Former Marine blamed for California bar massacre

Thousand Oaks, CA – A former member of US marines has been named as the  gunman who entered a college night function at a bar killing 12 and wounding a dozen others.

Authorities identified ex-soldier Ian David Long, 28, as the mass murderer. It’s alleged he had PTSD. He was the 13th person to die. He killed himself.

Ventura County Sheriff’s spokesmen said among the dead at the Borderline Bar & Grill was a 29-year veteran of the sheriff’s office who went in first after reports that shots had been fired.

The officer was identified as Sgt. Ron Helus. He exchanged gunfire with the suspect. Helus died in hospital. He’s survived by his wife and son.

Sgt. Helus of Ventura County
Sgt. Helus, nearing retirement, was killed after being shot multiple times.

Sheriff Geoff Dean said Helus was a “hero” who called his wife prior to  entering the bar that’s popular with college students from the area.

The Sheriff’s office said the death toll was 12. The gunman who shot at patrons wildly was found dead inside. It’s believed he took his own life.

Ventura County Fire Department reported it was heading to the emergency at the bar at around 11.20 pm.

“Ongoing  active shooter incident reported at Borderline in @CityofTO (Thousand Oaks). Please stay away from area. Active law enforcement incident. Multiple injuries reported. Details still being determined. Multiple ambulances requested,” fire department public information officer announced on Twitter.

Young people who survived the carnage spoke of terror and getting out through windows they smashed with stools. (Continues below)

Pepperdine university said several students were at the bar which holds a weekly college night.

“The University has received reports that several Pepperdine students were at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks this evening when a gunman reportedly entered the location and began shooting.

“At this time, the University is working to identify and provide support to those students. Pepperdine officials are in contact with appropriate governmental agencies and will provide updates on the status of the situation as information is available.”