Edmonton Hospital locked down, Generations Calgary has 12 cases

    Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton in total lockdown.

    Edmonton – Catholic run 306-bed acute care Misericordia Hospital is on full lockdown with 35 infections and 3 deaths.

    In Calgary, Generations, an ultra-modern long term care facility owned by the Ismaili community is doing better with three seniors infected along with 9 staff members as testing and cleaning protocols continue. All patients tested on the facility’s 4th floor were negative.

    Generations Long term care facility has more staff infections while three seniors are stable. Generations Photo.

    The latest figures supplied by management indicates two additional staff infections for a total of 9. One resident is in hospital and sufficiently recovered to return but has been kept in hospital at the request of generations management until outbreak is over.

    Vancouver’s Park Place runs the Generations facility. Ian West, VP of operations said Wednesday two senior patients have mild symptoms and are isolated in their rooms. 9 staff are isolating at home.

    At the Verve Condo tower in Calgary investigations continue about a common touch surface believed responsible for the super spreader event with  56 infections among residents.

    “There are 17 active cases and 39 recovered linked to that outbreak.,” said Tom McMillan, a spokesman for Alberta Health.

    Alberta’s Covid-19 rates have spiked since it jumped into a new phase of opening.

    46 new cases of infections are reported by Alberta Health to take totals to 8,482.

    608 cases are active, 55 people are in hospitals and one more death takes Alberta fatalities to 158.

    Alberta has the highest per capita testing rate in Canada with 500,203 tests done. Alberta has population of 4.4 million.

    Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro.

    Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro announced the closure of Misericordia Hospital.

    “The Misericordia Community Hospital is now under a full facility outbreak due to ongoing transmission of COVID-19,” he said.

    “No patients will be admitted to the hospital and day procedures and visits will be postponed orrescheduled at another Edmonton hospital.

    “In order to reduce the risk of further transmission of COVID-19, all services at the Misericordia are temporarily closed to incoming patients. Patients are being contacted and will be cared for and/or rescheduled at another Edmonton hospital.”

    The full facility outbreak extends to all adult and child services including the Emergency Department.

    Patients should not visit the Misericordia, and should instead visit one of the other hospitals within Edmonton.

    Ambulances will divert away from Misericordia.