Print, radio and television have dominated the dissemination of information to citizens. Now, millions upon millions of people who formerly relied on the mainstream media have switched to reading their news online.

Web-based news can at once be local and  global. Simultaneous availability of real time news to a reader in Vancouver and to another in Mumbai has thrust us all within shouting distance of each other, no matter where we live on the planet. Our aim at Vancouverite is to provide high-speed global news powered from our office in Vancouver and our alliances with multiple agencies and citizens across the world.

We are open to reciprocal arrangements with other news organizations for  exchange of news products. All articles produced by Vancouverite or any of its writers are subject to copyright laws. Credit must be given to Vancouverite when any material is used with written permission. No permission to use articles or photos is required when a prior reciprocal arrangement exists between Vancouverite and another agency.

If you are a citizen in possession of information, or you are on location when news happens, please send us an email. You can also catch us on Twitter  @RealReporter.

Salim Jiwa -Editor & Publisher

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