Top Mountie: Air India bomb-maker a coward, probe still on

Gary Bass: Reyat is a reckless coward.

Commissioner Gary Bass has declared that Inderjit Singh Reyat was
involved in a horrific cowardly act of making bombs that killed a
total of 331 people in June 1985. His full statement follows: Thank
you for the opportunity to provide you with some thoughts about
today’s sentencing decision. I have a statement I wish to share and
family members of the victims would also like address you here
today as well. There is no criminal act more cowardly than a
terrorist attack where innocent persons are killed in the name of
some greater cause and there has been no better example of this in
Canadian history than the terrorist bombing of Air India Flight 182
in June of 1985 and the coordinated bombing which killed 2 baggage
handlers at Narita in Japan. Inderjit Singh Reyat participated in
these horrific crimes, a man who actually purchased components for
the bombs and helped to build them, resulting in the deaths of
hundreds of innocent men, women and children, for no other reason
than he and his co-conspirators, in some twisted thought process,
sought vengeance against India. The consistency of his actions from
the Spring and Summer of 1985, throughout the 25 years leading to
today, confirm for all who have followed this horrific act of
terrorism against Canadian, Japanese, American, British and Indian
citizens, that the members of this conspiracy continue to be
without remorse. Reyat helped build two bombs which were placed on
two passenger aircraft on June 22nd, 1985. The fact that one of
those bombs exploded on the ground at Narita, Japan, instead of in
flight, was nothing but mere chance and remarkably only two
innocent baggage handlers were killed there, rather than another
177 souls on Flight 301 from Narita to Bangkok. Flight 182 was
loaded with 329 men women and children and was blown out the sky at
an altitude of nearly 7 miles, 140 miles southwest of Ahakista,
Ireland, some of them still alive at the time they hit the ocean.
This number included 19 cabin crew and 3 flight deck crew. Of the
passengers, 6 were infant children and the vast majority of the
remaining 301 passengers were women and children. Even if one could
try to argue that the initial act of helping to build two bombs was
the misguided act of a man fighting for vengeance in his homeland,
for the next 25 years, to this day, he has continued to show an
utter and complete lack of remorse for these heinous crimes. He
could easily have done so by assisting authorities to bring his
co-conspirators to justice, which he hinted that he would do on
many occasions over the years when investigators worked tirelessly
to engage his assistance. Indeed, he entered into a plea agreement
with the Crown indicating that he would cooperate and testify
truthfully. His perjured testimony for which he has now been found
guilty is the ultimate insult to the families of the hundreds of
people murdered and further proof of his continuing lack of
remorse. There is little doubt that had he testified truthfully at
the trial of his co-conspirators, the authorities would today be
that much closer to determining precisely what occurred and the
identities of those involved. He deliberately chose to lie and to
victimize the families one more time. One might argue that
perjurious testimony for the sake of avoiding legal sanctions for
one’s self would be less harmful than perjury to falsely convict
others. The perjury committed by Reyat was of the most despicable
kind – perjury specifically designed to protect his equally
cowardly co-conspirators and to deny hundreds of family members the
truthful account they deserved and had awaited for so many years. I
want to thank all of the men and women of the RCMP, the Canadian
Security Intelligence Service, Crown Counsel and the Special
Prosecutor, many of whom have worked tirelessly over the past 25
years on this, the most complex of criminal investigations in
Canadian history. I need to specifically thank Bob Wright and his
team who worked tirelessly on the related cases over the years and
Len Doust who prosecuted this particular part of the case. There
are literally hundreds of men and women who have worked on this
case over the years and there is a team which continues to do so.
There is no doubt that there were co-conspirators involved in this
horrendous crime and efforts to bring them to justice will continue
for as long as there are reasonable avenues of investigation to
follow. Notwithstanding that there others involved, the charges and
subsequent convictions against Reyat are not insignificant. He now
goes back to jail to continue serving time beyond the better part
of two decades. We will continue to do all in our power to oppose
any applications he makes for parole into the future. The RCMP’s
commitment to investigation stands strong. The investigation
remains a priority. There is a full-time dedicated team of
investigators committed to the file. The investigation is looking
into all the circumstances surrounding the bombing of Air India 182
and those responsible. The task force is fully committed and
continues to work with any and all agencies that can support our
investigation. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge
the tremendous and continuing support that the RCMP and the Air
India Task Force have received from the victim family members since
I became involved in the case in 1995. Their patience with our
investigation and with the subsequent court cases has been
admirable. Notwithstanding their disappointments, frustrations and
often being forced to re-live this terrible event, they have
continued to provide incredible support for our teams, resulting in
a desire and the drive to continue with this most difficult
investigation. Their frequent letters of appreciation for the
ongoing efforts of the Task Force over these long years has served
as inspiration for them to push on. For this, the RCMP will be
forever grateful

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