41 children infected in one week in BC as Covid-19 cases surge

    Vancouver – BC’s escalating Covid-19 numbers are dragging along infections in school-aged children.

    41 children have been confirmed infected between between July 30 and Aug. 6, figures released today show.

    That’s likely the highest number of children infected in a 7-day period.

    The total number of children under 10 infected through the pandemic reported by the BC Centre for Disease Control is 81.

    For children aged 10 to 19 – that figure now stands at 164. Total infections in kids is now 245.

    On July 30 the number of infections stood at 64 for 0 to 10 years. That has gone up to 81.

    On July 30, infections among 10 to 19 year old kids stood at 140. Figures released today stand at 164.

    Experts who have tried to get a true picture of infections among children are stymied by a lack of data because kids have sheltered at home during the pandemic. As well many children were never tested. Such as children admitted for MIS-C because it’s a post-covid syndrome which requires a serology test.

    BC reported 53 new total infections today in the overall population with 24 coming from Fraser Health.

    There’s a surprising rise in reported infections in Vancouver. Vancouver Coastal Health is reporting 24 infections as well.

    Interior Health reported 4 infections. Island Health reported 1 for a total of 53.

    There has been a significant jump in child infections after children went out again with the start of school on June 1 but government says these infections were acquired through family clusters.

    On June 1, only 28 children under 10 had been infected.

    By the same day, 52 children aged 10 to 19 had tested positive for Covid-19. The total of both age groups formed about 3% of overall confirmed cases in BC – 2,595.

    So during the height of the pandemic children only had 80 infections. Now 245 have had infections. The percentage of children among all confirmed BC cases is now at just over 6%.

    BC has reported 3,934 cases through some of the lowest testing among high population provinces. An earlier serology study showed only 1 of 8 cases were being tested. So far BC has hospitalized 550 people.

    Only 3 children tested positive have been admitted. No fatalities among children in BC.

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