Covid-19 in BC not going away, 69 infected at Holy Family, 12 deaths

    Vancouver – Covid-19 wildfire at Holy Family Hospital continues to rage with 69 seniors and staff infected and 12 seniors dead.

    45 infections are among seniors, mostly crammed four to a room. 24 infections are among staff.

    It’s one of the largest long term care home outbreaks in BC behind Haro Park in Vancouver’s West End which had 89 infections and 13 deaths, and Lynn Valley care home which had 79 infections and 20 deaths.

    Langley Lodge had 67 infections and 26 deaths, the highest care home fatalities to date.

    Holy Family’s outbreak began on June 9, months after BC Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry’s April 10 single site work order that was supposed to fix the carnage in senior care.

    There have been 48 outbreaks in long term care, assisted living and acute care.

    She ordered staff at care homes to work at only one site. Suggesting that workers doing shifts at other locations were bringing the virus in.

    However, these same staff are are not prohibited from working in a second job such as a care provider for seniors who live in own homes and other jobs where they might pick up infections.

    The order also doesn’t apply to multiple other workers such as dietitians.

    The order does not apply to hospitals either.

    Mission Memorial Hospital remains an outbreak of concern with three deaths directly associated with it.

    One patient died at Tabor Home after being transferred from Mission and another patient died at Maple Hill after being transferred from Mission as well.

    Mission Memorial itself has 1 death and 11 infections.

    Covid-19 numbers have not declined in past ten days with 112 new infections.

    Total infections detected by BC’s less than desirable testing has now reached 3,008 cases.

    BC’s testing for infections far lags behind Alberta which has a population of 4.3 million as opposed to BC which has 5.1 million people.

    As of yesterday Alberta had carried out 500,203 tests and allows anyone to get a test without symptoms. It has 158 deaths.

    BC has tested 207,696 people, less than half of Alberta’s figures. It still does not test health workers. It still requires mild symptoms to test people.

    BC is lagging Canadian testing figures badly.

    The Canadian testing rate is 81,282 per million population. BC’s testing rate is 34,847 per million population.

    Testing every case is advocated by experts and WHO to help get asymptomatic and other spreaders off the streets. Not doing so allows infection to continue in the community.

    In past few days there have been outbreaks at two McDonald’s outlets, at Brandi’s Show Lounge in Vancouver because of 3 patrons who visited, at No5 Orange strip club, and at Hotel Belmont. All of these point to continuing community spread.