Hot car deaths – two Florida children killed in one day

    NHTSA hot cars
    The National Highway Traffic Safety administration campaign to prevent hot car deaths. Nearly 50 children have died this year in the USA.

    Seminole Co. Florida – Two children died in separate incidents hours apart after being left alone in locked cars.

    A one-year-old girl was found dead inside an SUV parked at a WAWA gas station in unincorporated Sanford in Seminole County.

    “Seminole County Sheriff’s are questioning a mother whose one-year-old daughter was found deceased in the back of a car at a local gas station,” a spokesman said.

    “Just before 5 p.m. Friday, deputies were called to the report of a child possibly left in a locked vehicle at the Wawa in the 4600 block of State Road 46 in unincorporated Sanford.”

    “The vehicle was parked at a gas pump. A one-year-old girl was discovered in the vehicle already deceased,” the sheriff’s department said.

    “Investigators are currently questioning the mother.

    “Initial indications are the mother went to work this morning and forgot the child was in the vehicle.”

    “Investigators are still working to establish a timeline of events.”

    “We are working closely with the State Attorney’s Office and will continue to consult with them as the investigation unfolds.

    “The identity of mother and child are not being released at this time,” he said.

    Earlier, in an area just outside Orlando, a passerby found a four -year-old unconscious boy in a vehicle parked near a preparatory school.

    The Good Samaritan took the boy out of the vehicle and to a fire station across the road.

    The child was taken to hospital but did not survive.

    There has been record heat in some areas of Florida.

    Each year some 37 children die in the USA after being left in cars. This year the tally of child deaths has gone up to nearly 50.

    Vehicle interior temperatures can rise rapidly in hot weather, according to an advocacy group that is pressing auto makers to devise electronic alerts so children are not forgotten in cars.