        generally has to operate by sending information in writing?” NAGIB
        TAJDIN: “Yes. And this problem has never occurred before. It is
        once in a lifetime, once in 1400 years.” QUESTION # 5:
        B-L-O-G-L-A-W: Are you not the only person who has posited lofty
        faith in NT? Are you not the only person recklessly safeguarding
        the interests of Nagib Tajdin on Vancouverite and NT’s

  15. Nizar Ali K. Shivji

    YAM, ZENA AZIZA! The Ismaili Muslims Institutions and its
    leadership have been unsuccessful to realise to understand the need
    of 15-Million Ismaili Muslims scattered around the world. We, as
    Ismaili Muslims are blessed with resources, wealth, affluence,
    prosperity, and very fine properties around the world. I would like
    to say that we are in privileged circumstances and also in
    comfortable circumstances of the democratic world. Our world of all
    these resources is no longer a dream world but a reality, which
    unfortunately is not utilised autonomously! The social influence is
    at its lowest ebb! Our accomplishment in Ismaili Muslims Community
    is not in the same way established to handle the common task! The
    leadership has alienated itself from the main thrust of driving
    force to become effective to utilise these resources. Their
    performances may be geared for creative thinking and far-sight but
    they have forgotten to walk with the Jamat with this very aspect of
    philanthropy and humbleness. The Ismaili Muslims Institution and
    its leadership have failed to emerge as driving force to know the
    right from the wrong. The internal issues of past 40 years have
    remained unsolved. The internal strife, the wrangling, etc. has
    preoccupied their minds. Instead of aspiring the Jamat to become
    unified and united with one mind, one heart, one body; they have
    disintegrated the Jamat into 15-million hearts, 15-million bodies,
    and 15-million minds. Therefore, it is fair to say that this large
    number is the discordant but it is also the strength. Therefore, to
    achieve the common task of unification, the Ismaili Muslims
    Institution and its leadership has to sincerly put efforts to
    remove any discord that is hindering the commonality! Allah Hafez,
    Nizar Ali K. Shivji!

    • Nizar Ali K. Shivji

      Ya-Ali-Madad, Jena Aziza! Whatever you think, it is your
      prerogative!! I am least concern about your judgment and
      conclusion! The frustration is not in me; it is lower than me.
      Secondly, to recognize any annotation from your likes which is
      unsubstantiated and tenuous in outward show is questionable about
      your common sense!! I have been very polite to you to use the two
      words: – common sense – Had I used the word which comes to my mind
      now, it would have infuriated you! Sister, be happy, be blissful!
      Regarding the court case, we want to hear the verdict from the
      Court of Laws. Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K. Shivji!

  16. BlogSpinLaw: You really don’t like answering questions in a
    straight-forward manner. Case in point, your last reply to Soulmate
    wherein he correctly pointed out the flaw in your logic, ie the way
    your brain functions. Open Question to you: WHO FILED THE LAWSUIT
    ON APRIL 6, 2010? Was it His Highness or an ‘Usurper’? Do you think
    you can handle the questions?

    • Follower: Do you really think that BlogSpinLaw will ever directly answer any of your questions? He will tell you that he cannot answer the questions because he is still waiting for all the facts to come out. Let’s try asking him another question and pray that in answering this question, he does not make any reference to SS and MM. Here is the question: “BlogSpinLaw: in view of the recent violence, do you think that there should be a permanent ban on Kuku Paka?”

      • Bloglaw will answer this way: If the leaders including Dr. SS and MM had ordered the Jamatkhanas to be closed during the court hearing on the copyright issue then none of this would have happened. At the very least, if Dr. SS and MM had allowed the suspect to be alone during prayers there would have been no one around to be struck. Further, Dr. SS and MM also failed to make sure that only paper plates were allowed at the JK. They should have known that MHI wants us to be conciliatory at all times and to be peaceful at all times and Dr. SS and MM failed to instruct the victim that if he found a man waiting in ambush, he should have used a back-door to exit the JK. Dr. SS and MM should have provided a sign warning Murids about exiting from the foyer area where assailants could attack them. The Mukhi should not have allowed the man to get his forehead wound closed with five stitches since one would probably have sufficed. (Dr. SS was at the hospital where he instructed the doctor to make sure the victim had five stitches to make the incident appear worse than it actually was. Dr. SS actually has a degree in medicine but pretends that he does not.) Dr. SS and MM have not followed the Imam’s advice about being pluralistic – which means that likely victims should always be accompanied by another person (Pluralism means giving attackers more than one chance at hitting someone.) Also, there has been a failure on the part of the leaders because no one has been taught Kung Fu. If self-defence classes had been held after prayers every night, Mr. Kara would have learned to duck when the plate came at him like a cruise missile. (P.S. the attacker was aiming higher and had no desire to strike the victim – therefore it’s an act of God that the man got hit in the forehead. If God had made him four-inches shorter the plate would have flown past his head harmlessly.)

