Heartbreaking Sulawesi Tsunami video, man tries to get folks out of harm’s way

Palu, Indonesia – A heartbreaking video shows a man screaming to people on the beach to get them out of the path of an oncoming Tsunami that left hundreds dead last week.

While some heeded his warning shouted from the top of a building, others likely didn’t hear him on the beach near Palu where a devastating 7.4 quake struck on Friday destroying hundreds of structures and leaving at least 850 dead in the city on Sulawesi.

The Indonesian national disaster organization cancelled the Tsunami warning about 25 minutes after the earthquake struck. But there are questions about whether people who were exposed at the beach were even aware of the warning.

There were hundreds of stalls  and vendors on the beach at the time.

The man shouting out to people below eventually begins crying once the wall of water washes ashore.

“Ya Allah, Tsunami – Oh God, Tsunami,” the man said as he cried, watching the destruction it had unleashed.

The video has gone viral. The man who posted it, Amril Nuryan, an Indonesian film producer, said the video was taken by a relative of his. He said his relatives were safe.