California woman attacked by thousands of bees

Bee hive weighed 17-pounds
Beehive removed from bush was about 17-pounds, Orange County Fire Authority photo

Lake Forest – A 50-year-old woman suffered more than 200 bee stings leaving her in critical condition in hospital.

In a scene resembling a horror movie, the woman was entirely covered with bees.

Orange County Fire Authority officials said she was attacked after she got out of her car which she parked near some bush.

Bush beehive
Woman’s car parked next to bush that concealed large beehive. OCFA photo.

A massive beehive was hidden in the bushes, a public relations officer with OCFA said in a media statement.

The swarm was estimated at around 200,000 bees.

“At 10:23 am, OCFA firefighters responded to a reported bee sting. When they arrived they encountered a large swarm of bees,” said the OCFA officer.

“Three patients have been transported to the hospital – one civilian and two firefighters. Streets around the 2300 block of Buckland Lane are closed.”

“One female patient, approximately 50 years old, stung hundreds of times transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Two OCFA firefighters stung multiple times, transported and in stable condition.”

Both firefighters transported to the hospital for multiple bee stings were treated and released. They both chose to return to work immediately.

The woman victim’s son told authorities that his mother was doing better overnight and is expected to survive.

Other media reports said firefighters turned an extinguisher on to the swarm and moved the woman covered in bees away from the swarm.