About Us

The transformation of the delivery of news and the way consumers use that information has changed dramatically. That old habit of seating down at the breakfast table with a ‘paper’ newspaper and a cup of morning coffee to read yesterday’s news is now history.

We have entered the age of new technologies that transformed not only the delivery of news but how it’s consumed.

We moved from the slow telegram to text messaging. From asking the telephone operator to connect us to a number a half world away to FaceTime and WhatsApp – it’s now a world of instant communication – on demand.

Internet journalism is the new way of mass communication. And much of the consuming of this information is now happening on smartphones, not on tablets or desktops.

That means there is an insatiable appetite out there for instant notification of what’s new, what’s unusual.

At Vancouverite, we strive to produce honest journalism based on facts. We will back up what you read with authoritative sourcing, not sources that cannot be named. We will aim to write the top stories of the day.

If there’s something you want to inform us about, we’re all ears.

If you spot an error – even if it’s a typo, please notify us so we can correct it. If you have a compelling story to tell, we’ll give you the means to communicate it to the world. Our contact information is below. The fastest way to reach us is email. The editor can be emailed here.

You can also use the contact form provided below.

Thanks for spending time with us.

Salim Jiwa is an award winning journalist and author. He’s the Editor of Vancouverite.