Hong Kong could face health care collapse as Covid-19 cases spike

    Hong Kong – Chief Executive Carrie Lam is warming residents of a large scale Covid-19 outbreak.

    And she says the situation could cause hospital system to collapse.

    As the death toll grew and number of hospital admissions increased Hong Kong residents were told to wear masks and avoid going out.

    “Hong Kong is facing a new wave of COVID-19 infections, with an upsurge in locally infected cases, many with yet unknown sources,” she said on a government website.

    “We are on the verge of a large-scale community outbreak, which may lead to a collapse of our hospital system and cost lives, especially of the elderly,” she warned.

    “The Government has put in place the most stringent measures ever in enforcing social distancing, our frontline staff are battling with the surge and the central government is helping us to enhance testing capability and set up a community treatment facility.”

    What we need now is your co-operation. Anti-epidemic measures have caused difficulties and inconvenience, but in order to protect our loved ones, our healthcare staff and Hong Kong, I appeal to you to follow strictly the social distancing measures and stay at home as far as possible.

    “If we stand united and work together, we can suppress this epidemic again.”

    The Centre for Health Protection said it is investigating 106 additional COVID-19 cases, taking the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong to 2,884.

    “Among the new cases, 98 are locally transmitted, 48 are linked to previous ones, 50 are those with unknown sources of infection and eight are imported.

     “The centre called on the public to avoid going out, social contact and dining out. It strongly urged the elderly to stay home as far as possible.”

     “Additionally, the Hospital Authority reported that 1,099 confirmed COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalised and 1,527 confirmed and suspected patients have been discharged.”

    The Hospital Authority announced a 76-year-old female COVID-19 patient passed away, taking the number of COVID-19 patients who have died in public hospitals to 24.

    “The patient with multiple chronic diseases was admitted to a medical ward in Queen Elizabeth Hospital on June 30 due to shortness of breath caused by heart failure.”

    “Her condition started to deteriorate on July 24 and continued to deteriorate afterwards. She passed away at 8.11am today.