30 bleeding passengers from Jet Airways pilot error

Satish Nayer bleeding on Jet Airways
Pilot error led to failure to pressurize the cabin of a Boeing 737 flying from Mumbai to Jaipur. Passenger Satish Nair, who calls Vancouver home on his Twitter account called it a horrifying incident. - Satish Nailr Selfie.

Mumbai – At least 30 passengers aboard a Jet Airways flight suffered bleeding from the nose and ears when the pilots forgot to activate air pressurization as the plane climbed after takeoff from Mumbai.

“I was on board, horrifying and worst incident in my life,” said Satish Nair, who described himself as a resident of Vancouver, BC, on Twitter. Responding to a question on Twitter, he corrected himself, saying he’s not from Vancouver and he’s actually a resident of India. (He removed his claim of being from Vancouver on his Twitter biography.)

Authorities confirmed the Boeing 737 plane suffered pressure loss causing 30 passengers to suffer nose and ear bleeding and headaches.

“Airplane lost pressure immediately after taking off…scores of passengers including me bleeding from nose….no staff to help…no announcement on board to wear the oxygen mask. passenger safety completely ignored,” said Nair who posted a photo of himself bleeding while wearing an oxygen mask aboard the aircraft which was forced to return to Mumbai.

The flight from Mumbai to Jaipur was carrying 166 passengers. The plane turned around and landed at Mumbai but not before passengers had suffered painful ear and nose bleeds along wth headaches.

Oxygen masks dropped and videos taken inside the plane show people remaining calm as the aircraft made a descent.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation issued a statement on Twitter that it had noted the incident and the flight crew was grounded pending an investigation.

“The crew is being derostered. Of the 166 people on board, 30 were affected and have been given treatment.

“During climb, the crew forgot to select bleed switch,” said a spokesman for the directorate of Civil Aviation.

Five people were admitted to hospital with what doctors termed Barotrauma. Doctors said the patients were expected to be discharged after being checked out but may feel deafness for several days.

Jet Airways issued a statement saying passengers were deplaned safely and given first aid at the terminal. Some complained of headaches along with the bleeding.

It described the incident as a “loss of cabin” pressure.

“The Flight’s cockpit crew has been taken off scheduled duties pending investigation,” Jet Airways said.