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LA cops look for suspects in $100,000 purse snatch

LOS ANGELES – A business woman had $100,000 cash in her purse when thieves snatched it. Police said the suspects appeared to be waiting for her after she went to a Bank of America branch and withdrew $100,000 cash from from her account. Cops have revealed a surveillance video which they hope will lead to […]

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270 persons of interest in Wendy Ladner-Beaudry murder

Spot where Wendy was murdered.

VANCOUVER – Investigators have drawn up a list of 270 persons of interest in Pacific Spirit Park murder of 53-year-old Wendy Ladner-Beaudry a year ago. They also have a video you should watch.

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First ever filming of underwater volcano eruption – like ‘Fourth of July’

Eruption captured on movie

WASHINGTON – In spectacular scoop, scientists funded by NOAA and the National Science Foundation recorded the deepest erupting volcano yet discovered, describing high-definition video of the undersea eruption as “spectacular.” Eruption of the West Mata volcano, discovered in May, occurred nearly 4,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, in an area bounded by […]

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FBI releases dramatic film of deadly American Samoa Tsunami

Cars parked at FBI office in Pago Pago - see video below.

The FBI has released dramatic footage of the Tsunami as it roared ashore in American Samoa and swept away cars like little toys in the parking lot of the FBI office in Pago Pago. Watch what happens.

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RCMP release video of bear hunt in Surrey neighborhood

Cop and conservation officer check bear after it is tranquilized.

A black bear romped through back yards and crashed over fences in Surrey before being tranquilized. RCMP shot a video of the whole episode. See it here.

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Ground Zero interview with woman going home

[youtube o9HuOAfEozU]

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Kelowna Fire Storm – Joe Vass Video collection

Citizen Reporter Joe Vass shows terrifying videos of Kelowna Fire Storm 2009.

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Walter Cronkite is dead at 92 – Video tribute

[youtube HjD_s8Che2A]

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Jakarta bombing caught on video

Nine people have died and 50 injured in simultaneous bombings of two U.S.-owned hotels in Jakarta. Watch explosion video here then go to full story HERE. [youtube foN78kIFNEY]

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Michelle Obama’s fashion statement in Russia

Michelle Obama makes a fashion statement in Moscow while her husband talks politics.

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