Thursday, July 19, 2018

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12 new moons found around Jupiter – total 79

Washington, DC—Twelve new moons orbiting Jupiter have been found—11 “normal” outer moons, and one that they’re calling an “oddball" because it's travelling the wrong...

Omega 3 is just snake oil – no health benefits seen

Norfolk, UK - Omega 3 supplements have little or no effect on the risk of heart disease, stroke or death – according to new...

Young adults are drinking themselves to death: Study

More young people are drinking themselves to death, according to a new study. Deaths linked to the end stages of liver damage jumped by 65...

Student walked 20 miles to work, impressed CEO gave him new car

A 20-year-old Alabama college student walked all night so he'd not miss work on the first day of a new job. Walter Carr set out...

Obama attacks surge in strongman politics and shameless lies

Johannesburg - Former US President Barack Obama has decried the rise of "strongman" politics. Most American media outlets see this as a coded attack on...


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