Stolen Canucks jersey on back of statue again

Lady gets her Canucks jersey back, thanks to Vancouver cops.

VANCOUVER – Don’t blame the 8-1 thrashing of the Canucks on superstition.

That possibility was already eliminated before the game started when two Vancouver Police officers returned a Canucks jersey stolen off the back of the statue of a woman in waters near the Brockton Oval.

“The Vancouver Police Marine Unit went beyond the call today to help a woman who had the shirt stolen off her back,” said Const. Jana McGuinness.

“Constables Barb Bluschke and Alan Mah realized early Monday morning that they had a very important call for service in Stanley Park – to return the stolen Canucks jersey taken off the famous statue of a woman in the water near Brockton Oval,” she said.

“Luckily, officers on patrol in the downtown area had found the jersey and with Game 3 looming and superstitions swirling, the Marine Unit members took on the task of replacing it on the statue. After mooring alongside, Constable Bluschke climbed up and replaced the jersey, securing it firmly with ties.”

How the jersey ever came to be on the statue in the first place remains a mystery, McGuinness said.

“Somewhere there’s a crazy Canucks fan who will be glad to know it’s been returned to its rightful owner, as are we all,” she added.

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