        • Very imaginative Mr Editor Saheb :) LOL

          • BLOGLAW: Finally with a little help from the News Editor
            and Follower, I have been able to figure out how your mind works.
            Why don”t you cut and paste the News Editor comments on the
            Heritage website and reply as follows: ” Why did the leaders not
            contact AJ? If SS and MM would have been proactive they could have
            met with AJ prior to December 30, 2010 to discuss how to prevent
            his acts of violence. Based on such dialogue, they could have
            banned all food items except pop-corn. In such a case, AJ could
            have only thrown some pop-corn and there would have been no harm
            done to anyone.

          • Not really bloglaw. Unfortunately for you, the Editor has
            actually given a true picture of how your brain functions. This is
            proven by your response on Heritage to

          • Blowlaw, You are not the only one who is very imaginative.
            But you are the only one who has given us so much bull for the last
            8 months.

        • Nizar Ali K. Shivji

          YAM, MR. NEWS EDITOR! Your comments dated January 06, 2011
          – 12:44 AM. When I read in between the lines I felt if the News
          Editor is commenting on thread of this pertaining issue in
          Vancouverite or his comments is being directed to someone else,
          somewhere else! Or were his comments his inner thoughts in name of
          Mr. Bloglaw. Mawlana Hazar Imam wants every Ismaili Muslim to be
          conciliatory and peaceful at all times. Had every Murid of Mawlana
          Hazar Imam followed the articulation of MHI than this violent
          behaviour would not have occurred! And the sanctity of Ismaili
          Muslims Jamatkhana would not have suffered the desecration! Dr.
          Shafique Sachedina and Mr. Mohammed Manji, though they share the
          thoughts of upper hierarchy, they would not consider any demeaning
          and shameful thing to close down the Jamatkhana for any reasons.
          These kinds of violation are not common in Ismaili Muslims
          Jamatkhana in Canada. The suspects and the instigators are all bona
          fide Ismaili Muslims and share the equality and the same religion
          in Ismaili Muslims Jamatkhana. The Nandi is Mehmani which should be
          respected when it is placed in its specified place in Ismaili
          Muslims Jamatkhana. If two factions have fall out, it does not mean
          they should hurl the Nandi at their opponents to make their views
          known! This kind of contemplation indicates their wavering belief
          in Imam of the time and the Ismaili Muslims Tariquah! Mawlana Hazar
          Imam is philanthropist and humanitarian. His latest recognition in
          divinity by the university in England does indicate His good
          intention to better the world and the Ismaili Muslims Community
          around the world. MHI articulations in peace-making and peaceable
          means to resolve the differences are being accepted around the
          world. But a few proportions of Ismaili Muslims think otherwise,
          they have voluntarily removed themselves from Imam-Murid
          relationship! It is sad and poignant! It is not the responsibility
          of Dr. Shafique Sachedina and Mr. Mohammed Manji to get involved in
          nitty-gritty state of affairs of Ismaili Muslims Jamatkhana. Mukhi
          Saheb and Kamadia Saheb are appointed to manage the state of
          affairs of Jamatkhana. But their responsibilities are to follow the
          required Ismaili Muslims Tariquah. They are not the enforcer of the
          law of the country! Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K. Shivji!

          • The comments were a playful mimicking of how Bloglaw twists the facts :) – That was quite clear was it not? It was based on Soulmate’s comment.

