Brutal beating of elderly Sikh man shocks California town

A 71-year-old Sikh was brutally attacked in a California town. It has scared and upset the community.

Manteca, California – Sikhs living in Manteca, south of Sacramento are upset and in shock over the brutal beating of a 71-year-old man.

A 71-year-old Sikh was brutally attacked in a California town. It has scared and upset the community.

Sahib Singh Natt, a man with disabilities, was taking an early morning walk when he was attacked mercilessly by two men.

The attack occurred on a sidewalk near the elderly man’s home.

A neighbour’s security camera recorded the whole incident.

The video was then posted on Twitter.

Local Sikhs and other community members reacted with rage and some expressed fear.

“Good god. Two men brutally assaulted Sahib Singh, a 71-year-old Sikh in Manteca, California. They kicked him and spat on him, and he is dealing with serious injuries,” said local activist Simran Jeet Singh on Twitter.

Shocked community members held a meeting with authorities to discuss the outrageous assault, the second in the area south of Sacramento where thousands of Sikhs live.

Last week, a Sikh man who was putting up election signs near Modesto was beaten and his pickup truck was sprayed with hate messages telling him to go back home.

Sikh man beaten, told: ‘Go back to your country’

In latest incident police are stating there appeared to be no racial motivation, rather the old man was a victim of robbers.

Others are not convinced there was no racial motivation.

A family member of the victim said the incident had left people scared.

“First they want money, and after that, when they spit then we think its because of our religion,” according to Manjit Singh Virk, the victim’s son-in-law interviewed by a local CBS station.

Another Twitter user said: “71 year-old Sahib Singh was going out for a morning walk at Greystone Park in Manteca, CA on August 6 when two men assaulted him. He was brutally assaulted & spit on. Please RT & help identify them. As a Sikh, this hits close to home.”



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