122 senior deaths in BC pandemic – Holy Family cases rise to 44

    Vancouver – Holy Family Hospital has continuing infections among seniors and staff with the total reaching 44.

    Meanwhile, new health ministry data shows so far there have been 615 infections in long term, assisted living and acute care.

    Out these 615, 386 affected were residents and 229 staff and others.

    122 seniors have died in these outbreaks affecting 48 facilities. Senior deaths for a very large percentage of total BC fatalities of 174.

    Six new infections are all among senior residents of the long term care facility at Holy Family with 37 seniors tested positive.

    There have been three deaths since June 9 when the outbreak began, the ministry of health said.

    Five other senior facilities have not escalated. Mission Memorial Hospital has 9 infections.

    Tabor Home in Abbotsford had one death. Maple Hill has three infections and no deaths.

    Langley Lodge had 67 total infections including 15 staff. 25 seniors died but it’s expected this outbreak will be declared over soon.

    BC care facilities question staff twice a day. But they are not tested.

    Authorities say asymptomatic testing leads to false positive and false negative results.

    Last week a Fraser Health medical officer said it was not practical to test staff routinely.