Las Vegas? Mask up, it’s mandatory says Governor

    Nevada – Saying all scientific evidence shows masks save lives, Governor Steve Sisolak has imposed mandatory masking in the state.

    “Study after study, worldwide, every notable medical professional from President Trump’s top advisor, Dr. Fauci, to all of our Nevada medical professionals, assert one unassailable conclusion: Wearing face coverings saves lives, period,” Sisolak said at a press conference on Wednesday.

    His directive based on four weeks of rising numbers and hospitalization was swiftly welcomed by top casinos including MGM and Caesar’s Palace as well as State Senator Jacky Rosen.

    “I encourage all businesses to prominently post signage to alert customers and help ensure this directive is followed,” Sisolak said.

    “I know there are some businesses who have already required face coverings for customers and I thank you for this strong and helpful stance.”

    “Businesses that fail to meet requirements in this directive will face violations from licensing agencies and regulatory authorities, in addition to Nevada OSHA.

    “A reminder as well that businesses have the right to ask a patron to leave if they are not following this directive.”

    And he urged resident to follow the masking directive.

    “But it’s not just on the businesses or state and local government – it’s on all of us. I am asking individuals throughout Nevada to take this seriously and understand the risk you are posing on yourself and others by not wearing a face covering.”

    “I don’t want to have to take steps backward by imposing stronger restrictions on those identified as high risk if I don’t have to.

    “And the best way to prevent that is to not let a business type or industry become high risk in the first place. It’s on all of us, Nevada.”

    Sisolak said any talk of entering stage 3 of reopening was shelved.

    “To be clear, due to the data and time needed for evaluation of contact tracing and impacts of this new face covering directive, any discussion of entering Phase 3 will be tabled. The pandemic is not over, we are still in the middle of the first wave of COVID.”

    Senator Jacky Rosen applauded the move on Tweeter. “Wear your mask,” she said and posted a picture of herself wearing it.

    Sen. Jacky Rosen wears her mask to support governor’s mask directive.