BC folks over 60 are 96% of Covid-19 deaths

    Vancouver – 170 of 177 BC fatalities from Covid-19 infections were people over 60 and most deaths occurred in care facilities for seniors.

    But BC statistics also show a growing number of infections among children – from 3% of total tested infections on June 1 to 5% in the past few days.

    Total number of deaths in Long Term Care, acute care and assisted living accounted for 125 deaths in 48 outbreaks.

    The 48 outbreaks in care facilities caused 626 infections, including 390 residents and 236 staff.

    BC CDC figures released on Thursday show that people in pensionable age starting from 60 to 103 suffered the highest deaths.

    * There were 16 deaths in people aged 60 to 69.

    * 32 people aged 70 to 79 years have died in the pandemic so far.

    * The highest deaths occurred among those who were between 80-89 years old. 74 deaths occurred in this age group.

    * The population of people who are over 90 is lower in BC than those in their 80s. Among the 90 plus group there were 48 deaths.

    * The lowest death toll was among those aged 40 to 49 – with 2 deaths.

    * There were 5 deaths among those aged 50 to 59.

    Deaths among those over 60 – 170 – is 96 per cent of 177 BC lives lost.

    A total of three people died while isolating in their homes including 47-year-old Warlito

    Warlito Valdez, 47, was the youngest person to die in BC..

    Valdez, who was isolating at his Richmond home in a separate room to protect his wife and four -year-daughter.

    He died during the night in the first week of April. He’s the youngest to die in BC as of July 2.

    He had been told to take Tylenol and isolate at home. He was dead when his wife checked on him in the morning.

    BC children and Covid

    On June 1, there were 28 children under 10 who had tested positive with one hospitalization. On July 2 the figure of under ten kids infected went to 49, a rise of 21 in one month.

    Among 10 to 19 year olds, 52 had been infected with 2 hospitalizations.

    Combined with the under ten group they formed 3% of tested infection figures. On July 2 infections in this category crept up to 76, a hike of 24.

    Collectively, 125 school aged children got infected in one month.

    721 infections on June 1 were among those aged 20 to 39 years (27%). On July 2, 852 people in this group were infected (29%)

    Where did elderly die from Covid-19 in BC.

    BC government records show most fatalities among elderly folks happened in outbreaks in care facilities including long term, assisted living and acute care.

    Vancouver Coastal deaths.

    Holy Family 5, South Granville Park 2, Lynn Valley 20, Windermere Care Centre 1.

    Lions Gate acute ward 6E, 7E – 8 deaths, Richmond Hospital ward 2S – 2 deaths, Haro Park LTC 13, Amica Edgemont LTC – 3, Royal Masonic – 12, Berkley Care Centre 5

    Fraser Health Authority Deaths.

    Tabor Home 1, Langley Lodge 25, Mission Memorial Hospital ward MM-2S 1 death.

    Valhaven LTC 1, Shaughnessy LTC 1, Swedish Canadian Manor asst. living 3 deaths, Ridge Meadows Hospital unit 3N 4 deaths

    MSA rehab and Worthington pavilion 4 deaths, Dufferin Care Centre LTC 4 deaths, Ridge Meadows Hospital rehab 2, Ridge Meadows unit 3W -1 death, Residence at Clayton Heights brain injury unit 2 deaths, Chartwell Willow LTC 2 deaths, Eden Care Centre LTC 1 death.

    Worthington Pavillion LTC 1 death, New Vista Society LTC 1 death.