Sunday, July 3, 2022
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16 BC kids likely had MIS-C, 601 children infected with Covid-19 since September 1

Vancouver - 16 kids in BC are being investigated as potential cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children - MIS-C. Earlier BC PHO Dr. Bonnie Henry had said 8 cases of suspected MIS-C had been noted in children with a mean age of 4. The latest...

September sets record of 382 Covid-19 infections in BC children

Vancouver - September has proven to be a brutal month for child Covid-19 infections in BC. A full 46% of infections in age group 0 to 19 during the pandemic occurred during September when hundreds of thousands of children were shoved into ill-prepared schools. Statistics published...

Teacher: Here’s a plan that’d work for back to school

What are we going to do with BC’s back to school plan with all that mixture of outrage and anxiety among teachers and parents? Apart from hundreds of threads on social media where the BC plan is being trashed, there are epidemiologists and psychiatrists who...

BC Children’s Hospital Psychiatrist: Safety more important than school right now

Vancouver - Reopening schools doesn't matter right now and the government's priority should be the safety and security of kids. "School doesn't matter right now, we need to focus on safety, security, and the things that will make you healthy," says Dr. Tyler Black, who...

14,000 Covid-19 cases in vaccinated Canadians, 121 deaths

Vancouver - Thousands of Canadians have been infected after a first dose of covid vaccine, according to new figures supplied by Health Canada. Fewer second doses have been given in Canada but even after that hundreds have been...

Vaccinated Kelowna care home has 48 covid cases, ten senior deaths

Vancouver - A Kelowna long term care home has 48 cases of COVID-19 and ten deaths even after 83% of residents were given their first dose of vaccine prior to February 15. Spring Valley Care Centre outbreak was declared...

System glitch advances vaccine 2nd shot for thousands in BC

Vancouver - Call centres received notifications from health authorities not to book appointments by phone until people have an official invitation. On Sunday thousands of BC folks noticed their timeline for second vaccine dose had been moved much...

MIS-C confirmed in 4 BC kids as covid cases mount to 6,159 in children under 19

Vancouver - Two more BC children were treated in hospital for MIS-C, the potentially life threatening post-Covid disease, an addition of two since the last update provided in November. At the same time, children have had thousands of new infections since school began in September....

BC schools report Covid-19 infections

Live list of BC school exposures and clusters.

BC Teacher – if my son didn’t have MIS-C then what caused this life and death illness?

  This story is published as told by a teacher whose son fell desperately ill during July. She suspects it was MIS-C. The boy was in ICU at BC Children's Hospital. The photos were taken by mom. As I see stories in the news about...

More cats Covid-19 positive than first believed, study shows

A newly published study looking at cats in Wuhan, where the first known outbreak of COVID-19 began, shows more cats might be contracting the disease than first believed. Researchers from Huazhong Agricultural University, in the Chinese city, took blood samples from 102 cats between January...