Updated: Gunman kills five, then himself in mass shooting in Bakersfield, California

Wife one of the first to be shot dead

Bakersfield, California – A mass killing has rocked this city with a total of six shot dead including the suspect who took his own life and that of his wife.

The deadly rampage began when a man went to a trucking business with his wife where he confronted a man and shot him dead. He then turned the gun on his wife, shooting and killing her instantly.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said a man who saw him was chased to a nearby gun shop known as Bear Mountain Sports. The suspect fired at the fleeing man and killed him.

Youngblood said the suspect proceeded  to a home where he shot two more people before hijacking a vehicle. A woman and child were inside the hijacked vehicle, he said.

The suspect was spotted driving at another nearby location. He pulled into a parking spot upon seeing the law enforcement car. A sheriff’s deputy confronted the suspect.

The suspect shot himself rather than surrender. The woman and child were unharmed.

Youngblood said the shooting incident was not random. Authorities have sealed off four locations and trying to figure out the motive for the bloodbath.

“It’s the new normal,” the sheriff lamented as he answered reporters’ questions.