          • Dear Brother Nizar:
            What instigators are you talking about? What two factions are you talking about? It seems that you have been unknowingly influenced by allegations made by Nagib Tajdin about this so called gang that attacked him in Ottawa and also instigated this alleged act of violence against Mr. M Kara? I can assure you that Mr. Kara is not a gangster. Please note that Nagib was thousands of miles away in Kenya when the alleged assault took place yet immediately upon hearing about the assault, he tried to spread the propaganda that some gangsters had instigated AJ. Please note that the police laid only one charge against AJ and there were no other charges laid against any alleged gangsters. Furthermore, if there was any threat from gangsters, do you think that AJ would have dared to assault this individual? In your entire life that you have been in Canada have you ever heard of any Ismaili gang instigating any act of violence in any JK? You are well versed with propaganda tactics employed by Nagib Tajdin, Bloglaw and Alnaz Jiwa. I humbly request you to continue remaining focused and not be taken in by their propaganda. With all due respect, I also disagree with your view that the suspects are all bona fide Ismaili Muslims and share the equality and the same religion. I would like to remind you that the suspect AJ and his partner NT who has alleged that AJ was instigated by gangsters have been sued by the Imam. Now please ask yourself, would the Imam sue any of his own spiritual children who are bona fide Ismailis? I believe that many Ismailis feel wounded by how the Defendants have defied the Imam. I believe that when AJ approached Mr. Kara, there were some words exchanged and that ultimately led to the assault. Rest assured, there are no gangs and no factions. This is only propaganda. Brother, I have asked you several questions in the spirit of our spiritual bond and pray that you do find answers that will bring peace and satisfaction to you.
            Allah Hafez.

            • We have an assault committed by a person. That person ignites passions within the community by challenging the core values of Ismailism. There are no factions. There is simply the right side and the wrong side. Let’s be very clear about that. Nizar has indicated he is offended by the defiance. He has publicly chastised AJ and NT and the group of their followers. It seems that we may not be understanding Nizar correctly here but I think our friend will simplify the answer so we all understand what he is trying to convey. I am also sure that he got provoked by Jena – and perhaps that is what Jena intended. So be careful about how you respond to provocation and recognize it when it happens. Take a deep breath and comment another day.

            • Nizar Ali K. Shivji

              YAM, MR. SOULMATE! I reckon you and Mr. News Editor deserve my thanks and gratitude for your cordial response to my blog! The instigator and faction as that, whomever they are or wherever they are in Ismaili Muslims Community; when they do not respect the sanctity of IM Jamatkhana, despite their allegiance to Mawlana Hazar Imam; they become the perpetrators! The Ismaili Muslims Tariquah is very specific in regard to Ismailism, and the role of all the appointed leadership of the Ismaili Muslims Institution. Knowingly and unknowingly, I support the righteous! When anyone commits an act of violence in IM Jamatkhana or any place of worship, it is always construed, either an individual is disgruntled or it a group of a few who wishes to disturb the peace and the harmony in a prayer hall! I am not reproaching any bona fide Ismaili Muslim who comes to IM Jamatkhana to offer his/her penitence and prayers in the blessedness and in heavenly abode of his /her choice. This litigation is itself, an example which point towards the law of the country which will always remain supreme in life of any Ismaili Muslim! Mawlana Hazar Imam has put His faith and trust in law of the country to emphasis to His Murid, if any Ismaili Muslim infringes and encroaches on the rights of any individual, the justice will prevail! His Royal Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan is mightier than Messer Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa but He gave these defendants an opportunity to come forth to explain to the Court of Laws, their misdeed and miscalculation. Mawlana Hazar Imam is Spiritual Father of Ismaili Muslims around the world, who could have chastised Mr. Nagib Tajdin and Mr. Alnaz Jiwa but He did not do so, instead He handed the entire issue to the Court of Laws to pronounce its verdict on this distressing issue which has remained unsolved for many years! Mr. Soulmate, your agreement and disagreement does not affect me. I am not seeking your approval! It is your prerogative! I am also not in discord with Ms. Jena Aziza. Ms. Jena Aziza has correctly exercised her Charter of Rights and Freedom but her approach is not diplomatic! She is not the spokesperson of Ismaili Muslims Institution and as such should not castigate any individual who are speaking out in opposition. If Ms. Jena Aziza is the spokesperson of IMI then she should authenticate and substantiate all her assertion! I am, indeed, very pleased that you have examined this issue with me in spirit of our spiritual bond, and I am eternally grateful for your loving prayers! I have not answered all your questions because of its emotional sensitive nature but I will assure you if we meet in persons I will answer them with due respect and cordiality. My good prayers are with you all! Allah Hafez, Nizar Ali K. Shivji!

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