Alienated son of police chief among two arrested for California Sikh beating

He is the estranged son of an area police chief. Tyrone McAllister has been arrested in connection with the brutal beating of an elderly Sikh man. Manteca police photo.

Manteca, California – Police have arrested two young men on charges of elder abuse and assault after a 71-year-old Sikh resident of this town south of Sacramento was viciously  beaten.

Manteca Police said they arrested Tyrone McAllister, 18, confirmed to be the son of a police chief in a nearby city, and a 16 year old male. Police said the family of the older man is estranged from him, is shocked and regrets his alleged actions.

The police have so far laid charges of attempted robbery, Elder Abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon. They said they continue to look into whether the crime meets the legal requirements of a hate crime.

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Brutal beating of elderly Sikh man shocks California town

“This truly was a collaborative effort with the police department and entire community. The Manteca Police Department received numerous tips which assisted in the identification of the suspects,” Investigations Supervisor Sgt. Miller said.

“The public’s assistance in providing information with this case was instrumental in identifying the suspects and allowed my investigators to make a quick arrest.”

“This investigation is continuing into whether this incident meets all of the legal elements for charging as a hate crime.”

McAllister is being processed at Manteca PD before being transferred to Jail on the following charges:

The juvenile is being processed at Manteca PD before being transferred to a Juvenile Detention Center

Sikhs and other community members were angered by the violence against the disabled Sikh man who was accosted as he walked near his home early in the morning. He was kicked to the ground. Before leaving one of the two kicked him and spit on the man laying on the ground.

The whole episode was captured on a neighbour’s security camera.