Triumph: Four children rescued from Thai cave

The cave where the kids are marooned on a ledge has gushing water, making it difficult to come out without diving gear. Thai Navy Seals Photo

At least four children trapped in a flooded cave for two weeks have been rescued, according to the Facebook page of the Thai Navy Seals and reports say more may be on the way out.

At 19.47 Thailand time, the Thai Navy seals reported:  – “The 4th wild boar is out of the cave.”   Within 50 minutes of the triumphant post, 190,000 people from all over the world had reacted to the announcement and liked the post.

The announcement came approximately 10 hours into the daring rescue attempt that’s being helped by 13 rescuers from outside the country and several from within the Thai Seals.

A dozen Wild Boars soccer team players and their coach were trapped deep inside the dark and flooded cave and were found by two British divers. The Thai navy and volunteers have pumped millions of litres of water to create better conditions for the rescue that was launched earlier than anticipated because of the possibility of heavy monsoon rainfall and depleted oxygen in the cave.

Tens of thousands of people around the world held their breaths and prayed for the boys.

Four ambulances were seen leaving with the rescued boys. They were being taken to a hospital about an hour away. Their conditions are unknown.

Reports said another four were safely past the most dangerous passageways in the cave. Those areas are flooded. In some place the passages are so narrow that rescuers had to take their oxygen tanks off to pass through.

The rescue effort was going on into the night.

The government had announced earlier that each child would be tethered to two rescuers who would assist the children through deeper waters. Most of the children did not know how to swim.

It’s still a mystery why they went so deep into the cave with their coach. They were subsequently trapped by water gushing into the cave. When found, they were marooned on a ledge surrounded by water.

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