Melania breaks with Trump, pays tribute to McCain

Melania Trump official portrait
Melania Trump thanked Sen. McCain for his service to his nation.

Melania Trump acknowledged and thanked Sen. John McCain for his  service to America.

That was very different from her husband who also appeared to be the odd man out among US political leaders for failing to say a single word to honour McCain’s memory.

At the same time, CNN reported the White House had prepared a full statement of tribute to the senator’s service to his nation.

But Trump had other plans. He published a tweet to offer sympathies to the family without mentioning McCain’s heroic service to his nation.

As other leaders within his administration poured out emotional tributes, Trump’s tweet stood out as lacking in any acknowledgement.

Later, using the same words he posted on Instagram but the post had a picture of Trump.

Trump on Instagram
Trump posted condolences to McCain’s family on Instagram using same words he used on Twitter.

Trump and McCain did not see eye-to-eye, but it’s unusual for a president not to at least make a short speech or issue a fuller statement.

One of the most comprehensive tributes came from AG Jeff Sessions who has been targeted by Trump in recent months.

“For John McCain, his country was his life. He was tireless in its service. Courage, determination and relentless drive made him a great leader.” said Sessions.

“To me, having served with him in the Senate for 20 years, his support for President Bush’s surge in Iraq at a time when things had been going badly and public support had eroded, was one of the most dramatic, important, patriotic and selfless actions I had the honor to witness in that body.”

“His presidential aspirations were entirely set aside. He totally deployed his considerable strength and energy to what he believed was best for his country-—and in service to those then fighting valiantly for the mission the nation had given them.

“It was a very contentious debate. His personal dedication and leadership moved a very uncertain decision to a favorable outcome.

“His ferocious tenacity for his country was unmatched. America has lost one of its greatest patriots,” the AG concluded.

Other members of the administration followed with tributes honouring McCain’s military service and his service as an elected member of the Senate.

Like numerous world leaders Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also paid tribute to a military and civic hero.

It’s expected Vice President Pence will attend the funeral service where Barack Obama and George W Bush will speak. McCain had asked that Trump not attend, it was reported.