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Officer Darren Wilson’s full testimony – Struggle with Brown began in cop car

Officer Darren Wilson says he suffered two punches to his face and head and feared for his life. (Photo by public prosecutor's office.)

VANCOUVER, BC. – Ferguson, Missouri cop Darren Wilson fired the first shots inside his police car with a bullet going through the door panel even as he struggled to regain control of his service pistol from the hands of Michael Brown. Wilson’s testimony was released after the grand jury failed to indict him of any […]

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U.S. Army sued for discrimination against Sikh student


WASHINGTON – UNITED SIKHS and The American Civil Liberties Union, have sued the U.S. Army for refusing to allow a Sikh student at Hofstra University to enlist in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program unless he shaves his beard, removes his turban and cuts his hair, in accordance with Army grooming and uniform regulations. […]

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Rasode catching up in tight Surrey race


McCallum ahead on economic management, Hepner leads on arts and the environment, and Rasode is regarded as the best person to handle crime. Vancouver, BC — The race to replace Dianne Watts as the Mayor of Surrey is exceptionally close with less than a week remaining before election day, a new Insights West poll has found. […]

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Poll shows Gregor leads for Vancouver Mayor


Incumbent mayor still seen as the best choice for environment and housing, but NPA challenger connecting well with voters on development and city finances. Vancouver, BC — As the Vancouver municipal campaign enters its final week, incumbent Gregor Robertson of Vision Vancouver holds a slight edge over challenger Kirk LaPointe, with more than a quarter of […]

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Cops won’t forget he kicked Canadian flags


TORONTO – Cops remember the man who kicked down Canadian flags and showed his finger during a remembrance day service two years ago. They say the man was jogging through the grounds of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre near the Cenotaph during Remembrance Day on Nov. 11, 2012, at 2:30 p.m. “Several miniature Canadian flags had […]

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Parliament terrorist made Jihad video before attack in Ottawa


OTTAWA – A man who attacked the Canadian parliament with a gun and managed to kill an honour guard had made a Jihad video that RCMP are now analyzing, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson said on Sunday. Some Canadians have suggested Zehaf-Bibeau was nothing more than a mentally ill man. But the video sheds light on […]

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Update: 176 missing, 14 dead in Washington State slide

Devastating slide near Oso in Washington State. Photo by department of transportation.

ARLINGTON, Wa.. – (Update) There has been a sharp rise in the number of people reported missing as a result of a massive mudslide near Oso with authorities stating that 176 people now listed as unaccounted. Department of Emergency Management director John Pennington also said 14 people are now confirmed dead. Pennington stressed the number […]

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All souls lost aboard Malaysia Airlines MH370 as sabotage feared


Kuala Lumpur – New evidence released to Malaysian authorities by the UK’s Accident Investigation Branch confirms missing Flight MH370 went down in the Indian ocean and that there are no survivors in the harsh environment where several nations have spotted possible debris. Malaysia  Airlines posted its condolences to the families of passengers and crew on […]

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Full Text: Aga Khan’s historic speech to Canadian Parliament

Aga Khan greeted by Prime Minister Harper while parliamentarians give him a standing ovation. - AKDN Photo by Gary Otte.

Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim Mr Prime Minister, Speaker Kinsella, Speaker Scheer, Honourable Members of the Senate and House of Commons, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Honourable Members of the Diplomatic Community Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Prime Minister’s generous introduction has been very kind. I am grateful for this invitation, for our association, and for so […]

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With ‘heavy heart’ – dad welcomes new baby, but mom dies

Dylan Benson holds his son Iver.

    VICTORIA, BC – A Victoria mom who was brain dead gave birth to a healthy baby and then died. Robyn Benson suffered a brain hemorrhage when she was 22-weeks pregnant approximately six weeks ago. Her husband, Dylan, found her collapsed on the bathroom floor. She had been kept alive until her baby was […]

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