BC banks paid out $30,000 for metal washers rolled up to look like toonies

Canadian toonies
Banks paid out $30,000 thinking metal washers were toonies. RCMP Photo.

Vancouver – A con artist took banks for a ride to the tune of $30,000 with a clever scheme.

He rolled up metal washers and inserted them into a coin tubes. Then he placed  real two-dollar toonies at each end.

17 banks were defrauded, RCMP said.

A warrant has now been issued for 43-year-old Terrelle Robert Talbot, said Cpl. Richard De Jong.

Terrelle Robert Talbot
Terrelle Robert Talbot is wanted by RCMP for taking banks for 30K by giving them metal washers.

“Allegedly, Terrelle Robert Talbot, over a three-month crime spree attended various banks throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland requesting the bank teller exchange rolled two-dollar toonie coins for bills,” he said.

“In each case the teller was unaware that although the roll of coins looked authentic, with a real toonie on either end, all the other ‘coins’ inside the roll were actually metal washers.”

“Each roll had 25 ‘coins’ in them for an exchange value of $50.00. Collectively, from the various banking institutions, the culprit obtained over $30,000 in cash over the three-month period, from March to May, 2018.

“After an extensive multi-jurisdictional investigation by the North Vancouver RCMP a Crown Report was submitted to BC Prosecution Service who on September 19, 2018 issued an arrest warrant for the accused.”

Talbot is now wanted for 17 counts of criminal fraud over $5000 related to fraudulently exchanging steel washers for real currency.

The accused has no fixed address and is originally from Nova Scotia where there is an outstanding warrant for him for the similar offences.

Talbot is 6 feet tall (183 cm) – 201 lbs (91 kg) and has black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Talbot is asked to contact the North Vancouver RCMP.