Thai cave boys – eight out, five to go

Observers and rescue experts have called the Thai cave operation the most dangerous rescue mission that can be compared to a horror movie. Thai Navy Seals Photo.

Update:Eight Thai boys are out of a dangerous cave now while five, including the coach, are expected to be rescued in the next few hours. Rescuers from numerous countries have now managed to get four out of the cave per day.- Earlier, one more boy was rescued and taken out of the cave in Thailand where a soccer team comprising 12 kids and a coach had been trapped for more than two weeks. Subsequently three more were confirmed rescued.All of the boys made their first stop at a base camp inside the cave where medics and rescuers are stationed just past a dangerous water-filled junction.Authorities have not said whether they plan to bring the remaining kids and coach out today.The ones who have been rescued are expected to spend time quarantined in hospital.Seven ambulances were stationed outside the cave where hundreds of volunteers, rescuers and journalists have gathered.Authorities earlier said the same team of foreign and local cave rescue specialists who saved the first four children was sent back in because they’ve now gained experience in how to navigate the dangerous passages that are filled with water.The rescue mission was halted for several hours while new oxygen tanks were positioned inside the cave.Thai authorities have not revealed the names of those who have already been rescued. It is believed the 25-year-old coach will be among the last to come out. Some on social media are hailing him a hero for keeping the kids together and for giving them his food and water.The boys, part of the Wild Boars soccer team, ┬áventured into the treacherous cave after a practice session. Why they went in is unclear.The complex and treacherous operation has involved a buddy system. Two divers are accompanying each child out and one diver carries the boy’s oxygen tank.The Monday operation began at around 11 a.m. Thailand time (9 p.m. Pacific Time.)